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Phantasy Star Online – Complete Walkthrough (Step by Step Guide)

Walkthrough by: Revolution Arena / Dreamcast HP

To complete the 4 different areas of Phantasy Star Online you will find many monsters to fight. The only way to gain experience is by defeating them, and each type gives a different amount of experience. This section is divided into MONSTERS and BOSSES. Below you will find a list of the monsters in PSO, and how to defeat them as well.


Name: The name of the creature

Attributes: Each monster has a different type of attribute(s). Certain types of weapons are better against certain types of monsters than others.

Location: Location of the creature.

Experience: It is the number of experience that the monster will give you, when it dies, playing in NORMAL mode. Sometimes, defeating the same monster in Hard or Very hard mode gives you more experience. Also, if you are fighting in a group, the experience given may be modified.

Abilities: If the monster has extra abilities, it will be written.

Rag Rappy

Attributes: Native Location: Forest 1 and 2 Experience: 4 Skills: None. They are small, bird-like creatures. They move slowly, but once you touch them, they can be deadly. After a few seconds, they will jump and if you hit them one last time, you will get an item. They are slow, so you can just run up to them and hit them with your sword. Outside of forest enemies, they have few points (with the exception of Mothmants);

Boomba, Goboomba, and Gigoboomba

Attributes: Native Location: Forest Experience: 5, 6, and 7 Skills: None These are the main monsters you will find in the forest (Forest Area). Big, they have two legs and they hit you with claws. They have no special attacks and can be easily tricked. The main thing to remember is that they are slow after they try once to hack you. So, they lose strength in their claw and lose it, you will have enough time to run around to their other side and hit them with a weapon of your choice. The Boombas get more power in their Gigoboomba form, but it’s the same fighting tactic.


Attributes: Native Location: Forest Experience: 1 Skills: None. These are small flying enemies that are the offspring of the Monest, the enemy below. They have a lower number of experience points than any other monster in the forest, and they die in just two hits. If they catch you badly, they can take away a considerable amount of energy, if that happens, run to a better location and attack.


Attributes: Native Location: Forest Experience: 6 Skills: Produce Mothmants (enemy mentioned above). This is the monster that produces the Mothmant. It cannot attack, but produces multiple Mothmants to deal damage. To defeat him, aim for the bag and hit continuously. Once you are done with that, he will go down and you must continue with the same system until he dies.

Savage Wolf and Barbarous Wolf

Attributes: Native Location: Forest Experience: 5 and 7 Skills: Can catch Jellen and Zalure The Savage Wolf is the first one you will encounter in the forest. They rarely attack from the front, but they often wait until you turn around to attack. And yes, if you read the ability section correctly, they can defeat Jellen Zalure themselves. The easiest way to fight them is to catch them with your aim, they run around you. Hold L , then the camera will always be next to you and you can aim correctly while attacking.


Attributes: Native Location: Forest 2 Experience: 10 Skills: Flame Foie This thing is annoying. He looks like a giant combination of Batman and a gorilla, but without wings and with a lot of willingness to kill hehe. His blows in which he uses his fists are strong, keep your distance, he will call Foie and a fireball will catch you. With Ranger or Force type characters, you must keep your distance. With Hunters, you need to move forward, take a few hits and go back, repeat.

Evil Shark, Pal Shark, and Guil Shark

Attributes: A.Beast Location: Cave Experience: 10, 12, and 14 Skills: None. Just as Boombas are from the Forest, Sharks are common enemies in the Caves. They have the same attack style as the Boombas, simply with more HP and strength. Use the same form as the Boombas, Evil transforms into Pal and from him to Guil.

Poison Lily

Attributes: A.Beast Location: Cave Experience: 10 Skills: Can poison and paralyze These plants are found in the Cave areas. They can cast paralysis poison from a distance. Don’t stand near them, as they can be easily beaten with just a few hits. The attack that poisons has a limited range, so if you are with a Ranger or Force character, you can safely shoot her from a safe distance.

Grass Assassin

Attributes: A.Beast Location: Cave Experience: 17 Skills: Grabs your character He can grab your character if you stay still, even far away. You must attack him the moment he ducks.

Pan Arms (divide into two monsters, Migium and Hidoom)

Attributes: A.Beast Location: Cave Experience: 4 per monster Abilities: Can split into two monsters, as well as fire an energy attack This strange creature starts off as one monster, but it can split into two. Only offensive techniques can split it, however if you use Shift on yourself, you should be able to avoid taking too much damage from it. When he separates, use the same fighting techniques as used on the Boombas or the Sharks.


Attributes: A.Beast Location: Cave Experience: 15 Skills: Can fly and attack with energy. These are formidable enemies, they can fly, making life difficult for a Hunter. Rangers and Force can shoot him in the air, on the ground the loose energy can be easily deflected, just keep a certain distance.

Pofuilly Slime and “Orange” Slime

Attributes: A.Beast Location: Cave Experience: 10 Skills: None. The Pofuilly Slime can be a frustrating opponent, due to the way it initially attacks you, but then turns into a dangerous monster that can attack you from anywhere in the room.


