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Pokémon Gold and Silver – Complete Walkthrough (Step by Step Guide)

Walkthrough by: Revolution Arena

You will start the game in your house in the city of New Bark, go down the stairs and talk to your mother. She will ask you the day of the week, and give you the PokéGear. Now go to the house at the top left of the city. It’s Professor Elm’s laboratory. When you enter the laboratory, he will say something, and give you a choice of three Pokémon: one of fire, water and plant. Choose one. Before you leave, a teacher’s assistant will give you the POTION item.

Cherrygrove Town
Your destination is the western town of Cherrygrove. Level up your Pokémon if you want. If you want to recharge your Pokémon, go back to the laboratory and use the computer. It works like a pokemon center. Go west. Keep walking until you reach the town of Cherrygrove. Talk to the old man at the beginning of town, and he will show you around the town. When the tour is over, he will give you the map.

Go north, and enter a house. There, a guy will give you an item called “Spirit Fruit”. Go northwest and enter a house. There you will find Professor Oak. He will give you the PokéDex. He will also give you an egg, which will become Togepi.

Back to Newbark!
Go back to town and enter the Shop. Now, buy some Pokéballs. Return to your hometown (city of New Bark). When you arrive in your hometown, a young man will appear and fight you. It’s your rival! Defeat him and continue going to your town and enter Elm’s laboratory. The police will be there. Give your rival a name, and the teacher will take your egg (Topegi) to examine. Return to the second town (Cherrygrove). When you leave, an assistant will give you 5 Poké Balls.

Violet City!
At this point, you should catch some Pokémon. Go to the city of Violeta. Defeat the gym leader who uses flying Pokémon. Earn the Wing Badge. He also gives you TM 31. Elm will call you after leaving the gym. Your egg is ready. Go to the Pokémon center in this town and talk to the professor’s assistant. He will give you your egg back, it will stay on your team, but you can’t use it. But in some time he will become Togepi! Now go to the north of the city, and enter the Sprout Tower. Follow the temple until you find the head of the monks, who will fight you. If you win, you will gain HM 1 (Flash).

Azalea Town
Now, go south to Azalea Town. If you try to go west, you will be blocked by a tree. Enter the Pokémon center and talk to the fisherman to get the fishing rod. Enter the cave below, and go to the end of it. Get out of it and go west. There you will arrive in the city of Azalea. Talk to Kurt, he makes Poké Balls in the northern part of the city, and he will ask you to save the Slowpokes that are being caught a lot. He will then leave the house. Now go to the beginning of the town and enter the cave that a guy was blocking at the beginning. Kurt will be there. Kill all the Team Rocket members, and Kurt will be happy. He will give you a Lure Ball. Now, go to the Gym, and kill the leader to earn the Bug badge. The leader will also give you TM 49.

Recover at the Pokémon Center, and head west. Your rival appears again. This battle will probably be very easy as your opponent’s Pokémon are of low levels.

The great Goldenroad!
Go through the Ilex forest, and play chase after a Farfetch&undefined;d to earn HM 1 (CUT). Teach some pokemon and go north to reach the city of Goldenroad. Explore the city, but don’t enter the Gym yet. You will find a Coin Case in a tunnel underground (you can’t go in yet) and you will find a shop following this path (left and then going down) it is not the Shop as it looks like a common house and inside it talk to the person inside and he will give you a bike, and then go to the radio tower (the dark building on the west side of town), and talk to the last woman at the counter. Answer the questions correctly (guess, as you probably won’t understand anything) and you’ll earn the Radio Card item. You can now go to the Gym, but be careful: it is a very difficult battle, as the leader uses a very strong Miltank, with level 20, so train your Pokémon to more than this level. Save before the Gym. She won’t give you the badge as soon as you finish the battle, but when you win, try to leave the Gym, and a woman will talk to you, then talk to the GYM leader again and she will give you the badge!

The amazing Eucruteak!
Leave the Gym, and go to the house on the right, at the top of the city. Talk to the girl near the flowers, and she will give you some Squirtle liquid. Go all the way north, and keep going until you reach the end of the top, where you’ll face a trainer who only has Voltorbs. After the fight, talk to him. Keep climbing until you reach a strange tree. Note: Save the game before fighting this Pokemon as it only appears this time in the game. Move the strange tree. Capture it. After killing or capturing him, go right and talk to the fat man. He will give you an important TM, TM 08, which works like an HM. It’s Rock Breaker. Recover your Pokémon in the center of this city, and go back to where the tree was and head left. Then go up until you reach a city. You are now in the city of Ecruteak. You will find Bill at the Pokémon Center, but you will not fight him. Go to the house to the left of the Pokémon center, talk to the boy and receive the Item Finder. Now go to the house above the Pokémon center and defeat all the dancing girls. They use Eevee evolutions, including the 2 new evolutions it has. Talk to the man in this room after defeating them. He will give you the Surfing HM.

Now go to the Gym. To get to the leader, you must follow a secret path, but it is very easy. Just save every step of success you take, and you will arrive!!! Defeat the leader who uses Ghost Pokémon. You will receive the Phantom Badge. He will also give you TM 30. Go to the smaller temple at the top left of the city. Your rival is there. Break the rocks using TM 08 – Rock Smash. Walk there and fall into a hole. Find a place where there are 3 Pokémon. They will run away. But now you can find the legendary dogs all over the game. Walk down and up the stairs. Exit the temple.

Olivine, the mechanical city!
Go west to the town of Olivine. You can stop at Miltank’s farm if you want. One of them, from the farm, is sick. Feed him 8 to 10 Spirit Fruits and he will improve. Then, talk to the house mother, and she will give you a TM. You can buy milk from the father of the house, who carries his life. You don’t need to go to the farm as there is nothing important there. In town, you will see that the Gym is empty. Climb the lighthouse and talk to Mikan at the top. Your Pokémon is sick, and you need the medicine. Ignore this gym for now. Leave the lighthouse and go to the last house before the beach. Talk to the sailor and gain HM Strength.

