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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages – Complete Walkthrough (Step by Step Guide)

Walkthrough by: Revolution Arena

Dungeon 1: Spirit’s Grave

Level 1: Eternal Spirit

When you start your adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, you will be at the beginning of a great journey. Your first task is to head north until you hear an echoing scream. At the entrance to the cemetery, you will come across Impa, Princess Zelda’s caretaker, in trouble, captured by a pair of fearsome Moblins. Her arrival will be enough to scare away the villains. When talking to Impa, she will recognize the Tri-Force emblem on you and beg for assistance.

Proceed north, pass the monkeys and head west. Push the rock indicated by Impa to open a path heading north. At this point, you will find an enclosure where several animals are fascinated by the melody of Nayru, a charming singer. Talk to all the animals and when you return to the bear, he will move out of the way. Enter the circle of animals. However, Nayru’s beautiful song will be abruptly interrupted by the Sorceress Veran’s possession of Impa. The evil witch will transfer her spirit into Nayru’s body, taking control of the Oracle of Ages. This will allow her to spread chaos far and wide, with her magic turning Labrynna to stone.

As this scene ends, Ralph, a newly arrived character, will rush to the rescue. Impa, in turn, will give Link the Wooden Sword, which will become his main weapon in battle. This sword is more than a combat weapon; It is also a source of health and wealth, allowing you to cut down vegetation to find upgrades and rupees. It’s worth remembering that whenever you leave a location and return, the vegetation will be renewed, allowing for an almost infinite source of power-ups.

Exploring the Region

Proceed south until you find a western path blocked by plants. Cut them down and head to Labrynna City. Take the opportunity to explore the city and discover its many attractions.

There is a Store where you can purchase items such as:

  • Escudo (30 rupees)
  • Heart (10 rupees)

If you have the resources, buy a shield. Still in the city, you will find a Ring Shop, where Vasu, the jeweler, will be. He will give you your first ring and explain how they work. The city is largely made up of private residences that will be important later in the game, to complete item exchange missions.

In the west corner of town is the Know-It-All Birds House, which will teach you the basics of the game. You will also notice the Mystical Tree that contains Ember Seeds. This location will become a teleportation point for Labrynna. However, you cannot collect the seeds yet as you do not have a bag yet.

Heading north of the city, you will find a small cave next to a sign that says “Maku Path”. Enter the cave and head north until you find the Maku Tree, which will be your reference throughout the adventure. After each win, she will provide tips on next steps. She is also the only one capable of providing you with the item needed to undo the evil curse at the end of the game. However, while you are talking to her, she will suddenly disappear, affected by Veran’s magic. You will have to travel through time to save her. Exit the cave and go east to find Ralph and a Time Hole. Enter it to return to the Past Era.

The Past Era

Upon entering the Past Era, go down the stairs and past the family in the clearing, heading west towards Lyanna Village. The city has a very different appearance in the past. The Shop has been replaced by a Target Range, the buildings are occupied by different (or younger) people, and the Ring Shop no longer exists.

Head south and enter the large gray tower. This is Ambi’s Tower, where everyone is exhausted. Navigate through the tower until you find a worker near rough terrain. Talk to him and receive a shovel, useful for moving earth and rocks and finding useful objects like the Sword does.

Don’t forget to grab HEART PIECE 1 before leaving the Tower, which can be obtained by digging in the southeast corner of the Tower.

Return to the northern end of the city and, with the help of your shovel, unlock the Maku Path by moving the rocks and entering the cave. By following the instructions, you will reach the Maku Tree, which is now younger than at present and is being chased by Moblins. Save her and you will promise a gift, which can only be obtained in the present.

Return to the Present Era through the Time Hole and speak to the Maku Tree again. She will give you the Seed Bag, which will allow you to collect various seeds scattered around the world. Inside the bag are 20 Ember Seeds. More can be obtained from the Mystic Tree in the far south of the city.

Try your Ember Seeds on the small tree east of the stairs. Equip the seed bag and throw a seed at the tree. It will catch fire and disappear, revealing a chest with 30 rupees inside.

Exploring Yoll Cemetery

Start your adventure by returning to the game’s starting point. Your destination is the contorted trees that pave the way towards the cemetery. Use an Ember Seed to unlock the route, doing this at the small tree blocking the path and repeating at the other end. You now find yourself in the Yoll Cemetery, the final location of the famous inventor Cheval, the starting point for the first dungeon, and a location with a ghostly atmosphere.

Move right, then turn south and go down the stairs. As you head west, you’ll encounter a group of kids who look scared and they offer you a clue about a missing Poe. Cross the bridge at this location, noting that the third heart piece is to the west. Proceed east until you find a couple of small trees that can be burned. Deposit an Ember Seed at the bottom to unlock a dungeon entrance.

Inside the dungeon, you will find a pair of unlit torches on opposite sides of the room. Use Ember Seeds on them to light up the place and thus make the Cemetery Key appear from the sky. Return to the exterior of the Yoll Cemetery and move north using the Cemetery Key. Navigate the maze of menacing trees to the east, dodging the crows until you reach a bridge to the south. This one takes you to a dungeon entrance, known as Spirit’s Grave.

Dungeon 1: Tomb of the Spirit

As you enter the dungeon, excitement and challenges await you. In the first room, go through the east door. Push the block to the right and head to the north exit. In the next chamber, notice a block that has red, yellow and blue faces. Push it until it fits perfectly between the four blocks, allowing a door to the east to open. Ignore it for now and instead head west and then south to find a chest containing the dungeon map.

Return to the east and relocate the colored block to open the door again. Go through the east door, defeat the enemies and head to the north exit. Defeat the Poe in the next chamber to get a small key and use it on the west door.

In this room, which offers four path possibilities, head west and move the central block one space to the left. Briefly access the southern room and then return to the previous room to find the repositioned block. Push the central block up one space and follow the west path to find the Compass. After obtaining it, use your Ember Seed on the wooden wall to reveal a secret area. In the next room, flip a switch on the small western platform to reveal a chest containing a ring.

Return to the four-way room and move the center block one space to the right. Head north and use the small key on the door. In the next room, find a small key in a chest in the upper right corner. Move to the bottom left and move the blocks (push the bottom block to the left, then the top block on the right down) to access a passage. Continue your path going west, north, and finally east.

Go through a northern exit to find another northern passage. In this room, push the central blocks up, left and right. Head to the top row by moving the left and right blocks up one space. Escape through the opening on the left and go up the stairs to activate a switch that will drop a chest. Next, go through the opening on the right to activate a second switch, creating a moving bridge. Use this bridge to access the chest, which contains a small key.

Exit through the south exit and follow the path to the left, heading north to the door you just passed through. Cross the pit using another moving bridge, go to the door, cut the plants in your path and use the small key on the south exit. You now find yourself at the first Boss.

Facing the Miniboss: Giant Ghini

Facing the colossal Ghini, as threatening as it may seem, is relatively simple. This opponent’s only form of defense is the orbit of flames that revolve around him. If one of these flames hits you, it will stick to you like a Wisp, causing damage. To avoid this, quickly eliminate the flames with your sword, leaving the path clear to face the Ghini. Approach the giant and deliver quick blows with your sword. With just two or three successful attacks, Ghini will fall. When you defeat him, a portal will appear, taking you back to the first room of the dungeon, and a fairy will appear to retrieve it. Use them, and proceed to the west exit.

In the next room, defeat the Moblins and use their key on the west wall. Follow the path to a block puzzle. In the top row of blocks, move the left and right blocks down one space, and push the middle block to the left to unlock the exit. Defeat the Stalfos, go east one screen and follow the northern passage until you reach a pair of unlit torches. Light them with Ember Seeds to discover a secret staircase. Going down it will bring you to a side-scrolling cave. Climb the ladder and find the Power Bracelet.

The Power Bracelet, when equipped, grants the ability to move heavy objects, including jugs. To throw an object after lifting it, simply press the designated button again along with the D-Pad. With this bracelet in hand, go up the stairs and exit through the south door. Use the bracelet to move the jars in the bottom left corner of the room and go down the stairs found there to discover a chest containing a ring. Now, head south and go down the small steps. Push the jug onto the switch on the east side of the room to open a door and proceed through the newly opened passage.

In the next room, move the jars obstructing your path, defeat the Stalfos, and head to the top of the room. There, you will find a chest. Move the middle jar to reach it and open the chest to reveal the Boss Key! Go through the east door and use the portal to return to the Miniboss chamber. From there, head north, through the next room and exit in the upper left corner. In this room, a Blue Hand will try to send you back to the first room of the dungeon. Use your Boss Key on the east door to access the dungeon Boss battle.

Facing the Boss: Pumpkin Head

Despite being just a pumpkin head, this opponent is quite agile. However, it is possible to defeat him easily, as long as you know how to act. The Head will jump across the arena, trying to land on top of you. If this happens, you will lose some life, so be careful. It also shoots fireballs, so keep a safe distance. To win this challenge, you must separate your opponent’s head from the body. To do this, attack him with your sword. With successful attacks, the head will fall to the ground and a small fire spirit will emerge. When this happens, use your bracelet to pick up the head and throw it at the fire spirit. After two successful hits in this way, the fight will be won.

After Pumpkin Head is defeated, a Heart Container will drop. Take it and head through the northern passage to claim your first Essence: the Eternal Spirit.

Revisiting the Yoll Cemetery

Upon completing the dungeon, you will find yourself in the Yoll Cemetery again. Head north to first meet Maple, the apprentice of Syrup the witch. She will crash into you on her broom, causing several items to fall to the ground. After receiving a reprimand from Maple, start collecting the dropped items, focusing on the most valuable ones: rings, potions and Gasha seeds.

After the encounter with Maple, head west to find a tired Poe who is sad about not being able to reach his grave. Move the rock to allow him to reach his grave, and push the tombstone one space north to reveal a set of stairs. Follow him into the tomb. After helping him, he’ll return the favor by giving you the Poe Clock, triggering a side quest with a grand reward – an upgraded sword. However, to achieve this, you will need to make a series of exchanges with some characters that are spread across the map.

Before leaving the cemetery, there is still a Piece of Heart to be collected. Return to the small island to the west, move the rock to access it, and collect the Piece of Heart. With the cemetery completely explored, you must now return to Lyanna, to begin the journey of the next dungeon.

Dungeon 2: Wing Dungeon

Adventure Start: Ancient Forest

Your first task is to head to the western side of Lynna City. Cross the bridge located there and remove the stone blocking your path. Face the Octorok, defeat him and continue your journey towards the forest. On your way, move to the south edge, go left and then north until you reach an open field. There, you will encounter a trio of fairies with rabbit-like features, causing mayhem in the forest through their magic.

The only way to resolve this chaos is to play a game of hide and seek with these magical creatures. Pay attention to where they hide and start looking for them in the forest. Because of the magic of the fairies, you may notice that certain parts of the forest will reappear, making your mission more difficult. To overcome this situation, you can remain at the lower end of the screen, moving quickly south, then north and south again, recycling the screen view. When a fairy appears on a screen, look for it and it will fly back to the circle of trees where you initially found them. Repeat this process until all fairies are found. Upon locating the last fairy, she will restore order to the forest.

The next step is to move east of the fairy lake, where you will find a cave blocked by a rock. Remove the stone and you will hear the voice of the Maku Tree, instructing you to return to Nayru’s house. Through Lynna City, make your way back to the house. Once inside, move the statue which will reveal a hidden staircase. Going down the stairs, you will find the Harp of Ages, an artifact left by Nayru, the Oracle of Ages.

The Harp of Ages will grant you control over the laws of time. Nayru will teach you the Melody of Echoes, which activates dormant time holes, allowing you to travel through time. When leaving Nayru’s house, use the harp to activate the dormant time hole and step into it to return to the Past. The Fairy Forest is now the Deku Forest. Head there.

On your journey through the forest, head south, then east, until you reach an old woman. From there, go south and talk to a soldier, who will mention that Queen Ambi has bombs, which could be an important clue for your adventure. Continue south to the water, then go left. When you find a boy, head north until you find another boy and an elderly man. To the east of the old man, there is a path that leads to a terrain full of holes, where there is a large boulder that you can move with the Bracelet of Strength, revealing a hidden cave that contains a Gasha Seed.

Return to the forest, passing the old woman, head north and talk to the soldier. Continue along the route until you reach the south coast. Here you will find a small tree. When you use an Ember Seed to burn it, you will reveal a staircase. Go down and get the fourth Piece of Heart.

Return to the stairs you just left. Proceed west along the path to find another small tree. Burn the tree and head north on the newly opened route. There, you will find a Business Scrub who will try to sell you a shield for 50 rupees. Refuse the offer as it is an unnecessary expense. Continue along the path to a group of rocks blocking the path. Move the rocks and enter the cave. Inside, go to the chest to the west and remove the stone to get 30 rupees.

On the upper level of the room, heading west, you will find a staircase that leads back to the surface. If you take this route, you’ll end up northwest of the Mystery Seed tree, where you find another Business Scrub. This one will offer you a shield for 10 rupees. If you don’t already have a shield, get it, as it is the most economical offering in the game. Return to the previous room.

At the back of the room, head west and up the stairs that take you back to the forest. There, head south until you find a blue owl near a Mystical Tree. The owl will give you a clue about Mystery Seeds in general. Ignore the hint and go back through the cave. On your way back through the forest, a soldier will recognize you from the Mysterious Seeds and take you past the Ambi Palace guards to a secret meeting with the Queen. In exchange for your seeds, she will give you ten bombs.

After Link leaves, you discover that Ambi is being controlled by Veran. The plot intensifies. Go back to the Mysterious Seeds tree and collect some more seeds, then go back to the collapsed cave and use the bombs to open the entrance to the second dungeon.

Wing Dungeon

Starting in the Wing Dungeon, you’ll want to deposit a Mystery Seed into the blue owl you encounter. She will share a crucial clue with you: “Defense is the best attack against thorns.” This advice will come in handy in the next room. Advance to this area and prepare your shield. You will encounter thorny creatures known as Spikes. Use your shield to hit them once; this will turn them into turtle versions of themselves. Now, with the defense out of the way, use your sword to dispatch them. Defeating all the Spikes, the door on the right will open, allowing you to advance.

In the next room you will find a movable block. You need to move this block strategically. Staying on the left side of the block, push it to the right three times, then down once, then left once, and finally up once. This move will cause the block to fall into the red pit, revealing a red face. The passage to the north will open, allowing you to continue your journey.

The next room is a little more complex, with several blocks to move. Pay special attention to the bottom right corner of this room; here you will find a somewhat fragile wall. Place a bomb near this wall to blow it up and open a secret passage. Inside this secret passage, you will find a chest. Open it to obtain the Dungeon Map, which will be crucial to your continued exploration.

Once you have the map, return to the previous room and head north, navigating obstacles including winding creatures known as Snakeropes. The next room is an additional challenge as it is full of train tracks. The best way to cross it is to go left, following the winding passage, while avoiding sparkling creatures known as Sparks.

The next room is inhabited by Keese and Moblins, which need to be defeated. Upon eliminating all enemies, a Small Key will be revealed. Now, with the key in hand, return to the second room of the dungeon (the room with the Spikes) and head east through the door that was previously locked.

Be careful in the next room. There are holes in the ground that you will need to avoid, as well as snakes (poisonous snakes). After eliminating all the snakes, locate the cracked wall in the lower right corner of the room. Use a bomb to open a passage. Go through the newly formed opening and follow until you find a central staircase. Going down a level, you will find yourself in a side-scrolling cave.

