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Grandia II – Complete Walkthrough (Step by Step Guide)

Walkthrough by: Revolution Arena


Your first task is to escort Elena to Garmia Tower on the third floor. Avoid fights while climbing the tower, as at the top there are two Gorgoyles waiting for you. Elena will be possessed by the Wings of Valmar, and will transform into Millenia. You must equip Elena and make Millenia very strong.


To earn money, cut Inor’s mushrooms. Attack the Dodos using Skill movements when they fly low to attack you. Look for the Crystal Broach on one of the stone levers.


In Agear Town you (Elena and Ryudo) will join Roan. Level up Golden Hammer’s move to create a strong ranged attack, and equip the Holy Egg as Roan’s Mana. You will have to help Roan get rid of three Troglodytes in Durham Cave. To detonate them, use powerful spells and blows against the stronger ones and then attack the weaker ones. After the fight, look for Roan’s medal to head to Durham Cave Depths. Once there, finish off two more Troglodytes and a Minotaur. Against the Minotaur use Skill moves. After defeating them, receive the Adventure Book. Leave Agear Town and go to Baked Plains, and talk to the citizen standing on the road, and you will get a Poff Nutt. The other Poff Nutts are in Durhan Cave and Baked Plains 2, get all three for when you find Carbo.


To detonate the Sand Men at once use the Chaos Egg Zap; If the Chaos Egg Zap runs out, detonate them with single special attacks and critical counterattacks. Against Mareg, use Elena and Roan’s spells to defend and restore Ryudo.


Go to the church and find Mareg, who will be a new ally. Now go to Gadan’s house, and enter the passage outside, to go to Liligue Cave.


You will encounter the Ghoul Gangs, hit them with Burnflame. Then you will arrive at a monument, and you will have to solve the puzzles with the red, blue and green jewels. Step on the base in front, for three doors to open. Behind the doors there are monsters guarding the room switches, and each room has an exit that will take you to another room. Look for the chest containing the Burning Bow and a Flare Dress for Millenia. Against Gadan you must hit all four parts of it. Zap the right hand, left hand, head and Valmar’s Tongue. After entering the cave, use Ryudo to cut the root and a new passage will open. The first root will take you out of the cave, the third has the Oracle Staff, and the sixth root has a new exit. You will find Aira in the forest.


Here you will have to solve two enigmas, the enchantment of the village’s sleep, and the mystery of Aira. In Mysterious Fissure the Eyeball Bats will try to kill you with a Delta-Burst, use your firepower on one bat at a time; By killing just one, they won’t be able to attack you, because to release the Delta-Burst they would have to surround it. After winning, exit the cave, and on the surface, Selene will make Aira flee, follow her in the Garden of Dreams, outside Miramu Village.


Here the Star Mags await you. They attack in packs of six, so use attacks that hit multiple targets. Passing through them you will find the Hellhouds, in this fight use all the spells you can, because after the fight you will be able to recharge. Now you have arrived at the boss of Aira`s space, Valmar’s Eyes. He will attack you with Confusion, Sleep and Poison. Right away, kill one of the Eyeball Bats before they try the Delta-Burst. After detonating the Eyebal Bats, attack the Tendrils, and finally Valmar’s Eyes with special Attacks or very powerful spells.


Arriving here, your characters must already be very strong, to improve their combat techniques in the mountains.


Exit St. Heim Cathedral, where Pope Zera asked you to find the Granasaber, which can destroy Valmar. Defeated monsters return to their original form if you leave a location and then return, you can even use this to collect special coins, experience points and Magic Coins, defeating the animals several times.


Reach the ruins by walking along the road. Around here you will find the Thunder Ring and Buster Flail. In the ruins are the Earthern Cuirass and the BlackQuartz Helm. Leave the ruins and take the different path to the one you took, until the second part of Raul Hills. You will find a boat on the shore, but until that happens, finish off the swelling plants, aiming to locate items and fight. Sail the boat.


At the Inn, when talking to the attendant, choose the first option. Outside, buy items and get to the fountain. Talk to the sailor in front of the tent. Once he enters it, follow him and talk again. Agree to participate in the arm wrestling. When the bar is coming to an end, press the A button repeatedly to fill it, keeping an eye on whether your opponent is close to beating you. If so, release A and press R. As Elena wants to drink juice, go to the tent she disputed with the sailor and talk to the receptionist. Selecting the fourth option, go to the point where Elena was and, instead, find Millenia. Back at the beginning of the village, see Roan, who will show you where the boat is so you can enter the castle. Enter it and talk to the man to open the trapdoor. You will enter a maze, you will have to move levers to go to the parts where there is water. Give three Puff Nuts to the animal, so that the path is illuminated. When he enters a hole, it is because the end of the maze is near. When you see a symbol ahead, a passage will open, enter, go right and talk to the man. Go back and climb the ladder, go up the other ladder on the left, talk to the king. Go to the save point room and enter the room you were in, it will be in pieces.


Divided into four parts. Go through it, defeating the enemies and searching the place, passing through the parts of the dungeon. The boss is the Claws of Valmar, save your game before fighting him. Attack this boss one part at a time, the spells are not very efficient on him. Exit the dungeon and return to the castle. Have Ryudo meet his brother in the king’s room. Your team will change if you lose this fight. In Cyrus Kingdom, take the boat that goes to Ryudo’s homeland, anchored at the pier. So talk to the captain, selecting the second option and starting the trip.


