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Super Metroid – Complete Walkthrough (Step by Step Guide)

Walkthrough by: Revolution Arena

Space Colony

In this initial phase, you start at the Space Colony. Continue through this space station until you find Ridley, the imposing dragon. The battle with Ridley is more of an introductory event to the game, so keep fighting until your energy is almost depleted. Ridley will eventually run away, signaling the start of the escape timer. Go back the way you came until you reach the start of the level. Remember to be quick as time is short and the station is about to explode.


After escaping from the Space Colony, Samus, the game’s heroine, lands in Crateria, on the surface of the planet Zebes. Here, one of the first things you’ll want to do is save the game, to do this, position Samus on top of the ship and press down.

From there, head left. Continue in this direction until you find a door on the floor. Use your shooting attack to open the door and go down through it. You will find a blinking elevator on the floor. Stand on it and press down to use it.

After that, you need to collect the Morphing Ball. To get this, continue left, jump onto the wall and get the item. Now you can turn into a ball to access tighter places. This will be very helpful throughout your journey.

From here, head left until you find a red door that doesn’t open right away. Shoot the floor until you see another door further down. Use the Morphing Ball to enter it and grab the flashing missile.

Return to the red door, press SELECT to switch to missiles, and shoot five of them to open the door. On this new path, take another missile to the right and return to the elevator to go up.

Continue your exploration, engaging enemies with simple gunfire. When you find a red door protected by blue creatures, use five missiles to open the door and get the game map. Now that you have the map, head up and see a door on the left. Turn into a ball to enter and save the game.

After that, continue going up until you find three bats. Use the Morphing Ball to enter the hole in the floor and go right. You will find the Bomb, but an enemy will appear right after you pick it up. Defeat it with missiles to the head and return to where the flying snail was.

Go up to the right, using the down-down + X combination to detonate the blocks. Return to the ship, save the game, and return to the place where you found the three bats. Go left (without falling) until you reach the wall. Use the Morphing Ball and Bombs to clear the path and proceed.


Your arrival in Brinstar will be marked by a greener atmosphere and iconic music. Enter the door on the left and blow up the bottom of the wall to get the map of the area. The door on the right leads to more missiles, and you can blow up the wall on the left to get back.

The next step is to go down and enter the door on the right. Destroy the wall and quickly go to the floor on the left to get more missiles. Further on, blow up the blocks near the missile and get the Charge Beam, a powerful upgrade for your weapon. Save the game, go back and enter the red door on the right.

Here, you will face the Spore Spawn. The best strategy is to transform into a ball and stay in one of the corners, avoiding the smaller projectiles he shoots. When he opens his mouth, shoot him with missiles or the Charge Beam. Beating this sub-boss will earn you the Super Missile. Use it to open green doors and destroy stone obstacles in your path.


After defeating the Spore Spawn, you will take an elevator to Norfair, a hot and dangerous area on the planet Zebes. Enter the door immediately ahead and grab the energy tank. Then, go to the left of the tank and enter the door.

Use your missiles to destroy the pipe above and get the High Jump Boots. With these boots, Samus can jump even higher, allowing you to reach new areas. Grab an additional missile by jumping on the walls, and after eliminating the orange enemy, return to the elevator and go up.

Brinstar (Part 2)

At this stage, you start by heading back to an area with two snakes and a central plant. Stay as far left as possible without entering the door and shoot up the wall. You will see two blocks. Destroy the first one and shoot the second one to reveal a green door, which leads to the powerful Spazer gun.

After getting the Spazer, go back to the elevator and blast the bottom right part of the elevator room. Doing so will reveal a rock that can be destroyed with a super missile. Go inside and jump into the statue’s mouth to find a secret path. Be careful not to enter the door while blowing up the bottom left part of the floor.

In the area below, there is a gray door. Before entering, blow up the bottom of the wall on the left to reveal a secret passage. Continue left, blasting the left wall of a hole at the end of the path, and eliminate all the bees in the way.

Then save your game, return to the main area and blow up the crack in the floor. Advance through the new opening, facing green creatures and a more robust opponent with your Spazer (holding X). Enter the next door and shoot the wall above to recharge your missiles and energy.

Continue right until you find an eye. Shoot three missiles at it when it opens to reveal a door. Make sure you have full energy, the Spazer equipped, and at least two energy tanks before facing this area’s boss: Kraid.


Kraid is the first major boss in the game. He emerges from the ground and must be attacked by shooting first his eye and then his mouth with the Spazer. After repeating this process twice, it will stand up. At this point, you must climb the walls above, continue attacking with the Spazer in your mouth and dodge its attacks, avoiding falling off the walls. After Kraid is defeated, enter the door on the right to obtain the Varia Suit.