Keep going east past the Thwomp block and head towards the stairs on the right. Climbing up these stairs, you will be greeted by more Snakeropes. Defeat them all and you will be rewarded with another small key. Go back to the room with the holes in the floor, but this time, kill the Snakeropes that inhabit this area. Then, move the blocks located in the upper right corner of the room to access a hidden chest that contains the compass. Now equipped with the compass, head north. Along the way, you’ll have to eliminate some Moblins before reaching the western exit, which needs to be unlocked with your key.

In the next step, board the minecart and let it drive you through several rooms. Eventually, you will be deposited in the upper half of the Spark Room. From there, head to the north exit to begin the Dungeon 2 boss showdown.

We arrive at the Mini-Boss stage, known as Swoop. It is a winged creature, whose main attack is to hurl itself at you from above. To defeat him, you need to act quickly and precisely, as Swoop spends little time at ground level. Also pay attention to the holes that Swoop opens in the ground when he lands. If you end up falling into one of them, you will be taken to a lower level of the dungeon and will need to go up again to resume the battle.

It is recommended to memorize the Swoop flight pattern. He has a specific time to suspend in the air before trying to attack him. When falling, he makes a few jumps before stopping, and during the fight’s progress, he jumps three times in a row. You need to dodge each of these jumps and attack him when he finally comes to rest. A strong, charged attack can be more effective. Additionally, staying at the edges of the room can prevent Swoop from opening holes, as the edges are resistant to his attacks. Repeat this tactic until you defeat Swoop and acquire his Fairy.

After that, you will see two doors on the right wall. Going down the stairs in the next small room, past the Skulltulla and out to the south, there will be a winding path in the next room that leads to the eastern exit. In this place, you will face a Shrouded Stalfos. Defeat him, if you feel comfortable, and throw a Mystery Seed at the blue owl near the top of the room. She will give you a hint about the Quill you are about to acquire.

Afterward, exit north into a side-scrolling cave. Here, move all the way to the right (dodging the thwomp block). In a corner to the east, you will find Roc’s Feather. When equipping it, Link gains the ability to jump, allowing him to access new areas of the map.

Before leaving, use the ledge to the left of the thwomp block to jump on top of it. Climb up until you can jump to the platform on the left. In this location, you will find 30 Rupees.

Return to the previous room and use Roc’s feather to jump onto the colored tile near the east door. Jump on it twice (dodging the crumbling tiles) to turn the tile red and open the door. As soon as it appears, go across and use your Feather to jump across the gaps, going to the eastern end of the room. Jump on the mine cart here and go through the exit.

The moment you enter the next room, look for the switch to change the direction of the tracks. Hit it as you pass to change lanes. Otherwise, you will go back and be transported out of the room.

As you exit the cart, notice the cracked wall on the right wall. Place a bomb next to it to open a passage to the next room. When you defeat the enemies there, you will obtain another small key.

Return to the previous room and move the colored block in its hole so that the blue side is facing up. Push the block once to the left, once down, once to the right, then several spaces to the pit. Go back to the mine cart and jump out when it’s gone. After facing the Peahats in this room, you will encounter a puzzle. Turn the two left tiles yellow (by jumping over them once) and the two right tiles blue (by jumping over them twice). When the puzzle is correct, a small key will appear.

Go through the passage to the west, go to the upper left corner and go up the stairs. You’ll find yourself back on the surface next to Swoop’s chamber.

Go up the small stairs here (on the right) and use a Small Key on the locked block. Go down the stairs, past the Mini-boss room and take the lower exit. Use Roc’s feather to jump across the platforms until you reach the mine cart switch. Hit him with your sword, then go back to the Mini-boss room and take the upper exit. Go up the stairs to the east and go through the door you opened when you cleared the blocking block.

At the end, you will find a mine cart and in it you will go through the room you just left and several others. When you are finally placed in a room with a cut in the center, jump to the lower area of ​​the room and defeat the Moblins to gain access to the chest. Inside it will be a Gasha Seed.

In the next room, break all the vases except the one closest to the well (on the right). Kill all the enemies here, then push the vase to the end of the square pit. Use Roc’s feather to jump over the hole, then push the vase all the way to the right. Use the Feather to jump over the hole here and push the vase down two spaces.

In the next room, you will be tasked with arranging the blocks on the right so that they match the blocks on the left. To carry out this task, it is essential to modify the color of the central block, using the color logic that we learned previously. Jump once on the red block to turn it yellow, then push the yellow block to the center position. Next, jump again on the central block, now yellow, to turn it blue. Now move the blue blocks to either side of the central yellow block.

To finish, climb onto the central block again, which should be blue, and push all the blue blocks to their final positions, so that the arrangement of the blocks on the right matches that on the left. Upon completing this challenge, you will receive another Small Key.

Now, go to the top right corner of the room and use your newly acquired Small Key to open the locked door. This room will initially appear as one color. However, if you jump on the central block, the tone of the room will change, revealing the Wisps hidden there. Jump on the block and start hunting for a Wisp. Repeat this process until all Wisps are defeated, and you will receive the Boss Key.

With the Boss Key in hand, return to the previous room and use the key on the door at the top of the room. Navigate along the outer edge of the room’s left side, avoiding the Keese and Sparks that try to get in your way. Head to the east exit and enter a chamber that houses a blue owl. Enjoy the delights offered by the vases in the room, then throw a seed at the owl, which in turn will inform you that Red Face fears smoke – a valuable tip for the next boss battle. Finally, go up the stairs to now face the dungeon boss.

We now come to the final confrontation of the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages: the battle against the big boss Head Thwomp. This colossal adversary is an expanded variation of the traditional thwomp blocks you’ve encountered throughout the dungeon. His imposing presence is marked by a tendency to stand still in the center of the room, exhaling fireballs from his mouth. But make no mistake, when you start attacking him with bombs, Head Thwomp becomes aggressive and is ready to fight back.

Head Thwomp’s main attack is reasonably simple to dodge. Just keep your eyes on the rising fireballs and keep your distance. Avoid picking up the blocks around him as it makes the task of dodging the fire more challenging. Instead, equip yourself with bombs and head to the stairs on the left. When you notice Thwomp’s head turning, run and throw bombs from the platform at the top of the stairs.

Your goal is to hit Head Thwomp with a bomb when his red face is in sight. The perfect timing for throwing the bomb is right when the face starts to transition from blue to purple. It may take a few tries to get it right, and results vary depending on the face Thwomp presents:

  • Green: Expect an even bigger explosion of fireballs. Climbing to the top of the ladder should ensure a safe escape.
  • Blue: Head Thwomp will engage with a swarm of smaller fireballs. Staying directly below him is the best place to avoid this spinning attack.
  • Purple: Prepare for a hail of rocks that Thwomp summons. Find shelter under one of the brick platforms near the stairs to stay safe.
  • Red: If you hit with a red face in view, Thwomp will drop a heart. He runs and collects the heart before resuming his bomb attack.

If, at any point, you run out of bombs, position yourself below Thwomp, dodging the fireballs thrown and waiting for the bombs he will occasionally drop. It will take four successful hits to defeat the Head Thwomp.

After the gigantic opponent falls, don’t forget to collect the second heart container (Heart Container 2) that he will leave behind. This will increase your maximum health. Then, head up the stairs to the right to claim the dungeon’s final prize, the ancient and powerful “Ancient Wood”.

Dungeon 3: Moonlit Grotto

Once you finish Level 2, the Maku will capture an essence in the coastal region of Crescent Island. Your goal is to head towards the southeast coast of Lynna City. To activate certain events, you need to travel there. Follow the east coast until you see a modest cabin just over a bridge on the right. This is Cheval’s residence. Go in and talk to him; Cheval will talk about future inventions he plans to build. When you leave your house, you will meet Ralph. He mentions a grave named after Cheval. Since the cemetery only exists in the present, you need to go to Maku Steps and switch to the present. Then, head to the cemetery.

Arriving at the cemetery, move one screen to the right to find Moosh, a large blue bear in an uncomfortable situation. Save Moosh from the spirits tormenting him using your sword, then talk to him. Moosh, one of three animal helpers you’ll encounter during your journey, will allow you access to previously unreachable areas.

To control Moosh, approach him to climb onto his back. You can now direct him with the D-Pad and use the A button to jump. If you hold down the A button, Moosh will flap his wings and float, allowing you to cross areas with holes in the ground. If you press and hold A while Moosh is in the air, he will dive and crush anything below him.

Take Moosh to the top left corner of the cemetery, crossing a field of holes with his help until you reach the top left corner of the area. Push the tombstone located here to reveal a staircase. Go down it to find an underground lake. Follow the coast until you reach a set of stairs with a curious device on the left. The inscription near the stairs suggests that the inventions there will only be entrusted to someone with strong and light feet. It looks like you! Jump to the land on the left and climb up to a large pulley on the wall. With the power bracelet equipped, pull the device down, unlocking the blocks that prevent access to the stairs. Quickly jump to the right and go up the stairs before the blocks close again. At the end of the platform, you will find Zora’s Flippers.

Zora’s Fins allow you to swim in shallow water. Use the A button to swim and the B button to dive and avoid enemies. Dive into the water to the west and swim to the upper left corner of the lake. On a small patch of land (and up a ladder) you will find Cheval’s Rope, the second invention. This rope is water resistant. Now get out of the tomb. When you do, Moosh will say goodbye to you. You are alone again. Head to the top left corner of the cemetery and visit the Syrup Store (on the other side of the river). She has some interesting items for sale, like Potions (which will completely revive you if you die) and Gasha Seeds, which have well-known uses. Both cost 300 rupees and the Potion is certainly worth the high price.

After finishing at the cemetery, return to the Maku Path and change time back to the past. Return to Casa de Cheval, but do not enter. Instead, head west along the coast until you see a bridge. Cross it and follow the path until you find a hut with two doors. Inside, you will find Rafton. This quirky character will be excited to see the Cheval Rope. If you give him the rope, he will build you a raft, but first, you need a map to find your way on the high seas.

To get the map, you will need to change time back to the present. Once you’ve done that, head to the area in front of the Cemetery to find another helper, a kangaroo named Ricky. He’s looking for a pair of gloves. Head to the south coast and head west. There, you will see a tree surrounded by rocks. Remove all the rocks to find the gloves and return them to Ricky. Climb into his bag and you will control Ricky.

Ricky can jump over high cliffs, doing so automatically when possible. To punch, press A. For a tornado punch, press and hold A.

Start your journey by moving down one screen and, sword in hand, clear the bushes in your path westward. You will then lead your kangaroo companion along this trail until you come across an imposing cliff face. Use the D-Pad to point at the cliff to make an audacious jump. Continue your exploration, skirting abysses and overcoming precipices, until you come across the exotic balloon character, Tingle. Jump and, using your sword, cut the balloon that keeps you suspended. He will then return to the ground and a dialogue will begin. Express your intention to become friends with him, and in return, he will give you the Island Chart.

After this encounter, return to the past and pay a visit to Rafton’s. Show him the map of the island and he, grateful for his contribution, will build you a raft, which will appear in the room east of your house. Take an adventure on the raft, launching yourself into the turbulent waves of the sea. Keep your course south and suddenly you will be caught in a storm. When the storm calms, you will be on the beach of Crescent Island.

The lizard-like Tokay creatures, although they saved his life, didn’t hold back and stole all his equipment. Now, it’s up to you to negotiate and appeal to get your things back. Firstly, move down one screen and follow the seafront to the right, then go down until you find a Tokay that holds your shovel. Convince him to return it. With the shovel recovered, move north and enter the cave in the cliff face. Inside, climb to the top of the room and move the green stone to the left. Dig up the gray stone that is there and go down the path that opens until you find the Tokay who has his sword.

After leaving the cave, go right, go up the stairs and pass the Tokay you will find on the way. The path ahead will be filled with different types of enemies, including Octoroks and Leevers. Keep your route east, then south, until you see bushes obstructing a path to the right. Clear your path by cutting them down and continue east and then south. At this point, you will find a vine sprout, the Vine Sprout. In the future, this sapling will grow into a large vine, so to prevent a future headache, push it into the gutter in the cliff that is located to the north and left.

Now proceed to the stairs to the south. Go down them and follow the coastline east. Soon after, go up until you see a small tent. Near it, you will see an inactive time portal. The nearby Tokay will tell you about another similar portal on the other side of the island. Keep moving north until you come across a small bridge that leads to an island with a tent. Cross the bridge and enter the tent. Inside, you will find the Tokay Trader. He holds his Bracelet and Feather, essential items to continue the adventure. To recover them, you will need to make an exchange with him. Hand over the shovel you retrieved earlier to retrieve your bracelet.

Go along the coast until you reach the stairs that originally took you to the beach. Continue your path, passing the Vine Sprout and making your way through the plants to the east. Continue along this route, moving the rocks that block your path at the end of the path to reach another Tokay. This particular Tokay is in search of a scent seedling, the Scent Seedling, which he wants to plant in his nursery.

To fulfill his request, go down the cliff on your right and follow the coast until you find a staircase. Following this path, go east and then north. At the end of this route, you will come across a boulder. Use the Power Bracelet to move him out of the way, revealing a staircase that leads to an underground room. Inside this room, move the green stones to access the right side, where you will find a staircase that will take you to a chicken coop. Surprisingly, you will find your bombs there! After retrieving them, return to the previous path and use your newly acquired bombs to break the cracked rocks blocking access to a chest, which contains a Gasha Seed.

Return to the east coast again. There, you should find a set of stairs on the cliff wall leading to a collapsed cave. Use a bomb to open the passage. Inside this cave, you will find an eccentric Tokay who will invite you to participate in a game known as Wild Tokay Challenge.

The game has simple rules, but execution can be quite challenging. Furthermore, each attempt will cost 10 rupees, which can become expensive if you make mistakes many times. The objective of the game is to catch the meat falling from the ceiling and feed it to two rows of Tokay – one on the left and one on the right. If you fail to feed any Tokay, you will need to restart the challenge.

The most efficient strategy to win this game is to get as close as possible to each Tokay before throwing the meat. This tactic is effective at first, but as speed increases you will need to position yourself in the center of the two rows and quickly turn and throw the meat. The last Tokay, which comes down from the pike, is red, so you’ll know when the round is ending. When you beat the game, Tokay will give you the desired Scent Seedling. Return to the nursery and give it to the gardener Tokay so he can plant it.

Now, with the sapling delivered, head down the cliff to the east and return to the Tokay Trader. Trade the shovel you have for the Feather with him and return to the stairs on the south beach.

When you reach the top of the stairs, head left and equip your Feather. Use it to jump over the holes in your path, continue climbing until you find another collapsed cave. Use a bomb to open an entrance to the cave and enter it. Use the Feather to reach the island ahead, and once there, carefully position your bombs to destroy the green rocks. After that, jump to the island on the right and follow the coast until you find the Flippers.

Now you must go back to the merchant, the Tokay Trader, and retrieve your bracelet. Then head to the cave where you acquired your flippers earlier. In the upper left corner of this cave, there is a small piece of land with a rock. Using the bracelet, move the stone and jump into the water, swimming towards the slightly darker square of water. Press B to dive and enter the underwater cave.

In this new environment, swim to the right until you find a ladder that will allow you to exit this side-scrolling section. Move the stone blocking your path to access the stairs. Climb up them and follow the path until you come across the thieving lizard that stole your Seed Satchel. Retrieve it, then head back to the east coast, returning to the Tokay Trader.

Now, with your Seed Satchel recovered, offer the merchant 10 Mystery Seeds. Leave your shovel with him and take your Feather and bracelet back. Head towards the stairs located on the south bank. When you reach the top, turn left and move forward, passing through the Flipper cave and going even further west until you find a new cave. Inside this cave, move the pots surrounding the stairs and go down it. In the side-scrolling section below, dive into the water and swim to the left. Climb onto the moving block, jumping to the right until you find another ladder. When you go up, you will meet the next thief, who has his harp.