On this trip you will stop in a dungeon to get more experience and the Dragonfly Slayer weapon. Walk through the second part of Ceceile Reef until you find two scorpions, which are the bosses of the place. It’s not that complicated to defeat them, use Moves or Magics that hit both at the same time. After victory, return to the ship and travel to Island of Garlan.


Ryudo’s homeland. Equip the team in the weapons shop and go up the stairs. Go to a house with a closed door and watch a scene, returning to the Inn. Sleep there, but something strange will happen during the night. Follow Grail Mountain Road.


Explore this place very carefully, otherwise you will spend a lot of time wasting your time. Follow it until you reach a river, and go down following it at two different points, which took you to the next stage of the Grail Mountain Road. Next, look for a reference so you don’t go around in circles, always returning to the same place. This way, you will get some items. You will see a scene and, moving forward, you will find Melfice. Chase him down and face him. Use defensive and other spells to improve the characters’ attacks, while the rest attack and heal the others. Strive to destroy the sword first, the renerator and finally the Horns of Valmar. Take care to keep the team well divided and use the All Heal spell, without forgetting to attack with your strongest blows. Back on the boat, head to the village of Mareg.


Walk along the trail and exit at Nanan Village, home of Mareg. Keep an eye out for poison-spewing plants, dodging them, and keeping your status in order. Then, just go to Nanan Village and enter.


Buy items and go to the village center. In the elder’s residence, enter. Talk to him and leave, heading towards the training location. When talking to a girl, a passage will open, it’s a minigame: finish the game by collecting the nuts. Return to the village and participate in dinner. After the dialogue, leave. At the top of Nanan Village, witness the scene. Out of here, go to Demon’s Law.


Go down the path, enter the ship and face three opponents to reach the control room. On the initial boss, you can use normal attacks, but it’s best to cast ice spells. On leopards, use fire ones. To defeat the second, use Moves. The third one doesn’t handle wind spells very well, but Moves also work against him. Use the save to restore your strength. Next, destroy the generator and get out. The path that was blocked by the hurricane will now lead you to Valmar’s Body.


In the maze, press switches and push blocks to reveal secret passages. You will have to fight the boss in the center of Valmar. Against him, heal your heroes as soon as they are hit, or a powerful follow-up attack can kill them. At the end you will be taken to St. Heim.


In the village, you will fight with Selena’s soldiers. Moving forward, you will find Granas Cathedral, with another boss. Select one of your members to heal the others, as he is dangerous. The others need to attack with all their heart, using the best Moves. After beating him, enter the church, and go through the door behind the altar. With the ship, go to Valmar’s Moon.


It’s another maze. At a certain point, use two side cannons to create a platform. Move all the stones and reveal passages. You will need to fight a sub-boss before finding Elena. Focus on destroying the center of it, leaving the flies aside. Recover your energy. When Millenia gives her life for the group, use the Miracle Elixir, so she will participate in the next confrontations. Heal the entire team and return to the ship. Along the way, your enemies must be destroyed with spells that reach an area, such as Quake, ending with common blows, which led to Mareg’s death.


You will now be back in Cyrum Kingdom. Collect the objects and Mareg and go to the Kingdom. You will find Roan fighting. Talk to him so he can return to the team. After that, go through the double door in the hallway and the small one on the left. Through the main hall gate you will be in the villa. Leave the city and walk to the point where the ship crashed. Enter the temple.


There are doors differentiated by three colors throughout the dungeon: yellow, blue and red. Through a panel, these colors are activated, opening the doors. Memorize the positioning of the doors and operate the panel to unlock them. Before continuing, develop your characters, because the final bosses are terrible and you will need to have great moves and spells. Once they are advanced enough, activate the light devices, however, keep a yellow one off to make the elevator go down, instead of up. You will reach the last level of this place. Go forward and extinguish the torches.


The final part of the game. Explore the location and equip yourself with the most powerful items. In phase three of New Vlmar, go right, left and right again, finding two Valmar Magnas, the guardians of the exit. Defeat them and go to the closest save to recover. Then, enter Valmar Core.


You will face a powerful boss, who will take a while to destroy. Use healing spells to recover from attacks, when the group is strong and has good health levels, attack with Moves, without neglecting the health of the heroes. Millenia will spawn once he is defeated, but recover from the previous battle using items. Save MP to use against her. Now your worst enemy is the health status of the characters after the boss fight. By knocking her down she will join the team, which will be divided. Now, Ryudo, Elena and Millenia will be together until the end. Prepare for the decisive conflict by equipping Millenia with the best items available.


Every time you defeat a part of Valmar, return to the save and recover the group, moving on to the next part. The first boss is Valmar’s Tongue, not difficult at all. The eyes will come later. Take out the bats so they can’t attack together, then shoot the eyes. Recover and move forward, to fight with the heart of Valmar. Aim directly at the prayer and use Magics, Moves and Skills, the damage will be greater. To finish, face Zera. The advice is to recompose the characters and make good use of each one’s most powerful blows, there’s no mystery. After all that, just follow the final scenes of the game. Congratulations, you did it.

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