Attributes: Machine Location: Minas Experience: 18 Skills: Can reduce the character’s speed and shoot a laser beam from a distance. These robots are common enemies in the mines, just as Boomas and Sharks are common in the forests and Cavernass respectively. They only have 2 forms, and the second is the rarest (see Debchic below). Their main attacks are a punch that can slow your character, but they can also throw a beam of light at you from afar. The best thing is to use a weapon that can attack multiple enemies at once. For a Hunter, a sword can do the trick, and Rangers can use shooting.


Attributes: Machine Location: Mines Experience: 18 Skills: Cannot be killed with blows This is Gillchic’s second form (more above), and has the same types of attacks, but they cannot be destroyed in the same way. It didn’t matter how much damage you did to them because they kept appearing from the ground. When these enemies appear, there is also a small object next to them that does not attack you. The only way to defeat the Debchics is to destroy the object with several hits.

Canadine and Canane

Attributes: Machine Location: Minas Experience: 18 and 17 Skills: Uses Zonde in the air Canadine is a small flying robot that attacks you with an airborne weapon while it is in the air. When he’s close to the ground, he can be killed with just a few hits, but that being said, when they’re in the air they can be a lot of work, especially for a Hunter-type character. You can hit him in the air by shooting a gun, or using a ranged attack technique like a Zonde. Canane is the red version of Canadine that is surrounded by a small group of Canadines. When you destroy it, the Canadines immediately engage you at the same time and try to kill you, so detonate a few of them before killing the Canane.

Sinow Beat and Sinow Gold

Attributes: Machine Location: Minas Experience: 20 Skills: Can confuse a character by creating illusions of himself. Gold can heal himself and other enemies. These guys are extremely annoying for minor characters. They attack very quickly and wait for a chance to use “Confuse” on you. The best way to fight them is to hit (shoot) and run. Hit him when you have an opening and then run anyway before he attacks. The Gold version of Sinow can heal himself, in addition to healing other enemies.


Attributes: Machine Location: Minas Experience: 22 Skills: Can launch missiles at you. Big, brawling and deadly. That’s how we describe it, it’s the biggest of the robots in the mines. Its main attack includes shooting multiple missiles at you, which are also homing, causing a lot of damage. When fighting him, make sure you have full energy and healing items, and are prepared to run and use Resta on yourself. The hit and run tactic is the best against him.

Dimenian, La Dimenian, So Dimenian

Attributes: Dark Location: Ruins Experience: 22, 24, 26 Skills: None. Dimenian (and the others described above) are the main monsters of the ruins. Large, they walk on two legs and cut you with swords. They have no special attacks and can be easily dodged. The main thing to remember with Dimeniam is that they slow down after they try to attack you, use the same tactics as Boombas and Sharks.


Attributes: Dark Location: Ruins Experience: 6 Skills: None. Claws are very similar to Mothmants, but are found in ruins. They are weak enemies, and always appear in groups. A weapon like the Sword or Shot (see weapons table in the corresponding section) goes well against them as long as you can attack multiple enemies once using these weapons.


Attributes: Dark Location: Ruins Experience: 24 Skills: None. Similar to the enemy already analyzed, the Monests found in the Forests, these are the Bluclaw that produce the Claws (analyzed above), quickly destroy him before he launches a group of claws at you.


Attributes: Dark Location: Ruins Experience: 25 Skills: Can avoid attacks easily This is one of the tough enemies in the ruins, and they can definitely cause problems for you. The only thing that bothers them is their ability to avoid attacks by blocking them. You will need to attack them from the sides, as he avoids them from the front. When they start to attack, it’s time to counterattack (they say that the best defense is attack… in football…, coming back…). Weapons that can attack multiple enemies help with this tactic and you will have a greater chance of detonating.

Chaos Sorcerer

Attributes: Dark Location: Ruins Experience: 24 Skills: Fire and ice attacks. Also teleportation. Here is one of the deadliest enemies in the ruins, high technical power with a lot of skill. If you have a good weapon that can shoot multiple targets, use it against him. Attack the diamonds, which provide him with fire and ice power.

Dark Belra

Attributes: Dark Location: Ruins Experience: 28 Skills: Can paralyze and attack with fire. You will encounter these enemies at the beginning of the ruins, and although they seem difficult, they are not. Typical case of “the bigger the coconut tree, the bigger the fall”. They have two main attacks. When you are away from him, he attacks with fire, which can be easily dodged. The second attack comes when you are close, it strikes you, paralyzing you. Do the following, get closer and when he raises his arms, run.

Dark Gunner

Attributes: Dark Location: Ruins Experience: 20 Skills: Attacks with energy beams These are small robots that crawl along the ground and generally appear in groups. They cannot take damage when they are in the collapsed state. When his little ones get up, you can attack him with combos and blows. Its main attack is the energy beam. You can avoid this by looking for the little robot with the red antenna, this is the leader of the group, and by detonating it the others won’t attack.