Return to the east coast and remember the time hole next to the tent? Play your harp to activate it, rewinding time to the present. Return to the stairs on the south coast, climbing them to enter a new reality.

Head north past the vine on the cliff (formerly a vine shoot), turn left and follow the path until you find another vine. Drop down to the beach below, then move along the shore (going up and left) until you find another vine. When you go up it and go right, you will find the Aroma Seed Tree. Collect some of these seeds in your bag, then jump off the eastern cliff and return to the time hole. Play your instrument to activate the hole and travel back to the past.

Return to Tokay Trader once more and give him the Scent Seeds he has been asking for. He will repay you by returning the rest of your belongings. Now, head all the way west, past the cave where you recovered your Seed Satchel, and continue moving west until you find the time hole. Move the stone blocking access (using the Shovel) and play your Harp, changing the time to the present again. Follow the path along the beach until you reach the dungeon entrance, which is found in the mouth of the statue.

Moonlit Grotto

Once you enter the first room, head to the northwest corner. In this location, you will find cracked blocks, so use a bomb to break them. Then, push the middle block to access the next room.

Here, the enemies are the Pols Voices. The only way to defeat them is to use bombs, and when you do, you will be rewarded with the Dungeon Map. Once you have the map, return to the first room and head through the northern passage. In the next area, defeat the Moldorms and go through the door on the right. In the next space, break the blue crystal with a single slash of your sword and head to the exit located in the upper right corner of the room.

In the next room, you will find a blue owl who will provide you with a hint about the blue crystals. Climb the stairs and proceed north until you find a room with a large rotating device. The wheel turns in different directions every time you cross it, so pay attention to the arrows. On the first pass, you will take the right path and go down to the east.

In the next room, you will face a block puzzle. Place a bomb near the cracked block in the lower left corner of the puzzle. Repeat this step on the east side, next to another cracked block. Next, use the low wall to throw a bomb into the hallway, destroying the cracked block in the corner. At the top of the puzzle, push the block down, opening the way to the central hallway. By throwing a bomb along this path, you can destroy the fragile block next to the crystal.

In the puzzle, go to the bottom and push the block aligned with the green wall up, opening the way to enter the block maze. Inside, strike the crystal to break it. After that, there are only two more crystals left to be broken.

To get the Small Key, push the block next to the blue crystal to the north. Then move the green block until it is in the top left corner of the center green tile. With this movement, the Key will fall from the sky.

Return to the room with the Moldorms and go through the locked door at the top. In the next room, jump into the large rectangular hole to fall to the lower level. At the bottom of this room, go out the door to find a room with a caged Moldorm. Use bombs to defeat him and open the two doors to the south. Enter one of them to find some Pols Voice. Defeat them to open the northern left door. Once you pass through it, you’ll find yourself in the other half of the room with the Moldorm.

Throw bombs at the Moldorm area to defeat it again, then head to the south exit next to you. Advance until you find a room with a crystal ball next to a conveyor belt. Place a bomb on the conveyor belt so that when it explodes, it hits the crystal ball. This will bring the soldier in the room to life. Defeat him with a bomb to get the compass.

Climb the stairs located in the upper left corner of the room, which takes us to the other side of the Pols Voice room on the upper level. Go through the door on the left and you will find a block puzzle.

In this puzzle, you must align the blocks at the top of the room with those at the bottom. To do this, push the center block up, the right block to the right, and the left block to the left, each in turn. This action will grant you a Small Key. Now, go down the stairs and head back to the chamber where the Moldorm was trapped. In this room, keep left and proceed north until you find a staircase. Climb this ladder to reach the other side of the large pit. Push a block to the right and go through the door on the right to find the spinning device again. When you pick up this device, it will transport you to the northern path.

The next room is populated by Like Likes, vicious little bugs that can swallow you and steal your shield. There is a crystal in this room, but you won’t be able to collect it yet. So go to the top right of the room and drop a seed on the owl to get a hint about the Stone Soldiers. Then head to the exit in the bottom right corner of the room to find the Stone Soldiers. Use bombs to eliminate them and when they are all defeated, you will be rewarded with a Small Key.

Return to the previous room and use your newly acquired key on the door to the north. The next room presents a special danger – the floor is literally falling apart, with tiles flying towards you. Be ready with your sword to defend yourself. Once you have overcome this obstacle, go through the door to the west and go through the room with the giant plants. Continue around the large central ridge. If you climb to the top of this elevation and head south, you will find a 30 rupee gem.

In the upper right corner of this room, there is a locked door. Use your key to unlock it and climb up to find a torch suspended over a large chasm. Move west one screen and defeat the enemies present to obtain a chest containing the Seed Shooter.

The Seed Shooter is a versatile weapon that uses the seeds in your backpack as ammunition. Use the Seed Shooter (charged with Ember Seeds) to light the unlit torch in the next room. Then go back to the room with the last crystal and use the Seed Shooter to break it. When you break the fourth crystal, the central spinning device will fall into the Dungeon’s basement. Before following him, return to the room where the spinning device was. Now, there is a chest in this location, containing a Gasha Seed.

Return to the abyss room and fall into the basement. Go through the door on the right to find the rotating device that was transplanted. Ride it and it will take you to the southern path. Drop down into the room below, facing the Iron Masks on your way to the bottom right corner of the room. Here, you will see two torches suspended over a long chasm. Push the upper left block into the chasm. Aim your Seed Shooter (charged with Ember Seed) diagonally down at the green block, deflecting a flame to light the torch on the left. Then push the next block into the chasm and ricochet a shot into the green line above to ignite the torch on the right. This will make a chest appear containing another Gasha Seed.

Go through the north exit to return to the room where you initially fell. Head east and ride the spinning device to the north. Advance to a room full of Peahats. Run towards the north door to find this dungeon’s Mini-Boss.


Subterror, the miniboss that resembles a mole, can be easily overcome once you decipher his attack pattern. Because he is a creature that lives underground, it is natural that he spends most of his time buried. To identify where it is, look at the moving mound of dirt. Subterror’s attack consists of emerging from the ground right beneath you, trying to hurt you with his corkscrew-like nose.

The strategy for defeating Subterror involves using his Shovel and Sword. Keep an eye on the mound of dirt as you move around the map. When you see it approaching your location, use the Shovel to bring it to the surface. Once he appears, use your Sword to launch attacks until he returns underground. The key to victory is to simply repeat this cycle until Subterror is completely defeated.

After defeating Subterror, acquire the fairy and proceed to the left of the room, continuing along the route until you reach a space that houses two Moldorms. Defeat them and then move the block in the room to the left, which will release a Small Key from above. Return to the turnstile and use it to take the eastern path. You may need to go around it and turn it several times to get it to steer correctly. Once on the eastern path, follow it until you come across another puzzle involving the Seed Shooter.

Position yourself in the upper right corner of the room and stand on the switch located there. Spin the bladers until they are pointing up and to the right. Prepare a seed shot so that it passes through both bladers (in the up and right direction). The shot will bounce off the crystal ball and open a green door. Go through it to get the Boss Key.

Now return to the room located below the hole and proceed north. Defeat the Peahats found along the way and then cross the narrow drawbridge. Activate the crystal ball to make the propeller located in the center of the room rotate. Climb up and aim at the propeller, firing a seed that bounces off the crystal ball. This will cause another narrow bridge to be extended. Cross the bridge and activate the crystal ball twice, making the propeller change position again. Use one more Seed shot to extend a drawbridge to the south. Cross it to acquire 20 Rupees. Then proceed to the north door and use your key to open it.

In the next chamber, shoot a seed at the crystal ball located on the left twice to extend a drawbridge. Cross the bridge, activate the ball three times, and shoot a seed at the propeller to extend another drawbridge to the north. Cross it and continue heading towards the top of the chamber. Take advantage of the resources provided by the plants on site by purchasing a fairy and some seeds. Finally, use your Boss Key to open the door and proceed.

Shadow Hag

The battle with Shadow Hag requires acumen and precision when shooting. The witch has a peculiar disdain for being observed. When she realizes that she is being seen, she dematerializes, transforming into four shadows. Her task will be to avoid these shadows that roam and writhe across the battlefield. In time, the dark witch will pull herself together. When she returns to her form, she will expel butterflies towards her and try to position herself behind you to launch an attack.

To defeat Shadow Hag, you will have to maneuver to avoid her seeing you. First, dodge the shadows until she recovers. Then quickly annihilate the butterflies while keeping your back turned to the witch. As soon as she begins her attack from behind, throw a Seed against the wall in front of her so that it ricochets towards the attacking witch. Then quickly move out of the way of the attack. Repeat this process six times and the dark figure will be defeated. Acquire the Heart Container and take possession of the Echoing Howl.

After collecting the Echoing Howl, the image of the Black Tower will reveal itself. Veran, the sorceress, is up to something quite sinister and the Tower is almost finished. The Maku Tree now senses the presence of an Essence located northwest of Lynna Village.

Dungeon 4: Skull Dungeon

After completing the dungeon, proceed north to the coast. There, you will find a giant stranded red dinosaur – your third ally, Dmitri. This sturdy companion will serve as your means of transportation back to the mainland. Just mount it and maneuver it using the D-Pad. Sail to the coast south of Lyanna City and head down. Dmitri will then swim away.

Head to the west side of Lyanna City and cross the river. Instead of venturing through the forest, take the stairs to Symmetry City. Fire an Ember Seed across the bridge on the right to incinerate the withered tree blocking the path. Throw a second seed to activate the switch, creating the drawbridge that connects the opposite bank of the river.

Follow the trail up and around a set of steps. Climb up to the next plateau and continue walking until you find a series of holes obstructing the path. Use the feather to skip these challenges and continue until you find a man next to a bridge. He is looking for three workers who can help him repair the bridge. To get to Symmetry City, you’ll have to locate these missing workers.

Return to Lyanna City. As you approach the base of the hill, a fairy will appear and mention a large blue bear on the loose in the forest. This is Moosh. Head to the forest and look for him, using the same strategies you used when searching for the fairies. When you spot him, talk to him. A fairy will intervene and lead you out of the forest. Now that you have helped the bear once again, he will become his faithful companion. In gratitude, he will give you a flute to call him whenever you need help.

For now, ride Moosh and return to the bridge builder. Talk to the foreman and commit to finding your missing team. He promises he will repair the bridge if you can locate them. Walk to the right and cut the plant blocking a set of three holes. Ride Moosh and float over these obstacles. Climb the ladder next to the middle hole and search the plateau above for the first worker. Go back down and head right, following the path until you reach an area full of holes and twisted plants. Float over the holes, heading east. Cut the plants blocking the area and head to the right until you find two paths. Jump over the holes in the path, proceeding to the small cave in the wall. Inside you will find a chest with a ring.

Go back to the holes and follow the lower path until you reach a staircase. Climb it to find the second worker. Return to the three holes you initially jumped (next to the first worker). Follow the path north until you find another staircase. Climb up to a grassy platform. Go down the path on the right, to a fenced pasture. Inside the cave located here, you will find a Healing Fairy ready to replenish you. After visiting the fairy, exit the cave and head right until you reach another field full of holes. Float over them with Moosh to the square of land next to the third worker. Talk to him to return to the foreman.

Return to the grassy platform above and go all the way to the left. Here, you can jump off the cliff and head south to visit the bridge builder. Talk to him and his men will finally start building the bridge. Now, eliminate the Knights you find along the way.


In Symmetry City, in the center of the city, find the Mystic Tree where you can get Gale Seeds. It will help you quickly travel to various points on the map, creating shortcuts instantly. An important point to remember is that teleportation locations are not the same in the present as they are in the past.

Symmetry City also has dormant time holes, hidden under the plants near the Mystic Tree. When you play a song, you can transport yourself back to the past. In the previous time, visit the Middle House, a building located close to the arrival point. There, you will meet two sisters who share valuable information about Tuni Nut. This nut is a stabilizing force in Symmetry City and its cracking has unleashed a threatening volcano on the town.

To deal with the Tuni Nut, you must interact with the townspeople and take the damaged object to a man named Patch, a resident at the top of the Restoration Wall. To find it, exit the Middle House and head towards the cabin in the upper left. Talk to the resident and he will direct you to visit his brother on the other side of town. When you talk to this brother, you will receive the Tuni Nut to fix it since he is injured.

Inside Symmetry City, you should look for a music sign, as indicated by a child in the lower left hut. Based on this information, head left and find a pair of stairs. Climb them, continuing north, where you will find a lake guarded by Zoras. Ignore them and dive into the lake, heading to the top right to locate a hidden cave.

Inside, move to the right, avoiding the Cheep Cheeps and reach a dry room with a man carrying out research on melodies. By playing the Melody of Echoes, he will complete his studies and you will learn a new melody – the Melody of Currents. This is useful for temporarily traveling to the present, allowing you to explore new areas without needing a time hole.

After learning the new song, exit the cave and return to the lake. Use the Melody of Currents to return to the present and acquire a piece of heart. Then, return to the past and go down the stairs, heading to the left where you will find a blue owl that reiterates the importance of changing the weather.

Stay close to the owl and play the Melody of Currents to return to the present. Go down the stairs and head east until you find another staircase. Continue the descent and go right, reaching a plateau where a rock hides a temporal hole. Return to the past and go up the stairs, entering the cave. Push the red stone to the left and watch the landscape transform. Return to the time hole to continue your adventure.

Now you’ll have to navigate a series of challenges and puzzles to progress. Start by going down the ladder that is located next to the hole, reaching a vine shoot. This is where you need to play your magic harp, an action that will send you back to the present.

In the present, go to the vine that has now grown robust and strong. Climb it to reach a cliff where you will see a modest pool of water. A sign next to it advises against throwing anything into the water. Like a true adventurer, disobey the sign and throw a bomb into the center of the pool. This will make a strange floating eye with wings appear, which will ask you what you threw into the water. Confirm that it was a common bomb. As a reward, he will increase the capacity of your bomb bag to 30 units.

With the bomb bag now enlarged, go back and climb down the vine. Stepping on the symbol there will transport you back to the past. Once you’re in the past, you’ll notice a Vine Sprout near the canal on the cliff to your right. Push it there and then play your harp once more. This will bring you back to the present, where you can now use the newly grown vine to reach a high plateau. Cross the lake and find a ladder that will take you up. Keep going up until you find another staircase. Go down to discover yet another time hole. Play your harp and enter the hole to travel to the past again.

In the past, follow the stairs up and go right. Then go down to cross the lake and find another staircase to the south. At the base of these stairs, turn right and then north to come across the Wall of Restoration. Start climbing, being careful to avoid the debris falling from above. At the summit, there is a cave entrance that you must enter. Inside, you will find a man named Patch.

Patch can fix your Tuni Nut, but to do so, you’ll have to participate in a peculiar ceremony he created. Follow Patch to the basement, where there is a track with a mining cart. Patch places the Tuni Nut on the track and the cart starts moving. His mission is to throw a bunch of Hardhat Beetles into the holes scattered around the room before the Nut is crushed by the cart. Every time the cart approaches the nut, you must step on the switch near the top of the room to save it.

To win this challenge, you need to gather all the Hardhat Beetles. Surround them to bring them together and keep an eye on the cart. When you’re about to hit the Nut, go to the switch and use sword strikes to keep the beetles away. After the cart passes, push the beetles into the nearest hole. If all goes well, they will be pushed as a group and fall into the hole together. With that done, Patch will repair your Tuni Nut.

Leaving the cave, head to the edge of the cliff and jump down to the sandy region below. Follow the stairs that will take you back to Symmetry Village. In the village, deliver the Tuni Nut to the Middle House, placing it on the base in the middle of the room. This will calm the volcano. When leaving Casa do Meio, go to the upper part of the village. You will see an entrance to a watery cave, decorated with flowers on all sides. Enter and continue your adventure.