Now, go back to the room where there was a flashing gray door. Go in and let all the creatures suck you in. When they are all on you, turn into a ball and drop a bomb to get rid of them. Keep shooting the wall until you reveal an energy tank. Take it and return to Norfair.

Norfair (Part 2)

When you arrive in Norfair, enter the first blue door next to the green one. With the Varia Suit you can enter this hot area. Shoot the ground and go right until you find a door. Enter and drop down the third hole (before the green door) to find a missile. Be careful as lava drains your energy quickly. Then, enter the green door, jump to avoid the lava and ignore the seahorse.

Norfair (Part 3)

In this stage, go all the way to the right and when you fall, blow up the pipes on the floor to find another missile. Go back until you find two heads and several blocks in the middle, explode the fake blocks (the second and third from left to right) and continue. Kill the enemies that appear, then enter the door below.

Take advantage of the room on the right to eliminate enemies and recharge energy. Then, enter the door below. When you enter, lava will begin to rise from the ground. Quickly go left, shoot the ceiling and calmly climb up. From here, lava is a constant threat, so stay alert.

You’ll need to jump on the creatures to cross the lava, but don’t delay as they sink. Use the Spazer to kill the seahorse that emerges from the ground and enter the blue door. Destroy the hive and recharge energy. Leave and return to destroy the hive again, doing this until your energy is fully charged.

After reloading, go back and enter the pink door. Jump on the little yellow robots, shoot the blue light in the pipe and get the missile.

Now comes the trickiest part: run to the right, ignoring the spikes, doing somersaults and leaning against the wall to climb up a little. Keep doing this until you enter the pink door and get the Wave Beam.

After getting the Wave Beam, go back and enter the door on the left where two seahorses are. Go up, shoot the green door and ignore the red plant. Kill the bats, shoot the ceiling in the center, enter and shoot the ceiling again to recharge with the creatures that come out of the pipe.

When you enter the next door, run to the end to get the Speed ​​Booster. Use the Speed ​​Booster to run out of the lava area.

Go back to where the red plant was, shoot it and fall to the left. Go back along the pipe path, but this time, enter the door on the left. Get in and run. Save the game.

Now, go up until you see a green door on the right, enter it and run. When you reach an area with three green heads, go up near the door, see the pipe below, blow it up and stay to the left. Now jump, and at the top quickly turn into a ball and pass to the other side. You will find the Ice Beam.

Go back to where you blew up the pipe and go through the door. Get close to the lava and freeze the animals that jump to create a bridge and get to the other side. Freeze the snail and enter the door. When you reach the ground, kill the orange creature, explode the block, turn into a ball and go to the other side – the ground will explode automatically. Now you must go to Brinstar again.

Brinstar (Part 3)

In Brinstar, head left until you reach the area where the flying snails are. Using the Ice Beam ability to freeze them, jump on top of them, freezing each one that comes your way to climb higher. Continue like this until you reach the top.

When you reach the top, avoid the initial blue door and continue climbing, always freezing the flying snails to advance. At the end of this climb, you will find a blue door on the right. Enter it.

This new area is quite narrow and full of enemies. Here, it is highly recommended that you use the jumping skill with the help of the bomb to overcome the obstacles. When you reach the other room, quickly head to the right, where there is a door slightly above ground level. Enter it and save the game.

After saving, shoot the ground to reveal a series of caterpillars. Go through the door on the left to find the Power Bomb. Pick it up, then blow one up (press SELECT three times and roll into a ball, then press X) to reveal a hidden missile.

Return to the location where you saved your game, and after saving again, go back and enter the green door above. Eliminate the locusts in the area and, on the far left, drop a Power Bomb. Land on the plant without the green snake and collect another Power Bomb.

Return, go up and enter the elevator. The yellow doors you will find can now be opened with a Power Bomb.

Crateria (Part 2)

When you return to Crateria, go up and head left. Use the regular bombs to blow up the wall and enter your ship to recharge all items and energy and save your progress.

Head to the room before the first elevator you found in the game and stay on the far left. Blow up the floor to reveal a missile. Now, go down the elevator I mentioned and enter the door on the right. Continue through the next door on the right and shoot the ceiling until an energy tank is revealed. Pick it up and head to where you got the Morphing Ball.

Once there, drop a Power Bomb on the wall on the left to reveal another Power Bomb. Release another one to eliminate the grasshoppers that will appear. When you enter the next door, you will be taken back to Brinstar.

Brinstar (Part 4)

From this point, your goal is to head directly to Norfair. Halfway through, you’ll encounter an obstacle where two bats are flying – a jump that can’t be cleared with the Hi-Jump Boots activated. To overcome this obstacle, press START, then R to deactivate the boots, make the jump and then reactivate the boots. Continue heading towards Norfair.