Chaos Bringer

Attributes: Dark Location: Ruins Experience: 30 Skills: Can confuse the character Be patient, he has a lot of energy and always recovers. Use the hit and run tactic several times and don’t stand still.


Dragon (Forest Boss)

Attributes: Native Location: Forest 2 Experience: 350 Skills: Read below. This dragon is the first boss you will encounter in Phantasy Star Online. He has two forms of attack. First: This way is to let go and breathe fire at you (Dragons always do this…). This attack has great range, but can be avoided by staying on the left or right side of it, of course, away from it itself, but on the left or right side. When he flies and sets you on fire, use the same scheme, stay on his left or right side. To defeat the first form, attack the dragon’s leg when it is on the ground. Second form: He will be in the air, and sticks to the ground. You may see the dragon as a yellow dot on your radar, as it may be out of sight. This way you can avoid attacks. To defeat him in this form, once again attack his feet when he comes down.

By Rol Le (Cave Boss)

Attributes: A. Beast Location: Caves Experience: 700 Skills: Read below. The Caverns boss is the longest battle in the game, with the exception of the final boss. De Rol Le is a giant snake that always fights by moving around a water tunnel. He only has one form, but with many attacks.. read below. First attack: When you get here, spikes will appear around it. If you don’t destroy them in a short time, they will explode and cause damage. Its range isn’t long, so you only need to destroy one or two to stay out of danger. Second attack: Once done, the snake will increase the speed of its boat and shoot bubble plasmas at you. These do a lot of damage! But there are gaps between the bubbles that you can dodge. If you hit, you heal immediately. Third attack: Similar to the mines at the beginning. The snake will throw some spikes at you, but a few hits will destroy them before the explosion. Fourth attack: When the light goes out, it will start shooting laser beams at you. Run back and forth to dodge. Fifth attack: Finally, now she flies onto the boat and stones will begin to fall from the ceiling. To avoid them, run to the corners of the platform. To defeat him: Occasionally the snake will be locked onto the side of the platform, this is your chance to hit it. Hit it in the face twice and then run away from the tentacles.

Vol Opt (Chief of Mines)

Attributes: Machine Location: Minas 2 Experience: 1100 Skills: See below. Compared to the final boss, he is easy as long as you don’t fail. First way: The first way is in a kind of machine. You will be in a room surrounded by monitors, as well as an object on the roof that can shoot rays of light at you. The boss will alternate between hiding behind the monitors (which will turn red when he is behind) and moving the pillars in the center of the room. Hit the monitors when they are red and when the pillars appear, hit them with red light. Second form: After you have tapped the monitors enough, the second form will appear. The boss will be in the center of the room, like a large robot with several “legs” that will attack you. Hit him when he’s not attacking. When one of the legs starts to move, he will attack with a laser, so run around the machine in circles.

Dark Falz (Final boss)

Attributes: Dark Location: Ruinas 3 You’ve traveled a lot, blasted enemies and even played with friends on the internet… but now you have to reach the end… PSO’s final battle awaits, but are you ready? Before facing Dark Falz, make sure you have full HP and TP items. Stick with the highly recommended item “Scape Doll”. Just like the previous bosses, Dark Falz comes in multiple forms, but you can fight his final form on hard or very hard. When you enter the boss area, you will have a beautiful scene, one of the best seen in the video game. As you approach the giant pillar, things will go black and the battle will begin. First way: This is not difficult. Hundreds of little thorns will try to envelop you; You simply need to hit it a few times, it’s also a good time to build your MAG. If your life is full, do this. Second way: Now the battle really begins. The easiest time to hit is when one of the heads goes down to place more mines on the ground, at this time try hitting it several times before the head comes up again, then get ready for a powerful attack. You will be hit with fire, ice or energy. Heal your character immediately after the first attack, as a second would be deadly. Third form: This is the final form playing on Normal mode; The boss will have “legs” and will run around the area on the ground. When he attacks you, it will be with the three forms of attack, ice, fire and energy, you must dodge; If he catches you, he will have a slow status, as well as when he jumps and falls. To defeat, simply strike your marrow into its belly when it is exposed. Last way (ONLY IN HARD OR VERY HARD MODE): Instead of staying in a black place, you will run around the boss who will be in the center. Occasionally the boss will disguise itself and your attacks on it will have no damage. You just have to wait for him to return to normal and then continue attacking. He also shoots blue energy balls at you. When he does, run around the area to the right. The next danger is deadly and can kill your character in an instant. When you see a transparent version of yourself appear, a red bar will connect you to the boss on your radar, immediately start running around the boss. If you stop, the boss will suck your soul and kill you immediately. Keep running around until the red bar on your radar dissipates and you can attack again. When you finally land the final blow, the boss dies and begins a beautiful ending that will leave you curious…

Congratulations, you’ve probably become one of the best in Sonic Team, and see you in the next Phantasy Star!

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