Skull Dungeon

After entering the dungeon’s starting room, make your way north, eliminating the bats known as Keese along your way. Following the winding hallway to the left, proceed to the next area. Face and defeat the walking skeletons, the Stalfos, as you progress west. In the next scenario, jump over the lava river and head to the north exit.

Carefully navigate the maze of the next room, avoiding the sparkling Spark and more Keese. Your route continues along the path and ends at the bottom left exit of the space. In the subsequent area, identify the only block present. Move it up and claim your reward: the compass.

With the compass in hand, move forward. Return through the south exit to the lava-filled room and notice a rotating block in the corner. Maneuver the block so that the blue face is facing up and positioned in the center of the set of four blocks. This will result in a chest revealing a small key. Collect the key and follow the route to the right of the room.

The next room will present a new block-moving challenge. Navigate through space, using the Feather to jump over rivers of lava. Head to the right part of the room, then up, jumping to a narrow strip of land with a single block in the center. Move the block one space to the left, then go north over the lava flow to move another block, this time in front of the locked door. Use the small key on the door to advance.

In the next environment, watch out for the sharp four-sided blade. Activate it by entering your line of action and quickly retreat to avoid being hit. As soon as it recedes, quickly move to the right, jumping over the lava divide that bisects the room and head to the north exit.

The floor in the next room is covered in lava. Use your bracelet to pull the lever all the way, causing the ground to temporarily solidify over the lava. Go down the newly formed passage and take the north exit. In the next room, a trio of leaping Stalfos awaits. Face them and once they are eliminated, the door on the left will unlock.

The next area displays a set of colored blocks on the right. Your goal here is to copy the layout of the blocks in the set on the left. To do this, jump on the blocks until they match in color and position with the blocks to the right. When you manage to line up the colors correctly, the door on the left will open.

The next room presents a somewhat complex challenge. You must avoid sharp blades while moving a rolling block to the upper right corner of the space. Be agile as the ground beneath your feet is disintegrating. Position the rolling block correctly and climb aboard the mine cart. After traveling, disembark in the next room, eliminating the creatures known as Snake Ropes. Proceed through the door on the right.

In the next space, a challenge with a moving bridge awaits. After jumping onto the bridge, use your Seed Shooter to hit a crystal switch on the opposite wall. This will make a chest appear, which contains another small key.

Return to the previous room via the west path. From there, head to the previous chamber and take the exit on the left. In the next room, unlock the locked block and adjust the color of the next block to blue, opening the gate. Return to the previous room and hop on the cart, going through the gate.

Prepare for a duel with the Stalfos using your Seed Shooter. As the cart moves into the next room, knock out all the skeletons. Once defeated, the door on the left side of the room will open.

You will then come to a room filled with lava. Carefully navigate between the moving bridges until you reach the bottom right corner of the room. There, use the newly obtained key to unlock the block and head south.

In the next chamber, you will need to deal with the Peahats. Eliminate them, then solve the puzzle: configure the lower blocks to match the upper ones. This will net you another small key. Return to the previous room and use the key to

Here you will find another tile puzzle. This time you will need to change the top tiles to match the bottom ones. When you do this, the door on the left will open. Head into the next chamber to find another carriage. Hit the switch and ride the cart until it stops. Then hit the switch again and go back to the cart. Now, head to the top right corner of the room and unlock the door with your new small key. Move around the room, avoiding the Hardhat Beetles and jump on the mine cart in the next room.

In the next room, a bunch of Keese will fall from the ceiling. Get rid of them and then work on the puzzle. The goal this time is to make the bottom tile mirror the top ones. Once you achieve this, you will receive a small key. Return to the previous room and use it on the blocked block, opening the way to the mine cart. Ride it until it stops, throwing you into a room with a Gibdo. Take the goodies from the vase and go through the door on the left wall.

The next room has several blocks and many lava pits. Use the Feather to jump over the lava and place the blocks correctly to create a passage. Continue across the open path and into the room to the north. Here, avoid the Peahats and move into the room on the right. Now you will face more blocks and lava. Once again, use the Feather to jump over the rivers of lava and place the blocks correctly to open a passage. Now go to the north room.

Here you will find more challenges. First, avoid or defeat the Spark enemy and then focus on the blocks. You will need to move some of them to create a passage to the room on the right. Once in the room, you will need to use the Feather to jump over the lava pits. Pay special attention to the location of blocks and empty spaces. If you can’t get through, go back and try a different block configuration.

In the next room, defeat the enemies and proceed to the northern room. Here, you’ll face more blocks and lava. Once again, use the Feather to jump over the rivers of lava and place the blocks correctly to open a passage. Now go to the north room.

Here you’ll encounter a tougher enemy: a pair of Stalfos. Defeat them and proceed to the northern room. Here, you’ll face more blocks and lava. Once again, use the Feather to jump over the rivers of lava and place the blocks correctly to open a passage. Now go to the north room.

Here you’ll encounter a tougher enemy: a pair of Stalfos. Defeat them and proceed to the northern room. Here, you will encounter a large enemy, a mini-boss. Defeat him and proceed to the northern room. Here, you’ll face more blocks and lava. Once again, use the Feather to jump over the rivers of lava and place the blocks correctly to open a passage. Now go to the north room.

After beating the mini-boss, proceed to the northern room. Here, you’ll face more blocks and lava. Once again, use the Feather to jump over the rivers of lava and place the blocks correctly to open a passage. Now go to the north room.

Here you’ll encounter a tougher enemy: a pair of Stalfos. Defeat them and proceed to the northern room. Here, you’ll face more blocks and lava. Once again, use the Feather to jump over the rivers of lava and place the blocks correctly to open a passage. Now go to the north room.

After passing through this room, you will finally reach the final boss. Use the proper strategy to beat him and complete the dungeon.

Armos Warrior

The mini-boss you will face in this section of the dungeon is the Warrior Armos. This enemy is equipped with a large sword and a sturdy shield, which he uses in attempts to run you over. His main offense consists of throwing his sword in your direction, while at the same time chasing you around the arena until he recovers his weapon. However, you can use this tactic to your advantage. When he throws his sword, try to position yourself behind him. The blade, upon its return, will turn against the warrior himself if you are positioned correctly. After repeating this three times, your shield will be broken.

Without his shield, Warrior Armos begins throwing bombs. At this point, you’ll be able to hit him using your Seed Shooter. Keep an eye out to avoid the bombs and keep attacking him with the seeds until he is defeated. Once defeated, you can collect the fairy he leaves behind and follow the path south.

In the subsequent room, you must eliminate the Moldorm and Stalfos, go up the stairs and down the ledge until you reach a bridge over the lava. Cross to the other side and use a bomb to open a crack in the wall. Inside this room you will find a puzzle in which you need to move through the tiles lighting them up as you go. It is important to remember that you cannot step on a tile that has already been lit and that the last one you must touch is the yellow one. When you reach the yellow tile, a chest will appear containing the Switch Hook, a useful artifact that allows you to switch places with any object that can be grabbed.

After collecting the Switch Hook, go to the room to the west. Here, you’ll find a river of lava with a diamond-shaped rock on the opposite bank. Use the Switch Hook on the rock to cross. Then head north through the Mini-Boss chamber and exit through the top exit. Go left, go up the stairs until you find a low wall. There is a diamond-shaped stone on the other side of the wall. Switch places with her using the Switch Hook and continue down until you see a door on your right.

When you enter the room, switch places with the diamond, defeat the Wisp and Stalfos and follow the path until you find a switch on the floor. Climb onto the switch and use the Switch Hook to place the diamond stone on it, which will open the door to the south. Go through this door and continue along the path, crossing another lava bridge. When you reach the other side, follow the path around the bend, going up and then turning left to a set of stairs. Going down them, you will find another bridge over a river of lava.

After turning the corner, head north through the next room, and then west until you find a staircase. In this new area, defeat Gibdo before going through the door at the top of the room. This room is full of Snake Ropes. At the top, there is a diamond-shaped rock just after a pool of lava. Switch places with her and use the vase in the upper right corner to return to the floor. Now that the diamond rock has crossed the lava, swap with it until it is on the ground to the left. A door will open at the end of the room. Go through the door and, in the next chamber, take the west exit.

In the next area, use the Switch Hook to get to the bottom right. When you leave, you will find yourself in another colorful room. Keep stepping on the center square to change the color of the room, then follow the Chameleon Gels to eliminate them. When everyone is defeated, the door to the left of the room will open. Go through it, dodge the blades and exit through the door on the left.

In the next area, you must repeat the task of lighting the tiles without crossing your own path, as you did previously. This time, your goal is to reach the center square. If you manage to light up the entire floor and end up in this last square, you will receive a small key. Exit through the north exit.

In the next room, equip the Feather and jump over the lava flow. Swap with the diamond stone next to a green moving bridge, go up and across. Go back up. In this new side-view cave, jump onto the rising platforms and use the Switch Hook to switch places with the vases on top of the tall columns. Climb the stairs to the left of the cave. When you emerge, use a small key on the locked block to go through the door on the left.

In the next area, switch places with the diamond stones to pass over the lava pools. Continue along the path until you find a set of stairs. They will take you to another lava room with a pulley. Use the Bracelet to pull the pulley, covering the lava with the floor. Quickly go up and around to the exit at the top of the room.

The next room also combines lava and a pulley. Pull the bar, run left, move the vase on the path and stand in the square where the vase was. After the lava returns, use the Switch Hook to cross the rest of the room. Exit through the north exit and go right until you find a staircase going up.

In the next room, position yourself facing the blue tile in the top half of the room. Switch places with him using the Switch Hook, climb onto the platform on the right and push the vase onto the top wall. Then switch places with one of the vases on the north wall and push the other vase onto the switch on this wall. Now, go back using the vase on the other side of the yellow half wall and open the chest that appeared on the blue tile. It contains the Boss Key.

Now, go to the bottom right corner of the room and exit south. Follow the path to a staircase, climb it and once at the top, go right until you see another diamond stone. Switch with her and continue down the path until you find another staircase. Going up, you’ll find a side-scrolling cave. Use the Switch Hook to switch places with the vases, creating a path to another staircase. Climb up to the narrow room above. Move the vases to find healing fairies. Recover your energy and use the Boss Key on the door to find the Eyesoar.


Eyesoar, the boss of the fourth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, is a flying enemy with an eye-like appearance. This peculiar opponent, despite its intimidating structure, is not as difficult to defeat as it might seem at first glance.

Eyesoar’s attack strategy is based on summoning its small eyeballs that act like minions, launching them at you. These little enemies, however, are not that resilient. A single swing of your sword is enough to take them down, making this part of the combat relatively easy.

By eliminating these smaller eyeballs, you open the way to directly attack the Eyesoar. Once all the minions are defeated, the next step of your plan should come into play. Use the artifact you acquired in the dungeon itself, the Switch Hook, to switch places with Eyesoar himself. This move will catch the enemy by surprise, leaving them temporarily stunned.

With Eyesoar disoriented, take the opportunity to attack it directly. Get closer and strike with your sword. This procedure must be repeated until Eyesoar is finally defeated. When you beat the boss, make sure to collect the Burning Flame, an important item that you will need to progress in the game. You will find this Flame at the northern exit of the battle site.

After collecting the Burning Flame and leaving the boss room, you will come into contact with Maku, the talking tree that serves as your guide during your journey. She brings intriguing news, whispering that she heard noises coming from Rolling Ridge.

Dungeon 5: Crown Dungeon

The Sacred Ground

Resuming your journey in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, you must return to the region near Nayru’s residence, however, now, with the task of changing the timeline to the past. Right after the time changes, start moving, going to the right, then up and continue your path in a contour until you find a block of holes in your path.

Here, the Switch Hook again proves to be an invaluable ally. Use it to connect and swap positions with the diamond stone on the other side of the abyss. Once on the other side, keep moving left until you reach a cave entrance.

In this cave, you will find a community of Gorons on a quest to free their elder, who is trapped beneath a massive rock. According to the Gorons, they need a Bomb Flower, a plant with explosive properties, to complete this task. This signals your next goal: finding this exotic plant.

With this information in mind, exit the cave and change the time back to the present before heading back inside. Walk through the cave until you reach the east side. In this location, you will find a set of stairs. First, head to the upper staircase which is on a raised platform. Climbing these stairs, you will encounter a Goron who shares the story of the Great Moblin, the villain who is responsible for the current situation.

After the conversation, go down the stairs and head towards another staircase that leads to a path to the upper left corner of the cave. Climb the ladder found there and continue climbing until you reach the next level. Once up there, head south and then east until you find a staircase leading down. Go down and look for a chest there, which contains 50 Rupees. With the treasure in hand, go back up and exit the cave.

In this new area, you will come across Moblins, enemies that must be defeated before continuing. Once the area is safe, climb the ladder located to the north. At the top, locate another staircase that leads to an underground area. There, you will find a switch that, when activated, will extend a bridge over the chasm that cuts through the room. Cross the bridge, go up the opposite stairs and in the next room, find more Rupees in another chest.

Return down, cross the bridge once more and exit the cave, now moving to the right. Continue past the stairs to the Grand Moblin Palace. On your way east, you’ll notice a lone stone near the Goron’s face carved into the wall. Lift this stone to reveal a dormant time hole. In this cave, there is a Healing Fairy who can restore your energy, if necessary. After interacting with the fairy, play her harp to transport you back to the past.

When you return to the past, move west and climb the stairs carved into the cliff, which will lead you to a grass plateau and another Mystical Tree. This tree has Pegasus seeds. Collect some to put in your Satchel. These magical seeds, when they fall at your feet, make you accelerate, allowing you to run faster and jump further. In combination with the Shooter, Pegasus Seeds freeze their target. Take the seeds and cross the narrow bridge to the east.

Entering the cave on the left in the wall, you will find a path to the Great Moblin if you use the Pegasus seeds. However, before facing him, you have the opportunity to collect some items. As you progress through the labyrinthine path, the ground will begin to collapse beneath your feet. Allow this to happen and you will fall into an underground cave with a side view. Head towards the stairs to the east and go up, dodging the fireballs. In the next area, climb onto one of the rising platforms and jump into the water below.

Swim to the top of the pool to find a ladder leading to a room. In this room, there is a chest containing a ring. Grab it and return to the water. This time, dive to the bottom of the pool and swim to the right. Locate the ladder on the east wall and climb up to a dry cave. Use your bombs on the weak rocks here to reach another ladder. Climb up and exit the cave. This is the end of your current exploration, and you are now properly prepared for the confrontation with the Great Moblin.

Great Moblin

Our journey returns to the cave we explored earlier. This time, get ready to use your Pegasus Seeds to avoid the floor trap that gives way beneath your feet. Move forward carefully, keeping your balance as you cross the unstable ground. At the end of this ordeal, you will find a series of stairs that will take you directly to the Great Moblin’s lair.

Upon entering the lair, the Great Moblin doesn’t seem happy with your invasion and expresses his anger by attacking you with a rain of bombs. And he is not alone in this endeavor. Other smaller Moblins join him, turning the place into an explosive war zone.

This is the time when your evasion skills are really tested. You will have to be agile to avoid the bombs thrown by the smaller Moblins. Also, don’t underestimate the Great Moblin, he is the master of the explosive attack. When the biggest Moblin launches its mega-bomb, use your bracelet to catch it mid-flight, and when it starts flashing, throw it back at the Big Moblin. But pay attention! Timing here is crucial. If you get the timing right, the bomb will explode on the Great Moblin, paving the way for your victory. However, if you are too hasty, the bomb will be intercepted by the Great Moblin and return towards you. Be prepared to repeat this process five times to take down the big enemy.