Brute force in Cianwood!
Now, use the HM Surf and go along the beach at the bottom and swim to Cianwood City and defeat the Gym leader and get the shock badge. The leader will also give you TM 01! Talk to the woman outside the Gym and get the HM Fly. Enter the LAST house in the lower part of Cianwood City. Talk to the man. He will give you the medicine you need to cure the 6th Gym leader’s Pokémon.

Back to Olivine again!
Now, fly to the city of Olivine and go to the lighthouse, and go up until you find the leader. Talk to her and she will leave the lighthouse. Leave too and go to the Gym. Defeat her and earn the Steel badge. She gives you TM 24.

The coolness of Mahogany!
Fly to the city of Eucruteak (where you got the ghost badge) and go east. Enter a cave or continue surfing, and at the end of it you will arrive in the city of Mahogany. A guy is blocking the Gym door, and you can’t get in. Go north, enter a lake (Note: Save the game before the battle and try to capture it as it is a great pokemon and is at a good level). It’s a special Gyarados. After capturing him, Lance will be looking at a poster. Talk to him and he will disappear. Go back to the city and enter the house above the Pokémon Center. Lance will be there, and will show you the way to Team Rocket headquarters. Enter the HQ.

Defeat the researcher on the computer, and examine the computer to press a button. On the next floor, you’ll meet Lance again. It will recharge your Pokémon. Defeat all Team Rocket members on all floors. After defeating EVERYONE, enter the boss’s room (Note: if the door doesn’t open, try talking to everyone inside and then try to enter again) and defeat him. Talk to the bird, and go down to the floor that has a large machine, behind a gate. Defeat the Team Rocket members with Lance’s help, and go to the generation room. Defeat the 3 Electrodes on the left side, capture one if you want. After that, Lance will give you HM 06 – Whirlpool. Now, leave the shop and enter the Gym. Defeat the leader and earn the ice badge and TM 16.

Goldenroad and the radio problems!
Now that you have seven badges, you will receive a call from Professor Elm calling you to the city of Goldenroad. It’s the city that has the radio station. Fly there. Enter the Radio tower and defeat all Team Rocket members. There will be a gate on one of the floors. Ignore it for now. At the top of the tower, defeat the boss. You will earn a key. Leave the Radio Tower, and go north, enter a house and enter the underground passage. Go down a little, and turn right onto a narrow path (difficult to see). If you go down, you will arrive at an area of ​​the city with the Casino, and you can use it if you want. Cross the narrow path, there will be a door. Press A in front of the door, and use the key to open it.

Now go through the door. Be prepared as you will fight against your rival. Defeat 3 members of Team Rocket, and move the blue things on the wall. The doors below will open. This part is very boring and time-consuming. Keep moving the little blue things until the doors open and you can go to the bottom. And a matter of great luck! Once you get it, go down and keep going, until you find a man who is different from the others. Talk to him, and he will give you an item. Now go up the stairs. You are now in the underground part of the Shop of this city. Enter the elevator just above. Go up to floor 1. There, exit through the door. Enter the radio tower again. This time, go through the closed gate. Defeat the remaining Team Rocket members and you’re done! The eighth Gym is now open!

Blackthorn’s fury!
Now that you’ve finished with Team Rocket, go back to Mahogany City (where you fought the seventh gym), and from there go east to Black Thorn City. You will pass through a cave, inside it, collect all the Poké Balls you find on the ground, as one of them is HM 07, and you need to have HM 07! There will be a part with holes and rocks. Push all the rocks into the holes with Strength, then fall into a hole, and slide on the ice to get to the center, grab the ball and climb the ladder. Now there is no more mystery. You will arrive in the city of Black Thorn. Defeat the last gym leader, but he won’t give you the badge. Use Surf in the area behind the Gym, and enter the cave. Go up one floor, and exit the cave. Swim to the whirlpool, and destroy it using the HM 06. Go through the place where the whirlpool was and get the item. It’s a really good kind of PokéBall! The Gym leader will appear, and give you the badge. She will also give you TM 24. That’s it! You already have all the badges!

Get ready trainer!
After getting the badge and leaving the cave, you will receive a call from Professor Elm. Fly to his hometown, and talk to him. You will receive the majestic Master Ball. Use it wisely, preferably on Lugia or Ho-Oh. Now that you have all 8 badges, you can go to the Pokémon league. In your hometown, go right, and swim in the water, until you find a fat man. Talk to him. He will give you the new map. Look at ! Do you recognize this world? Yes ! These are the Red/Blue cities! Well, you will need a lot of strength to fight the Pokémon league trainers. Now, if you want, you can capture Lugia and Ho-Oh and to do so, just go to the capture Lugia and Ho-Oh section.

The pokemon league!
Back on the path to the Pokémon league: after getting the second map from the fat guy, enter the cave near him. To climb the cave waterfalls, use the HM 07 – WaterFall. It’s a very small cave. When leaving the cave, swim to the right, and keep going. Defeat a few trainers, and keep going. Enter another cave. Inside it, your rival will fight against you. After defeating him, you will arrive at a Pokémon center. Recover your Pokémon, collect your best Pokémon, and go face the Elite 5 by going up the corridor to the right of the Pokémon center. Save BEFORE going up the hall!

After defeating Lance, you beat the game. Reset? No… you’re only past HALF of it! The second map is from the second part of the game! You will now play in the old towns from the Pokémon Red/Blue game! The total number of badges in the game is 16 badges!

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