With the Great Moblin defeated, the grateful Gorons will reward you with a Bomb Flower. He exit the cave and prepare for the next stage.

Now, equipped with your Bomb Flower, head to the edge of the cliff and look for a space to jump towards a platform below. Once on this platform, follow the right side of the cliff to reach the lower area. With the new position, return to Nayru’s residence and change time, returning to the past. Then go back to the Gorons’ cave and use the Bomb Flower to free the Gorons’ Elder.

In gratitude for your heroic action, the Goron Elder will give you the Crown Key. This is an essential piece to advance to the next Dungeon.

Continue forward, past the Elder Goron, up and around until you find a staircase in the southeast corner of the cave. Climb up it and, at the top, go left until you find another staircase. Ascend once more and leave the cave behind.

Outdoors again, change the time back to the present. Climb the stairs to the Great Moblin’s Palace, then enter the cave entrance in the blue-tinted wall. There, an owl awaits you. She will give you a clue when prompted by a Mystery Seed: greater speed leads to greater distance. This is a crucial tip for using Pegasus Seeds.

Use one of these seeds to increase your vitality and advance to the east side of the cave. Pegasus Seeds will allow you to gain the necessary distance to reach the furthest point. Once there, follow the outer path and use the crown key on the lock at the end of the path. This is the portal that will give you access to the next dungeon.

Crown Dungeon

I understand that the challenge of this dungeon lies in its division into two parts, with the use of a crystal sphere-shaped mechanism that acts as a switch for the blue and red blocks that permeate the dungeon. In that sense, let’s start with the reddish portion of the dungeon.

Red Part

Our journey begins at the dungeon entrance. Following a room further, we faced a group of Moblins and opened the path to the north. Entering this passage, we come across a vast room dominated by a crystal sphere, which will be our reference point and will be known as the Main Room.

The blue sphere indicates that the red blocks are lowered, allowing us to progress. Dodging the rotating laser cannon, we head west until we reach the far left of the room and continue our trajectory west. There, blue blocks block the passage, protected by Moblins. But to the north, an opening in the wall awaits us. Going through this door, we eliminate more Moblins to make a staircase appear, which we climb without hesitation.

The next room presents us with a challenge with the Switch Hook. Using the feather, we jump over the pit and manipulate the diamond stone until we place it on the switch in the lower left corner, unlocking the door. Momentarily ignoring the chest encased in blue blocks, we head up the stairs.

On the upper floor, we move south through a narrow red-tiled walkway, with a crystal sphere to observe. With a quick swipe, we change the state of the tiles and advance to a mysterious room with eye blocks. With the Seed Shooter in hand, we launch a seed between the two lower blocks and then hit the upper block, revealing a chest that holds a small key.

We return to the crystal sphere, but now head north, beyond the red tiles. Using the sniper, we change the sphere back to red and continue north to a blue bridge on the right. We cross the bridge, climb a screen and head west, next to the stairs, where we find a chest protected by blue tiles, containing another small key.

Back in the Main Room, we head to the upper right corner and go down the staircase surrounded by red tiles. In the room below, a crystal sphere awaits us next to three rows of colored blocks. We manipulate the sphere to transform the red blocks into tiles, and repeat the process until we reach the door in the lower left corner of the room. We follow the corridor, eliminating the enemies we find along the way, until we reach a staircase that takes us into the darkness.

In this room, visibility is limited, so we need to trust our instinct (or simply follow instructions). We eliminate the Moblins from a distance and, after a series of precise jumps, we collect a third small key from the chest.

Returning to the top floor, we pass a rotating laser cannon and use Pegasus Seeds to jump over a series of chasms until we reach a locked door. Fortunately, we have the key necessary to face the mini-boss.


If the memory of the Great Moblin is still fresh, this battle will not come as a surprise. Smasher is similar but more menacing, looking like a blasphemous fusion between a manta ray and a wrecking ball. He throws the ball that appears in the arena and we need to dodge and collect the ball with the Bracelet to throw it back. Timing is crucial as the ball disappears after a while. After five hits, Smasher is defeated. He don’t forget to collect the fairy after victory.

Blue Part

Return to the main room of the Crown Dungeon and walk to the crystal orb. Once you’re there, threaten the orb and you’ll hit it, saying: I’m going to hit you, ball. Now, keep your promise and hit the orb, making all the blue blocks turn into blue tiles. This will open up new exploration opportunities within the dungeon.

A path awaits you just to the right and below the crystal orb. Follow it, walking on the blue tiles, climb a small staircase and turn south. Continue down until you reach a door on the left in the wall.

It is not yet possible to solve the puzzle in this room, so proceed and go down the stairs. The task in the next room is to light all the torches using the Ember Seed shots reflected from the fans. When all the torches are lit, the door on the left will open.

Follow the new passage until you reach a room divided into two parts. The right side of the room has a switch, stepping on it will reveal a tile pattern. Your job now is to make the blocks on the left side of the room match the tiles on the right.

Once you correctly arrange the blocks on the left side of the room, a chest will appear, containing the Cane of Somaria. This tool allows you to create a solid block wherever you want. It’s useful both for solving puzzles and for helping reach higher platforms in side-scrolling areas.

With the cane in hand, return to the main room of the dungeon and head east. You can now solve the puzzle in this room. Move the existing blocks to the switches, then use the Cane of Somaria to create an extra block by pressing the remaining switch. This will net you a Small Key.

Leave this room and continue two screens to the right until you find the dungeon boss door. At the top of this room, you will find a chest that contains the Dungeon Map.

From the map room, go left one screen and go up the stairs, past the block barrier. From the platform, jump to the room below to your right and go down the stairs surrounded by blue tiles. In this room, dodge the cannon’s laser and rearrange the vases to open a path to the west. Going down the next few stairs will bring you to another side-scrolling cave.

In this cave, equip your cane and quill and proceed to the right. Create a block with the Cane of Somaria to reach the upper platform, avoiding the Spark that patrols the area. On the far right, go up the stairs to reach a room with a crystal orb. From your current position, shoot a seed at the orb to lower the red blocks. Cross the tiles that are now red and throw another seed at the orb, this time lowering the blue blocks. After that, head towards the north exit.

The next room has a challenge that requires the use of a cane. There are two blocks together on the floor that need to be repositioned into tiles in a vertical line. The problem is that when you try to move the blocks, they move together. To solve this, create a block with the Cane of Somaria next to the top block. Then stand behind the bottom block and push it four spaces to the right. Now, push the two blocks together two spaces to the west. Then, create a block above the left block and push the right block one space to the north. To finish, create a block below the right block and push the left block down one space. Upon completing the puzzle, you will receive a Small Key.

As you return along the path of the room you left behind, check the color of the crystal sphere. It must be in shades of red before proceeding, otherwise you will be doomed to get stuck in this part of the game. Your trajectory will take you back to Smasher’s hideout. Follow the direction north, towards a new corridor.

The next room that appears brings with it a switch, ready to be activated with the help of a Somaria block. When you place it in the correct location, you will see a bridge appear in front of you. Cross it and get ready to use your Switch Hook. Your mission will be to switch places with the diamond stone, allowing you to place yourself directly beneath the next treasure chest. When you open this chest, you will find the compass.

After using the diamond stone to return, continue along the northern route until you find a staircase that will lead you down. This action will take you to a new side-scrolling cave. You already know what to do: jump from moving platform to moving platform until you reach the correct direction. Follow the stairs down.

As you go up the stairs, you will reach another room, which houses a crystal ball. Your objective here will be to break it, making the blue blocks turn into tiles. After this action, head left, through the opening, and continue your path until you reach a set of stairs that lead to a narrow platform.

Once you climb the stairs, your path should be up and to the right, staying on the platform. Here, you will have a privileged view of the room you just left. With your Seed Shooter positioned correctly, fire a seed and switch the crystal ball. This action will open a new path to the west.

On this new path, you must be careful with the Sparks that patrol the corridors. With the keys in your possession, you will be able to unlock the two blocks that were previously locked. Advance to the labyrinthine corridor and hit the crystal ball to raise the red blocks again. Continue following the path until you find a small staircase that will take you to the top of another platform.

From this position, you will be able to cross a series of red blocks that you have just raised, forming a sort of makeshift bridge. Head to the room to the north, but be careful with the laser cannon. Your objective will be to reach the upper right corner of the room and then go down the stairs.

The next area also contains a crystal ball, protected by huge spikes. Position your seed shot and fire, making the red blocks fall onto the tiles. Now, go to the area opposite the stairs and throw a seed at the crystal ball. This will make the tiles rise, allowing you to free the blocks on the left.

Proceed to the next room, where you will need a key to unlock the door. Move forward carefully to avoid the Knight with the Morning Star. Your direction should be towards the top left corner of the room, where you will find a ladder to go down. The side-scrolling cavern that follows will require you to place a Somaria block, forming a springboard to the raised platform. Pay attention to the spark traveling across the floor and continue until you reach the stairs.

In the next room, you will find another owl. Give her a Mystery Seed and she will provide you with a clue: “Bring it all to me.” All the blocks in the room will need to be placed around the bird for it to be satisfied. To solve this riddle you will need to use the cane. Push the red blocks up, align the top red block with the blue owl, place a Somaria block next to the owl, and push the yellow blocks until they form a line.

With the use of the Somaria block and the correct arrangement of the colored blocks, you will solve the puzzle and be rewarded with the Boss Key. Return through the side-scrolling cave to the crystal ball chamber. Shoot the ball with the Seed Shooter, go left and find the chest previously surrounded by red blocks. Inside you will find a 50 rupee jewel.

Finally, return to the Boss Key room, located southeast of the main room. Use your Boss Key to start the battle with Smog.


The time has come to face the great antagonist of the fifth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages: Smog. To face this battle, it is essential to have both your Somaria cane and your sword at hand. The enemy appears fragmented, leaving you with the challenge of using the power of the cane to consolidate it into a single entity. Once this objective is achieved, attack Smog with all the momentum of your sword. Remember that, if you feel that the dynamics of the battle are not in your favor, you have the option of stepping on the switch located in the upper left corner of the stage to restart the puzzle.

  1. The first puzzle features two pieces of Smog rotating around T-shaped blocks. Dodge these fragments and use a Somaria block to join the two pieces together in the middle of the puzzle. This movement will shape Smog. Stay alert for the lightning breath he will emit as he reforms, and as soon as it is safe, strike the enemy in the face with your sword. This attack will trigger the transport to the next challenge.
  2. In the second puzzle, you come across three pieces of Smog. Start by placing a Somaria block to the left of the bottom block in the rightmost column. This action should consolidate the first two fragments. Now, with only two pieces left, you’ll notice that they orbit their respective block columns in opposite directions. When one of them goes around the top of the column, plant a block in the right or left column at the highest position, which will force Smog to reconstitute. Hit him once more with your sword.
  3. The third puzzle requires you to direct the two pieces of Smog, which move along the long horizontal lines to the left and right, to orbit around the individual blocks. To do this, place a block at the end of each line, close to the solitary block. As the Smog shard approaches, place another block one space above, directing it towards the isolated block. When each shard is rotating around the lone block, Smog will be brought together. Make a sword attack.
  4. Just like the second puzzle, the fourth involves putting three parts together. Start by bringing together the two central parts, placing a block between the top diagonal block and the right vertical column. This will bring the two parties together. Now go left. As the Smog chunk circles the left column, place a Somaria block to the right of the bottom block in that column, and then, when the Smog chunk starts to follow that pattern, place another block to the right of the one you just to place. Then, place another block to the right of this two squares above, moving the Smog fragment to the diagonal part and definitively gathering Smog. Hit him with the sword.

After dispelling this evil mist, collect the heart container and acquire the “Sacred Soil”. Then listen carefully: the Maku Tree mentions that a new essence has been detected in Rolling Ridge. And guess what? You are already there! Stay alert and prepared for what comes next in your adventure.

Dungeon 6: Mermaid’s Cave

You are still in Rolling Ridge after leaving the Crown Dungeon dungeon. Your first interaction will be with a vibrant Goron, who will inform you about a new gaming trend that is trending in the region. Your journey to the next dungeon will be marked by a series of minigames. Without further ado, head right and enter the cave located in the same direction – the other leads back to the area close to the Great Moblin’s palace.

In this cave, follow the path until you reach the opposite exit. Once outside, make your way through the golden rocks until you find a sleeping villager, who will inform you about new shops that have appeared due to the tunnel you just passed through. Leave the cave and head right. Then go north until you see a bridge on the left. Go through it and use the bracelet to move the stone, revealing a dormant time hole.

With the help of the harp, transition time into the past. Now, enter the cave in front of you. The Goron you’ll meet there will search for treasure for you in exchange for 20 Ember Seeds and 20 Bombs. Remember to return later to collect the items you found. Once you finish this mission, return across the bridge and enter the opening in the blue wall. Inside, go down the stairs and you’ll find a switch next to a chasm. Place a Somaria block on the switch to make a drawbridge appear, crossing the chasm. Cross the bridge and exit the cave.

You now find yourself at the base of Rolling Ridge, a grassy, ​​flowery region filled with Otoroks and Leevers! Head east until you find a small stump. Plant an Ember Seed in it and enter the hole that will be revealed. Inside, you will find an elderly man who will charge you a significant amount of rupees for the door you destroyed. If you visit him in the past, he will give you money. Therefore, it is better to avoid this encounter in the current era and earn money by visiting it in the past.

Continuing from the hole with the encrusted shell, head north to the peak. To the left, there is a path that leads to the Dungeon, but you cannot access it yet. Instead, enter the cave carved into the peak on the left. Inside you will find a fairy fountain. After a quick heal, exit and head to the next cave.

In this cave, you will find some Gorons. Talk to the one near the stairs. He will say that you need a Brotherhood Token to proceed. To obtain it, you must impress the Gorons with your dancing skills. At the back of the room, enter the door and participate in a dance competition with the Gracious Goron. Mimicking your dance moves to a song, you’ll need to hit the right notes and rhythm to be successful. If you manage to get six of the eight dances right, you will be rewarded with the Brotherhood Token. Return and show it to the Goron near the stairs. He will allow you to go upstairs, but will tell you that he is hungry. He will crave a delicious Rock Brisket.

Continue up the stairs. In the room above, use the Switch Hook to cross the large opening, then use it again to cross the cliff at the top of the room. Pick up the bombs and head left, using the diamond rock to cross the ravine and reach the strip of land to the west. Go up the stairs and, in the next room, go up again. At the top, you will find a Goron who is in charge of a game called “The Big Bang”. He looks tired, so offer him an energy drink. Go back to the previous room and go up again. In the room above, open the chest to find a Gasha Seed. Then drop down from the small platform and follow the path to an exit in the south wall, where you’ll find a hidden piece of heart on the right. After you get the Tune of Ages, you can go back to this corner and play the song to change the past.

Direct your steps to the left until you find a cave embedded in the cliff face. When you enter it, use bombs to open a path that leads to the upper left corner of the place, where you will be rewarded with a rare Gasha Seed, stored in a chest.

Continue your exploration to the right and take advantage of your toggle hook on the diamond stones to cross the gap in the ground, before climbing the staircase on the opposite side of the room. In the room above, cut your way through the vegetation to exit. After exiting, head right, bomb the Goron’s face to discover another cave. Inside, you will find 100 Rupees. Proceed left, dropping down to the area below.

Position yourself below the vine shoot and use the toggle hook on it, moving to the right. Repeat this action until the sprout stops under the channel at the ridge. Use the harp to bring the present to the present. Where once there was a shoot, now grows a vine. Climb the vine and enter the cave entrance, which is under a train track.

Inside, you’ll find a Goron who manages a Seed shooter. To participate, you will have to get into the mining cart and travel around the room shooting blue stones. The prize, if you win, is a Rock Brisket. The game costs 10 rupees, and if you manage to match 9 of the 12 gems, you will receive 30 rupees back.

But be careful, the game is more challenging than it seems. After boarding the cart, you will need to hit all the gems without making a mistake once. A shooting error can cost you victory, as if a wrong seed is hit, it will be deflected and prevent another from being shot immediately. To increase your chances, only shoot when you are close to a gem. This strategy will work for most gemstones. However, the last three are a little more challenging due to their location. It is recommended to go through them and fire back once you have passed. Once you hit all 12 gems, you will be rewarded with the Rock Brisket.

Now, exit the cave and return to the present time. Climb down the vine and follow the path to the cave. Return to the guardian of the stairs in the Goron Dance Hall. Give the Rock Brisket to this hungry Goron and he will make the Goron Vase float. This is an example of how the barter system works here. Leave the cave and head to the nearest Time Hole, returning to the past. Now head back east, entering the cave to the right of the waterfall. Give the Vessel to the guardian of this age and he will give you the Goronade.

Continuing your journey, pass the guardian and go up the stairs. In the vast cave above, use your Pegasus Seeds and Feather to transport to the left side of the cave. There is the crazy Goron Elder (who is not that old). Go past it and climb the ladder there. Talk to the tired Goron. He’s looking for some Lava Juice. Give him some and he will give you the Cover Letter.

Exit the cave and return to the present, going back through the cave you just came from. Go up the stairs until you find the Big Bang owner again. Give him the Goronade and he’ll have a burst of energy. He invites you to join his Big Bang game for free (or for 10 rupees after the first try). Accept the invitation, as you will need what he has to access the dungeon.

This game consists of dodging. The crazy Goron will throw a barrage of bombs towards you and you will have to avoid them. Getting hit once means game over. Have the Feather equipped, as it allows you to jump over explosions. The best strategy to overcome this challenge is to follow a circular path around the arena, dodging the bombs while skirting the rocks. Use the feather to jump, as the floor is constantly changing direction. After beating the game, you will receive the Ancient Mermaid Key, which will allow you to open the Gift Dungeon.

Leave the cave and go right one screen, then jump from the ridge to a ledge below. There, you’ll find the Mystic Tree, your second warp point in Rolling Ridge. Jump off this ledge to find yourself back at the base of Rolling Ridge. Enter the rightmost cave here, entering the Goron Dance Hall. Go to the bottom of the cave and give your Letter of Introduction to the Gracious Goron. He will challenge you to a dance again, similar to the previous competition. Defeat the Goron and he will give you the Mermaid Key. Now you have what you need to enter both dungeons. Exit the cave and go to the waterfall. Passing through it, you can enter a secret cave. Use the Mermaid Key on the door to enter the Mermaid Cave.

Mermaid Cave in the Past

In the “Mermaid’s Cave”, you will be immersed in a journey between past and present. This labyrinthine challenge requires you to visit the location on two different occasions to acquire all the items necessary for your progress.

As soon as you enter the first room of the dungeon, you will come across a cracked wall on the right. Apply a bomb to that location to destroy the barrier and open a new passage. Entering this enclosure, confront the Wizzrobes enemies. When you defeat them, a chest will appear, which, when opened, reveals a rare Gasha Seed, a valuable item that will be very useful on your journey.

Then, proceed to the next room, where you must equip your Seed Shooter with Ember ammunition, burning seeds capable of igniting objects. In the room, there are three candles scattered around. The goal here is to extinguish the flames of all the candles by shooting your Ember Seeds at them. When you perform this feat, the door at the top of the room will open, allowing you to continue exploring.

As you advance, you will find yourself in front of a vast underground lake. Swim to the far left to discover a small chest on a dry patch of land. The reward for this effort is the Dungeon Map, an essential tool for navigating this underground labyrinth.

Afterwards, swim back across the lake, towards the bottom right corner. Here, a series of torches await you, offering an enigmatic challenge. To solve this puzzle, start by firing an Ember Seed at the leftmost torch (in the bottom row of three), then angle a shot at the right wall to light the central torch in the same row. Next, light the lone torch in front, and finally cast an Ember Seed at the rightmost torch in the back row. When all the torches are lit, the eastern wall will give way, revealing a new section of the dungeon.

It turns out that to explore this area, you need to go to the present tense version of this dungeon. To do so, exit the dungeon and change the course of time to the present. From there, locate the cave entrance to the west and go through it until you find the entrance to the “Mermaid Cave” in the present tense.

Mermaid Cave in the Present

When you enter the current version of the Mermaid Cave, your first encounter will be with a room inhabited by Snakeropes. To cross this area, it will be necessary to neutralize these opponents, thus preventing them from activating the torches that shoot projectiles. Advance to the northern part of the room, where a door on the left will lead you to a segmented chamber.

In this chamber, use the Diamond Stone to overcome the obstacle and reach the opposite side. At the top left end of the room is a chest containing the map for this version of the dungeon. With this item in hand, return to the previous room and follow the small stairs to the east. Once you reach the sunken area, you must swim and find the exit to the north.

Continuing your exploration, you will enter a large room that houses a crystal ball in the center. Throw a seed at this sphere to change the path of the room. Follow the path that formed and head to the exit in the wall on the right. In this new space, you will find a blue owl who will give you a valuable tip on how to use Scent Seeds.

Proceed by equipping your Satchel with Scent Seeds and throw one into the area to the left of the large pit. With the enticing aroma, the Snakeropes in this area will throw themselves into the abyss. When you eliminate them all, a chest will appear, containing a Small Key.

Return to the room with the crystal ball and change your course again to unlock the western exit. Enter through it and face the Wizzrobes and Wallmasters enemies. On the south wall, a segment has cracks. Detonate a bomb in this location to open a path, then navigate it. In this new environment, use the Switch Hook to get to the south of the room and continue through the passage to the south.

In the next chamber, use the Feather to jump over the chasm and turn your attention to a rolling block in front of you. Your objective here is to move the colored block to each of the multiple matching colored tiles on the floor. Please note: to be successful, the colored face of the block that corresponds to the tile must be facing up when you move it. Manipulate the block as instructed and at the end of this challenge, you will receive another Small Key.

Go all the way back to the dungeon entrance room and go through the door on the right. Here, you’ll need to extinguish the candle flames to unlock the door to the east. Enter through it and go to the upper right corner of the room, where you must use a key to open the locked door. Cross the platform using the Hook and continue along the path until you find an open area. This is the location you unlocked by lighting all the torches in the dungeon in the past. Find a chest with the Compass, collect it and go down to the lower area.

Going down the stairs on the floor, you will enter a side-scrolling section. Use your quill to jump over the spikes, reaching the right side of the cave and exiting through the available stairs. Fight the Wizzrobes in this environment, then proceed east.

Continue up the path, unlocking the Block here with a Small Key. Stay on the path until you reach a passage to the north. Enter to find a blue owl, who challenges you to test your luck. Use your bracelet to pull one of the two pulleys in this location. When you pull the device, a pair of Snakeropes will attack. Defeat them to obtain a chest containing the Boss Key, an item crucial to your progress.

Return to the crystal ball room and choose the west exit. Use the feather to cross the central divide and go through the door to the north. Here, a passage with a pair of large turnstiles awaits you. Maneuver until you can exit the leftmost turnstile south. Head left and then up, defeating the Gibdo that blocks your path. Continue along the path to a chest containing a Small Key, then head east and around the turnstile.

Continue adjusting the dial until it comes out the top of the ratchet. Once you do, proceed north, where a room full of Keese awaits. Head south through the corridor between the turnstiles, going right and going west. Go up the stairs, then go down into the room again and go down the middle path again, ending up just east of the rightmost turnstile.

In the next room, follow the raised platform until you reach a locked door to the north. Get ready, because the Vire mini-boss awaits you.


When facing the Vire miniboss in the sixth dungeon of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, you will need precise but simple tactics to overcome him. This cunning and slippery creature is not an insurmountable threat and, in fact, can be defeated using your Wooden Sword – a common item in the game.

Vire will approach you by launching three distinct types of energy attacks, all of which can be dispelled with his sword. The red energy spheres are simple, remaining together; the yellow ones are divided into four smaller ones, and the blue ones always come in pairs. Stay alert and keep using the Sword, deflecting or neutralizing attacks as they arrive.

To reach Vire, it’s best to circle the outer arena and attack him as he quickly runs from one side to the other. As you land hits on him, Turn will become progressively faster. After hitting him about three times with firm blows, he will turn into a pair of bats. Hit them once and Vire will no longer be a threat.

After winning this fight, don’t forget to collect the fairy that appears. Go forward through the door on the right and face the Wizzrobes in the next room. The floating diamond stone above the well in this environment will be the next challenge. To reach it, you’ll need to throw a bomb exactly on the cracked brick near it. To perform this task, position yourself to the left of the yellow half wall and equip a bomb. When it starts flashing, run and throw the bomb towards the brick. It may take a few tries to get the perfect timing. Once successful, use the Switch Hook to switch places with the diamond stone and follow the path to a chest. In it, you will find the Mermaid Suit, a piece of equipment that will allow you to swim in deeper waters.

It’s worth noting that, when swimming with the suit, you must point the D-Pad in the direction you want to go. This will allow Link to swim quickly while dodging enemies.

Leaving the dungeon, you will find a lake near the exit. Now that you have the mermaid costume, dive into the waters of this lake to explore it and you will discover a chest with a ring inside. When exiting the cave, change time to the past and return to the area behind the waterfall.

Mermaid Cave in the Past

After acquiring the Mermaid Suit in the sixth dungeon, it’s time to return to the room where you had to separate the wall. Find a spot of deeper water in this area and dive in, swim to the bottom right corner of this space. You will see a set of stairs leading to an underwater level. Here, the environment turns into a side cave where your objective is to move all the way to the right and then go up the stairs.

In the next room, a battle against a pair of stubborn jellyfish awaits you. Get around this situation by fighting the water currents and move to the upper left corner of the room. From there, exit to the next chamber, where you will need to use the Snakerope to open a chest containing a Small Key. After acquiring the key, make your way back to the dungeon entrance. In the first room, go through the north door, exterminating all enemies on the way, before exiting through the left wall.

Next, you will find a room where the central point is occupied by chameleon Gels. Kill them all to receive a compass. Return to the previous room and head north. In the area that follows, go down the stairs to the right and continue through the north exit. In this room, use your Sword to shoot down the Keese and Ember Seeds to eliminate the Candles. When you do this, a door will open in the wall to the right. Go through it.

In the next room, use the Feather to jump to the platform on the right. Kill the Stalfos to earn another Small Key. Return to the room full of Stalfos, two rooms north of the first room on the map, and use the newly acquired key to open the door on the left. Exterminate the Wizzrobe and equip the Cane of Somaria by placing a block on the floor switch. On the other side of the room, push the vase onto the switch to open the north door. Jump over the small gaps and go through the door.

In the next room, destroy the Wallmasters and Wizzrobe, and use Bombs to open a path through the central wall. In the center of the room, to the north, place a bomb to open a secret passage. In this new area, you will have to deal with a turnstile. Flip it twice to exit to the right, moving the blocks to reach the deep water in the bottom left corner of the room. Dive in.

In the underwater part, you will find a room with a pair of jellyfish guarding a chest. Collect the Rupees inside the chest and exit through the door on the right. Exterminate the Snakeropes, swim against the strong current and exit in the upper right corner of the room. Here, kill the Snakerope so the door on the right opens. Go through it.

In the next chamber, a puzzle involving the Switch Hook awaits you. Use the item to place a diamond stone on each green tile in the room. Doing so will give you a Small Key. Swim back through the underwater area and surface in the turtle room. Rotate the ladder until you can exit to the left. Use the Small Key to open the locked door.

In the next area, the use of the Seed Shooter is necessary. Free the locked block and go to the left half of the room. Place a Somaria block on the floor switch to clear the way for the fire. Deflect a seed shot from the left wall into the crystal ball. This will cause a bridge to come down from the north. Move forward, look for fairies in the vases, and finally use the Boss Key to confront the aquatic creature Octogon. The final battle of this dungeon is in sight.


The final showdown of the sixth dungeon takes place against the boss called Octogon, a huge, slippery mollusk that isn’t afraid to take the fight to you, whether above or below the water’s surface.

Octogon has one main tactic: he likes to run around you while you’re on the central platform, firing projectiles or throwing fireballs. Subsequently, the mollusk submerges itself, forcing it to follow it deeper into the waves. His underwater attack isn’t that terrible – the main strategy is to try to trap him in a bubble to take the battle back to the surface.

For this fight, it is essential that you are equipped with your Noble Sword, which should have been acquired after completing the Trading Items mission. Alternatively, Seed Shooter can also be used. However, the advantage of the Noble Sword is that you can counter the projectiles it fires at you, while preparing your own attack. If you notice that Octogon has stopped throwing projectiles, dive immediately as the boss is about to unleash a fiery attack.

Once you are submerged, it is important to be cautious of the bubbles thrown by Octogon, as they have the potential to sting you and send you back to the surface of the water. In this environment, use your Mermaid Suit’s ability to quickly surround the enemy, shooting seeds from your Seed Shooter at them. When the mollusk is sufficiently damaged, it will return to the surface, and you must follow the same movement. Keep repeating this pattern until Octogon is floating on his back.

After defeating Octogon, don’t forget to collect the Heart Container and Bereft Peak Essence, which are rewards for winning the battle. They are accessible through the door on the right. At the end of this clash, the Maku Tree will inform you that the guards at Ambi’s palace have temporarily abandoned their posts. This is his chance to infiltrate the palace and rescue the Oracle.

Dungeon 7: Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

Continuing on your journey, you will arrive at the grand Ambi Palace, with the main objective of saving Nayru. Along the way, you will meet Ralph, a uniquely peculiar character, who will reveal the existence of a secret entrance to the palace through the garden.

Ambi Palace is located at the north end of the city, a place you will reach after climbing a staircase that leads to a wide, grassy corridor. From that point, there will be alternative paths leading in both directions. The next challenge will be on your right, where a garden is flanked by four statues in a line.

To reveal the secret passage, located at the end of this row, you will need to activate four floor switches, each located in a corner of the garden. However, the challenge increases with the presence of guards who, if they see you, will expel you from the place, sending you down the stairs. In this scenario, you will be forced to adopt a stealth strategy, reminiscent of the famous Solid Snake.

In search of the first switch, you must head south. Watch the guards’ movements and, as soon as they move to the right, run and hide behind the bricks to the south. When they change direction and look north, run to the floor switch and activate it. Once that’s done, return to the central corridor and head north. Following the path to the right, you will find another area protected by guards. Wait for the guard on the left to look away, then run to the top of the garden and, when he moves towards the corner, slip between the hedges and wait. When it turns again, run to the switch. This trigger will move the second rider.

Return to the central path and head close to the steps, this time taking the path to the left, which will lead to an area with two more guards and another lever. To activate the switch, stick to the east wall and run south when the guards form a line. As soon as you activate the lever, exit to the north, always avoiding the guards’ eyes. Two screens up, on the left, you’ll find another switch. When the guards are at the bottom of their routes, run up and hit the floor switch. This is the last switch needed. Return to the statue area, cut down the plants to clear the path to the newly revealed stairs, and head down.

In the underground area, you will find a deep pool where you must dive. Swim all the way to the left, but be aware of the whirlpools present in the area, which act like holes. When you reach the bottom left corner, press B to respawn, then go up the stairs.

Climbing the stairs, you will encounter an obstacle in the form of blocks. Just push them aside and enter the large palatial room. Congratulations, you’ve infiltrated the palace! Here, the rules are the same as in the garden area: if the guards see you, they will run after you tirelessly, so be cautious. Ignore all the southern exits, as they all lead to the front of the palace, where you will be expelled.

Instead, head right, entering a room with two guards. Stay along the perimeter as you head to the northern exit. In the next area, head all the way to the left, keeping track of the guard as he moves along the wall. Then run into the compartment in the center of the room. Inside, you’ll find a chest containing a ring.

After getting it, return to the room where you entered the palace and take the exit on the left. In this room, head to the farthest part and crawl along the wall until you find a gap in the block compartment in the center. Here, you will have two options: go up the stairs or head north and find a fairy fountain.

Going up the stairs, you will come across an area guarded by a single soldier. Note your route to the right and then up. Exit to the right side of the room. In the next chamber, pay attention to the guard in the center of the room, who is constantly turning and looking in all directions. Avoid being seen as you move to the right side of the room, where there are other guards, but they are less threatening. After passing through this area, you will be in a large room filled with plants. This is the ideal time to stock up on supplies by cutting plants.

Get ready, because the next step is the confrontation with Veran.


After infiltrating the palace garden and venturing through its secret passages, you will finally find Veran in the northern room of the garden. She is a dangerous and unpredictable opponent. If you get too close to her, she will teleport; If you get too far away, she will stop to summon a gigantic fireball and launch energy spheres at you. Therefore, it is crucial that you maintain a medium distance to avoid her attacks and have time to react to her actions.

In this fighting scenario, the Seed Shooter equipped with Mystery Seeds becomes your most reliable ally. When Veran stops, this is the time to act. Shoot your Mystery Seeds with the Seed Shooter in Veran. This will temporarily separate the evil spirit from Nayru. When you see the separated spirit, use the Switch Hook to grab it and move it away from Nayru, preventing any immediate reattachment.

With the evil spirit displaced, it’s time to strike. Swipe him with your sword. This will cause him to become stunned and fly back to Nayru. This procedure must be repeated four times for Veran to finally be expelled from Nayru’s body.

However, victory may seem ephemeral. In an unfortunate setback, Queen Ambi arrives and Veran, the cunning body usurper, takes control of her body. But Nayru, always loyal, manages to rescue you at the last moment, preventing you from being imprisoned.

This confrontation has a significant impact: Veran’s control over the world weakens, allowing a sense of normality to begin to take hold. However, she still maintains control over Queen Ambi, making it clear that there is still a long way to go.

After the battle, Nayru grants you the Tune of Ages, a powerful hymn that allows you to travel between ages from any point on the map. This new ability is a valuable tool for your journey, allowing you to automatically return to the point where you last played the song.

Get ready to use this new ability to manipulate time in incredible ways, it will be extremely useful on your journey. The Maku Tree, wisdom incarnate, reveals that the next Essence you need to collect is found inside the belly of a fish. So adjust your sword and be ready for the next adventure that will unfold in deep and mysterious waters.

Iron Shield and Seas of Zora

Initially, the focus is on obtaining the iron shield. To do this, go in search of the next essence teleportation in the Scent Seed Tree, which is located in Crescent Island. When you find the location, play the Tune of Ages melody on the harp, which will allow you to return to the past. In the old-time scenario, head to the lower left portion of the island, heading until you reach the coast. When you go down a screen, you will see the entrance to a cave – that’s where the shield awaits you.

Out to sea, equipped with the Mermaid Suit, your underwater navigation skills will become remarkable. Swim between the rocks, following the seabed and making a left turn. Continue until you see an opening on the right, entering it. Continue swimming between the rocks, and when you find a barrier, dive under the rocks and swim to the right, then resurface. Enter the cave and when you find a Tokay with his new shield, talk to him and the object will be yours. Now you are ready to search for the next essence.

The next phase of the adventure is the search for the south coast of Lynna Village/City. Follow the harp melody to the present and enter the sea. Travel along the coast until you find a safe path through the storms and currents. Swim south through this safe corridor until you see an entrance on the left. When you enter, you will find a cabin on an island. Inside the hut lives a woman who will tell you about the temporal transformations that made the island float.

After talking to the woman, leave the cabin and return to the sea. Dive below the surface and continue west until you find a sign that points the way to Vila Zora. Surface and swim to the nearest island, where you can climb the stairs. When you reach the top of the platform, play the harp melody to return to the present. When you do this, you will fall back into the sea, but now you will be able to dive and look for a submerged diamond stone.

Go down until you find another island and use the Harp to return to the present, dive again. Search the seabed until you locate another diamond stone. Change with it, go left and you will reach Vila Zora, where the fish live. Here, you’ll come across a worried Zora who announces that the town is looking for a hero. It’s your moment to shine.

Carry out explorations around the city, on the west side you will find a chest that holds a Gasha Seed. When diving back into town, you’ll find a chest with 200 Rupees in the northeast corner. When you collect it, go up the stairs to the north. The palace is empty as King Zora is ill.

He needs a Magic Potion to cure himself. Return to the present and go to Lyanna City and head to the Yoll Cemetery. Buy Syrup’s Magic Potion and return to Zora Village, go back to the past and deliver the potion to the king. The King of the past will inform you that you will need to find the King of the future to solve the poisoned water problem and open the way to the Jabu-Jabu. The King of the future will give you the Library Key.

The Library Key is for opening the doors to the Eyeglass Library. Change the time to the present, enter the Library and go to the back room. There, you will receive the Book of Seals, a necessary item in the Library of the Past. Use the Book of Seals on the podium, and a code will be revealed. This code is a walking pattern, indicating the direction and number of steps you should take. When you complete the route, the man in the center will give you the Fairy Powder.

After obtaining it, exit the library and go to the left side of the narrow island. Use Fairy Powder on the fairy in an Octorok’s body to transform it back to its original form. She will remove the poison from the water, allowing you to visit the Zora King in the present. He will now give you permission to meet Jabu-Jabu. Leave the palace and go to the west end of the city, then follow the wall to the Jabu-Jabu, and enter for the next exciting journey in the Dungeon.


The Jabu-Jabu Dungeon is a peculiar aquatic environment that requires a clever water control strategy. The main objective here is to manipulate the water level, filling and emptying the space when necessary to open new paths. It seems complicated, but I’ll try to make it as simple as possible.

Start the journey in the first room, heading left. In this location, use the Hook to relocate the diamond-shaped stones, placing them next to the green eye blocks. After completing this action, a small key will be your reward. Then go to the northern part of the room, where you will find a yellow square of tiles and a switch on the floor. Leave this location for now and head through the exit to the right, where you must eliminate the Like Likes and Crabs to obtain a chest containing the Compass. Return to the previous room, press B on the yellow square and ascend to the next level.

At the new height, dodge the Skultullas and head left. Observe a field of spikes that rise and fall from the ground, defeat the crabs there and a chest will appear, containing the Dungeon Map. With this map, it is easier to navigate the dungeon. From here, head north, crossing the vast body of water and avoiding the enemy torch flames. Continue north and, in the next area, use your Switch Hook to remove the masks from the Iron Masks, then defeat them with your Sword. Continuing north, pay attention to the thorns that appear from the ground. Move the blocks in the upper right corner of the room and head into the hallway to the east.

Move forward, dodging the spinning blades and using a small key to unlock the path ahead. There is a golden staircase in the center of the tiles: go up. Once at the top, head south, going around a large pit surrounded by a small yellow wall. Continue along the path, exiting to the north in the other half of the room. Continue north until you see a blue owl. With the help of a Mystery Seed, the owl will say: “The inner flow floods with blue and recedes with red.” Note that in the room there are three floor switches, each in a different section. Stepping on these switches causes the dungeon’s water levels to rise and fall. Step on the switch on the red tiles to drain the water. After doing this, return to the room with the yellow square on the bottom floor of the dungeon.

With the water drained, the pools on this level are empty. Go north in this room, move the block under the chest to reveal it, and acquire another small key. Once you have the key, go through the door on the right. Use the diamond stone to get to the other side of the room and exit through the east path. This new area is still flooded, so swim through it until you find a ladder in the middle. Go up the stairs and you’ll find yourself in a large room with a well to the south. Ignore the pit and go up until you find a fork. Choose the path to the east, dodging the floating Skulltullas, until you reach a room with two small platforms. Climb onto the platform on the right and use the Switch Hook to get to the platform on the left. Then, head left, where you’ll be in a room with a floor full of spikes. Navigate around the room using the diamond stones until you find a set of stairs in the center. Climb to the room above.

In this new room, you will see a central division that forms a sort of north/south wall. For now, head north to a room with a large pit to the north (noticing the diamond stones on the left). Use a small key on the door on the left and you will be back in the floor switch room. Step on the switch to return the water to the first floor. Return to the room with the thorny floor and diamond stones, go through the room with the two platforms and follow the winding path back to the fork, now heading south. In the room, head to the east exit and defeat the Moldorms to spawn a chest containing a small key. Return to the previous room and head to the west exit, where you will find a large pit filled with water. Dive into the water (pressing B) to land in a chamber on the first floor. There, you will find a chest with a Gasha Seed. Grab it, then head downstairs to a side-scrolling hallway. Advance all the way to the right, staying near the bottom of the screen and following the bottom path to find the Mini-Boss.

Angler Fish

The battle against the Angler Fish, the mini-boss of this stage, isn’t particularly complicated, but it does require some strategy. The creature swims through the cave, releasing bubbles in the process. These bubbles do not pose a great danger, thanks to their slow movement. However, if they hit you, they will bother you, so it is important to avoid contact with them.

The essential tool for this battle is Roc’s Plume, as it allows you to jump out of the way of the bubbles and fish, thus avoiding their attacks. Also, make sure you have the Seed Shooter equipped with Scent ammo. Hitting the Anglerfish with this weapon will cause it to collapse and fall to the ground, providing the perfect opportunity for you to attack it with your Sword. With a little perseverance and the right strategy, you should be able to defeat him after three rounds of attacks.

After the Anglerfish is defeated, a staircase will appear on the right side of the room. Climb up and use a small key to unlock the block on your left. Through this path, you will find a chest that contains the Long Switch, an extended version of the Switch Hook. This new item will be a valuable ally in your adventure, as it allows you to travel greater distances.

Now that you have the Long Switch, it is possible to obtain a ring that was previously out of your reach. To do this, go to the staircase located in the middle of the golden tiles on the second floor. Exit through the south exit and drop down the hole until you find a narrow platform on the right side of the room below. Stand on this platform and use the Long Switch to move to the central platform (switch places with the jug), and then switch places with a jug on the left side of the room. This will allow you to access the chest, which contains the much-coveted ring.


With the Long Switch in possession, use it to interact with the diamond stone located to the south. This will take you to the elongated platform in the lake room on the lower level. Climbing the stairs on this platform will return you to the upper level of the dungeon. Here, you must swim to the right, crossing the water (which was previously an impassable chasm). You will find a door, where Moldorms await you. Defeat them to get a Small Key.

Then go back to the room with the switch and hit the red floor switch to drain the lower level again. Go to the Yellow Square room downstairs to use your new Long Switch. Swap places with the diamond stone in the pool behind the yellow wall. Use the switch to move it to the left of two floor switches. Placing a Somaria block on the other switch will give you another Small Key.

Return to the upper floor, passing through the room with the spiked floor. Once at the top, go south to a room with an L-shaped platform, with a chest at one end. Go up the stairs, and then use the Long Switch to swap with a diamond stone to your left, which is out of sight. After reaching the opposite platform, use the Long Switch again to move to the south platform, following the path to the right, until you reach the chest. Inside, you will find another Small Key.

Return to the previous room and head north. Find the string of diamond stones in the upper left corner of the room and use the Long Switch to cross the large chasm, following the path until you reach a corridor that runs east to west. Walk left, using a key on the locked structure, and continue in that direction until you find a path to the south. Go down to find the last segment of the floor switch room. Step on the final switch to fill another level of the dungeon with water. Then go back to the other segment of the room (on the right) and flip the other blue switch to completely fill the dungeon with water.

Return to the Yellow Square room where you recently completed the Long Switch puzzle. Go north until you find a room with a staircase on the floor, surrounded by blue tiles. Go down these stairs to reach a side-scrolling area. Swim until you find another ladder. Climb up and use the Long Switch to get to the top of the stone columns (a vase marks each one). Once you reach the left side of the cave, follow the stairs down. In the room below, defeat Medusa, then use your Long Switch to reach the pesky Goponga Flower for a Small Key.

Back in the Yellow Square room, climb up the square to access the next level. At the top, head left, bypassing the crabs as you go up to the next room. You will find the chamber with the huge pit. Go through the door in the left wall and use the Long Hook to switch places with the diamond stone. The chest in the room contains another Small Key.

Go to the room with the spiked floor and go up the stairs. On the top floor, switch places with the diamond stones over the chasm to the north to return to the east-west corridor. Head west until you find a locked door at the north end of a large room. Use the key to unlock the door and go down the hallway until you find a chest. Inside it, you will find a Gasha Seed. Keep going right, using a Small Key on the next door. At the end of this path, you will enter a large room with a chest. Open it to find the Boss Key.

Now, return to the room above the large lake chamber. From here, head north to a room with a blue owl. Dive into the pit east of the owl and swim to the square of blue tiles. Press B to level up and head south up the stairs. Continue along the path to the right, following the platform until you see the boss door. Enter and prepare for the final showdown of this dungeon.


Plasmarina is a deep-sea creature that requires careful strategy to defeat. This creature is resistant to conventional attacks – instead of taking damage, its body just changes color. During the battle, Plasmarina will move around the area, launching fireballs in your direction.

Just like many other bosses, the key to beating Plasmarina lies in the item you acquired while exploring the dungeon, the Long Switch. The action plan is as follows: wait for the moment when Plasmarina spits a fireball towards you, then quickly use the Long Switch to switch positions with him. With this exchange, Plasmarina ends up falling into her own fireball, suffering damage. The irony of this is that Plasmarina’s own weapon is used against him!

However, this strategy will need to be repeated six times. After the sixth time, the arrogant Plasmarina finally succumbs. After defeating the boss, you will receive a Heart Container, which increases the total number of hearts in your health meter, and the Essence of the Rolling Seas.

Despite this victory, know that Ambi/Veran still continues to plot nefarious plans on the surface. The Dark Tower is now fully operational, which blocks Maku’s vibrations, preventing her from sensing the location of the next Essence. With this scenario, it’s time to leave the dungeon.

Upon leaving, you will be approached by a Zora at the dungeon entrance, who will give you the Zora Scale.

Dungeon 8: Ancient Tomb

Journey to the Shooting Star

Possession of the Zora Scale elevates your status as a hero, making your journey easier. Your next location is outside Zora Village, moving down the screen until you reach the coast. You will find a Zora guarding the entrance to the Sea of ​​Storms. Show him the Zora Scale and he will allow you to pass. Swim to where he was, climb up and enter the island in front of you, heading to the right.

To the north, there is a hidden lagoon where, if you dive, you will find a secret cave. Inside, a ring awaits you. After collecting the ring, return to the island and watch a pirate ship sail in the lagoon. When the ship approaches, swim towards it. When you touch it, you will be transported to the inside of the ship. Talk to the captain and show him the Zora Scale. The scale breaks the curse that was plaguing the ship, and in gratitude, the captain will give you the Eye of Tokay. You will then be dropped off the ship.

Continue swimming beyond the Sea of ​​Storms, heading east, where you will find a familiar place, Crescent Island. Make sure you are in the current era. On the east side of the island, go underwater and find a small entrance that leads to a series of underground tunnels. Explore them to find a piece of heart hidden in an underground cave. Then, return to the surface, return to the past, and travel around the island until you find the statue of a Tokay, which served as the third entrance to the dungeon. Place the Eye of Tokay you just acquired into the statue’s eye socket to open a passage. Through it, you will reach a secret dungeon.

Exploring Tokay Cave

In the first room of the cave, defeat the Gibdos to open the door on the right. Continue down the winding corridor, dodging the spinning blades. At the top of the path, move the vase and head south, using a bomb to destroy the cracked block. Trigger the next block and quickly move to the right, avoiding the next vase. Use a Gale Seed on the beetle guarding the exit on the right and then move on to the next area. Use more Gale Seeds on the beetles that attack you and continue east, towards a large room that looks like an abyss.

This room contains an invisible path that requires a lot of patience to discover. On the platform you are on, move right twice and down one space. Use the Feather to jump one space to the right, and after landing, move four spaces to the right. Stop and jump up, then move left three spaces and up three. Use a Pegasus Seed and equip the Feather to jump again. Go down the stairs that appear until you reach a side-scrolling cave. Follow it to the right and climb the staircase found there, which leads to a beach with three knight statues. Push the rightmost statue even further to the right to open a passage above.

In the next area, prepare your sword, as several enemies will be waiting for you. Head north, then left when the path curves south. Continue down, around the wall, and head north, following the path to the top. Then turn right, go down a little and go right again. Follow the path until you find an entrance to the south. Follow it to the end, then turn around and head north to the top of the maze. Go left to finally find the entrance to the last dungeon.

Ancient Tomb

In the starting room, proceed north to a room full of ghosts. Use your Ember Seeds to light the torches in the room, then defeat the ghosts. Then use a Mystery Seed on the owl to get a hint on the way out. There is a block that must be moved in the upper left corner of the room – push it up one space, hit the wall with your sword and watch the sound made. Place a bomb to open a passage, then continue along the new path. In the next room, you will find Wallmasters. Use bombs to destroy all the cracked bricks and collect the Small Key from the chest. Continue south and exit through the locked door.

In the next area, you will be faced with a challenge involving the central platform. With the Long Switch, place the diamond stone in the upper left square. Light the torch with an Ember Seed, place a Somaria block in the bottom left, and stand on the remaining switch on the floor. The podium at the top of the platform will move, revealing a staircase that leads down into the depths of the dungeon.

On the lower level, go north until you find a turnstile. Once you cross it, you will reach the west side of the dungeon. Follow the path to the left, facing and defeating the ghosts along the way. The room you’ll arrive in has red floors and blue blocks. There’s a lone block on the dungeon floor – push it to open a staircase. Go down the stairs and search the room below to find a dungeon map.

Return to the northern room. This area is cordoned off by a group of blue blocks, but you’ll return here later. At the north end of the room, open the chest to find a Small Key. Since the rest of the room is inaccessible, return to the turnstile and go through it. This will take you east.

Go back to the room where you entered this level and use the Small Key on the block to the right. When the path is clear, follow it until you reach another turnstile. When you cross it, you will be directed south. Continue along the path until you enter a room full of ghosts. Defeat or ignore them, and exit to the left.

In the next room, prepare to face more ghosts. Defeat them, then climb the small staircase in the upper left region of the room. Go over the red tiles, heading north. You will find yourself on the opposite side of the entrance room. Go left until you enter a room full of soldiers. Defeat them and then examine the south wall to find cracks. Did you find them? Place a bomb to open a secret passage and go down.

In the next room, throw a Pegasus Seed to give yourself a boost. Run around the room and when you reach the southern end, look for the path that leads to the chest in the corner. This contains another Small Key. Once you get it, exit the room and return to the line of red tiles. Follow them down and go east into the next room. Continue following the path as it curves north and then west.

In the next room, hit the crystal globe to raise the red blocks. Follow the platform back and the previously blocked chest will now be accessible. Inside, you will find the Compass.

Go back through two turnstiles, exiting to the west. With the blue blocks turned into tiles thanks to the button you pressed, move across the line of blue tiles north to the room above. You will be in a small cubicle in this room. Go right to a room full of Stalfos. Defeat them to get a key, then head to the southern passage.

Return to the turnstile and head south. Return through the rooms above (going west, then up and down to the turnstile), so you end up in the east hallway. In the next room, defeat the ghosts and use a Small Key on the locked door.

Now go back to the double turnstiles and adjust them so that you exit on the right side of the rightmost pointer. Follow the path to a room with several Snakeropes and a laser cannon. Dodge the laser beams and open the door to the south with the key.

The next room is a familiar challenge from the previous dungeons. You’ll need to step on each square to light it up, without crossing your own path, ending up on the final square in the northwest corner. When lighting the entire floor red, a chest will drop containing the Power Glove. This is an enhanced version of the Power Bracelet, allowing you to lift even heavier objects.

With the Power Glove in hand, head back through the turnstile and you’ll be on the northern path. Follow him into the next room. Exit through the door on the right. In the next room, defeat Keese and go through the southern exit, killing the soldiers. Once defeated, stand on the red tiles and aim for the crystal ball. Hit it with the sword to turn the tiles into red blocks (with you on top of them). Follow the blocks north. Continue on this elevated red block path until it turns west. Keep moving on the blocks until you see a ladder, then go down and down the stairs. Defeat the Gibdos in the room below and go through the right door. Go through the next room and exit through the eastern passage. And get ready for the next challenge: Death Stalfos.

Death Stalfos

The battle against Death Stalfos, as its name suggests, carries the theme of death. This imposing enemy has a particular taste for throwing energy balls at his opponents. The vast majority of these energy balls can cause significant damage, but the largest of them have an additional effect: the ability to transform you into a child-like version of yourself, which results in a drastic slowdown in your speed and makes you easy prey. for Death Stalfos’ subsequent attacks.

To overcome this challenge, it will be necessary to turn the tables and use Death Stalfos’ own attacks against him. The strategy here is to equip your sword and use it to bounce the energy balls fired by Death Stalfos back towards you. So, every time you manage to redirect one of the larger energy balls back at him, he will temporarily transform into a small, vulnerable version of a bat.

When this happens, take the opportunity to attack him with your sword. You’ll notice it returns to its original form after taking a hit, so be ready to repeat the process. After hitting him three times during his bat transformation, the battle will be won.

Finally, at the end of this fight, don’t forget to collect the fairy that will appear. It will completely restore your health, allowing you to proceed through the dungeon with your health at maximum.

Following the journey

After beating the mini boss, head to the southern passage. This next room is full of enemies called Wizzrobes. Go around them and head to the exit to the west. Continue west and eliminate the soldiers in the next room. Go to the left and use the Look Switch on the diamond-shaped stones to access a staircase. Climb the ladder to a platform, go north, then west. Continue west until you encounter a creature called Gibdo. Eliminate the Gibdo and head north until you find another diamond stone. Use the Switch Hook to switch to the other platform, go down the stairs and out the door.

The next room is a maze with spinning blades. Use the indents in the blocks to take cover as the blades pass by. At the north end of the room, you will find a chest that contains a Small Key. Take the key and exit through the passage on the right. In this room, a chest on a raised platform contains the first piece of slate. After getting the slate, go to the bottom right corner and use the stairs to get to the top of the platform. Drop back down to the area where you eliminated Gibdo, exit to the right and head to the Mini-Boss room. The southern exit leads to a new room, where you will again find Wizzrobes. Continue west and then south to reach the Slate Room. In this room you will find a large central platform with a tome and four receptacles for the slates. Place the slate you have in one of the receptacles.

Then, go south, passing through a room with several blue statues and some soldiers. Head east, crossing a small gap. In the next room, you’ll find an icy floor and a mine cart. Proceed to the upper exit, arriving at a completely frozen room. Use your Ember Seeds to light the spinning candles in the ice. When they are all lit, an eastern door will open. Go through it, eliminate the Gibdos in the next room and go down the stairs. At this point, you will find yourself in an underwater side cave. Cross it and exit. Kill the jellyfish in the next room and a northern passage will open. Enter it.

In this room, you need to be quick and avoid falling into the pits. Run to the center, avoiding the edges of the strong currents. Head to the south end, turn right and head towards the next room. Here, swim south and then right and surface. In this room, you will find the second piece of slate. Claim it and return to the cave you passed earlier. Return to the Slate Room and head to the left wall.

In the next rooms you will find a lot of lava. Use your small key to unlock the lock in the room with the lava. In the next area, equipped with the Power Glove, pull the lever to create a temporary path over the lava. Quickly move to the bottom right exit. There, you will find the third slate. Return to the Slate Room and take the south exit to the room where you just moved all the blue statues. Go down the ladder on the floor to the lowest level of the dungeon.

Once you reach the bottom of the dungeon, you will have to navigate through a series of rooms and solve puzzles to find the last slate and the Boss Key. Once you have collected everything, return to the Slate Room and place the remaining slates in your receptacles, which will open the central staircase. Climb the ladder and head to the boss door. To open the door, you’ll need to destroy the crystal with your sword, blow up the fragile block with a bomb, light the torch on the left with an Ember Seed shot, and move the statue blocking your path with the Power Bracelet. Once you’ve done all of this, you’ll be ready to face the boss. Good luck!


The battle against Ramrock is divided into four distinct phases, each requiring different strategies and equipment, requiring you to use your entire arsenal of weapons.

In Phase 1 of combat, Ramrock throws his metal hands towards you with the intention of causing damage. To avoid any damage, stay alert and dodge the flying hands. The key to defeating him at this stage is to use your opponent’s own weapon against him. Equip your sword and when he throws his hands, hit them back to deal damage to the monster. Note that your position must be strategic, a safe distance from the wall, so that you can return Ramrock’s attack without being hit. Once you hit him with your bare hands three times, you will move on to Phase 2.

In Phase 2, the metallic Ramrock changes its attack tactics. Now he will try to crush you between his hands. His goal is to avoid being cornered. When he opens his hands, take this opportunity to throw a bomb between them. The bomb explosion will cause significant damage to the opponent. Keep Ramrock at the north end of the room so you can run in and place the bomb more easily. After three bombs explode, Ramrock will be forced to change his strategy again.

In Phase 3, the enemy takes cover behind a shield and moves again along the upper wall of the room, leaving its protection only to fire energy balls or laser beams in its direction. Energy balls are simpler to avoid, while lasers require you to dodge by running to the opposite wall. To damage Ramrock at this stage, you need to use the Seed Shooter. Position yourself near the upper wall and, when he starts moving towards you, throw a seed, bouncing it off the wall and hitting him. After being hit by five seeds, Ramrock will switch to its fourth and final form.

In Phase 4, Ramrock adopts a more aggressive stance, trading its shields for hands shaped like wrecking balls. Even though they move slowly, it’s important that you keep dodging to avoid getting hit. To defeat Ramrock in this stage, equip your Power Glove. When he tries to hit you with one of the wrecking balls, move toward the other one and start pulling on it, like you would with a pulley. When you release the ball, it will move back and hit the boss. Repeat this process three times to finally defeat Ramrock.

After the battle, don’t forget to collect the Heart Container and Falling Star Essence, important items that will be dropped by the defeated boss.

Following until you find Veran

Now that you’ve collected all eight Essences, it’s time to return to the Maku Tree. This highly relevant character eagerly awaits your visit, as he has a special gift for you: the Maku Seed, a mystical seed of considerable size. This seed will be the key to access the fearsome Dark Tower.

Go back in time and head to the Dark Tower. The journey will not be easy, as the region is infested with dangerous enemies, many of which you have already faced during your adventure. With your sword in hand, cut your way through these villains to the tower entrance. Once there, use the Maku Seed to unlock the door and surprisingly, you will see fireworks.

Inside the Dark Tower, a complex maze of stairs awaits. It’s a challenging step, so be prepared. Before you start, make sure your Seed Shooter is equipped with Pegasus ammunition, essential for freezing upcoming enemies and facilitating your progress.

Start going left and go up the first ladder (R). Continue and climb the next ladder you see (B). When you find the Soldier, throw a Pegasus Seed to freeze him and go up the stairs on the left (C). Continue, go down a little and climb the stairs on the right (D). Proceed right to the next set of stairs (E). Then, follow the path up to a staircase on the right (F). Use a Pegasus Seed on the Soldier again and head north to the next ladder (G). Go down and left to another set of stairs (H). Advance north, climbing the northernmost staircase (I). Finally, go down to the last ladder (J).

After climbing these stairs, you will reach a room with thirty-two stairs. Only one of them is correct, and all the others lead to places full of enemies. The correct ladder is in the lowest row of stairs, one space to the right. Climb these stairs to reach the room that leads outside. Stand on the narrow platform, climb up and exit the room.

Once outside, head north to the roof of the Tower. There you will find the entrance to the final stage. When you enter, you will see Ralph, who is in a rather complicated situation. He tries to confront Veran on his own, but is unsuccessful. As you approach, Veran, who is possessing Ambi’s body, decides to confront you.

Before proceeding, check if you have a Magic Potion. If you don’t have it, we highly recommend you return to the Yoll Cemetery to obtain it. This potion will be crucial in the battle against Veran, as it will practically guarantee you an extra life. After obtaining the Magic Potion, save the game. This way, if you lose the battle against Veran, you can restart the game and return to the fight with a full Potion and full health. This will be a difficult confrontation, and every shred of energy will be crucial to your victory.


The final battle against Veran is divided into distinct phases, each presenting unique challenges, and different forms of Veran. To face it successfully, you need to understand each phase and the appropriate methods to overcome them.

Phase 1

At this early stage, Veran is similar to the form she took when you faced her to free Nayru. Her objective here is to stun her using the Mystery Seed, then push her with the Long Switch and finally attack her with her sword. But be careful, Veran is now more agile and cunning. Additionally, she summoned spiders to delay her progress. Cut out the spiders and use the method described to beat this form. After defeating her, Veran will disassociate himself from Ambi, taking on a much more threatening appearance.

Level 2

In this phase, Veran transforms into an insect, surrounded by four Link golems that move opposite to her movements. Keep your distance to avoid collisions. Veran will attack by throwing fireballs as she floats around the room. To deal with her golems, she attacks them with her sword, just as she did with the Helmet Beetles in the Restoration ceremonies, grouping them together and facilitating the confrontation.

When facing Veran, keep to the edges of the room, as Veran has a habit of flying from one side to the other and it will be easier to hit her if she is not in the center. As she moves, she dodges the fireballs and keeps her sword charged so that, when the opportunity presents itself, she can attack. Six hits with spinning attacks will be enough for her to change form again. But be careful, even after this victory, a Wallmaster will surprise you and throw you into a dank dungeon.

Phase 3

Veran is now furious and assumes her bestial form, which changes between three insect forms – beetle, spider and bee. She switches between forms during combat, so it’s crucial to know how to deal with each one.

  • Beetle Form: In this form, Veran jumps and slams the ground trying to crush anything beneath her. Avoid her shadow as she descends, but stay close enough to attack when she lands. When it falls, attack with your sword until it curls up and repeats the cycle or changes form.
  • Spider Form: In this form, Veran is unpredictable, being able to disappear and attack from above or shoot webs from anywhere in the room. Keep a safe distance, but not so far away that you can’t attack. When she falls, use a bomb to expose her face, then attack with the sword.
  • Bee Form: In this form, Veran is extremely fast and launches long-range attacks. Stay at the bottom of the room and move sideways to avoid them. She will also summon small bees to protect her. Kill them to get to her and finally, when Veran tries to attack, dodge and attack her back.

Your best strategy against the Bee form is to keep moving, avoiding attacks and striking when the opportunity arises. Remember that you can also use the Seed Shooter to attack from a distance.

Always be alert and prepared to face any of Veran’s forms. Keep your sword and Seed Shooter ready, and stay alert. By finally defeating Veran, you will finish The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.

Congratulations, enjoy the end of the game!

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