Norfair (Part 3)

Once you arrive in Norfair, go to the door on the right on the floor and save your progress. Run, enter the next door, fall into the hole and blow up the floor. Enter the door on the left. Face the barrel, press down and hold R, then fire. If you hadn’t gotten the Wave Beam, this part would be extremely difficult.

After entering the door, go to the bottom door on the floor. Drop inside and enter the door on the right to recharge your energy. Go back and enter the door on the left. Shoot a super missile at the green door on the floor to unlock it and get ready to face Crocomire.

Remember, facing bosses in Super Metroid requires patience and skill. You will have to learn Crocomire’s attack pattern and attack him when he is vulnerable, avoiding his attacks whenever possible. With patience and practice, you will surely win.


To defeat Crocomire, you must combine your Ice Beam and fire it directly into the monster’s mouth whenever it roars. Keep doing this until he falls. At certain times, the Crocomire can release small spheres that can be shot down to gain energy or additional missiles. Once it falls, observe its decomposition. Don’t be alarmed when he briefly returns, knocking down the wall of spikes before dismantling himself until only his skull remains.

As you continue left, go down through the lower door and go right. Find the red door, continue to the far right to get a missile, and return to the bottom. When entering through the door on the floor, transform into a morph ball and release a Power Bomb. Perform a quick dash and when you fall into the lava, press forward and down simultaneously, which will make Samus blink. While it’s flashing, press A and jump to get the missile. If you don’t succeed on the first try, keep trying.

Run to the far right, perform a somersault to avoid falling into the lava, and enter the door to acquire the Grappling Beam. Use the Grappling Beam to cross the blocks and enter the blue door. Keep using the Grappling Beam and if you find a pipe with a green light, fire a super missile to destroy it and move on.

Once you reach the top, enter the door on the right to save your progress. Use the Grappling Beam on the flying snail to get another Power Bomb. Go back to the area where you defeated Crocomire and use the Grappling Beam to get a tank on the right. Continue climbing and enter the door closest to the ceiling to acquire another missile. When you enter the room, fire a super missile at the pipe, save your progress at the nearest right door, and head back to take the elevator back to Brinstar.

Brinstar (Part 5)

When you arrive in Brinstar, go left, freeze the four flying snails and notice the presence of a yellow door. Use a Power Bomb to blow up the door, use the Grappling Beam and get the Visor. Press SELECT 5 times and B to discover that there is a fake pipe. Transform into a morph ball and use a bomb to enter the fake pipe. Follow the pipe to a place where the ball can’t go any further, and use a bomb to reveal an additional pipe that appears from the ground. After that, return to your ship.

Crateria (Part 3)

Inside your ship, save your progress and head right. Kill the bees, open the yellow door with a Power Bomb, use the Grappling Beam to get a missile and go to the right door, being careful not to fall into the water. If you fall, notice that the block at the end of the pipe is fake.

When you enter, fall into the water and go to the far left on the ground. Shoot, jump and quickly transform into a morph ball to catch the missile. Then, get out of the water and use the Grappling Beam to reach the door on the far right, entering the Wrecked Ship.

Wrecked Ship

You will find a seemingly abandoned place, you will notice that something is blocking the energy. Who will be responsible? You’ll find out soon enough. Enter the right door and ignore the persistent monster that insists on tormenting you. Unless your patience runs out and you decide to kill him. However, remember that he is immortal. Drop down to the ground, shoot the ground on the left and continue going down until you enter a green door.

To the right, explode a bomb on the ground and defeat the eye holder with a super missile when the eye opens. After that, get ready to face Phantoon.


Shoot the little blue beings with the Ice Beam and attack Phantoon when he opens his eye with missiles or even the Ice Beam. Never use a super missile. Phantoon will only appear when he wants, so always stay alert. After beating him, energy will be restored.

Go back and get the map from the left door, go back, go up and enter the first door on the left to get a super missile. After that, go back, go up and enter the second door on the right to save your progress. Then shoot the ceiling, climb to the top and enter the door in the ceiling. Defeat all enemies, enter the right door, shoot the robots and get the missile. Go back, defeat all the enemies again, and this time go through the left door.

Crateria (Part 4)

Start this phase in the lower left direction of the map. Use your viewfinder, an essential tool for identifying hidden details, to detect the presence of a special stone. This specific stone must be targeted by a Super Missile (S. missile). After destroying this stone, activate a Power Bomb to reveal a precious hidden missile. Collect it to expand your arsenal. Afterwards, go down and return to the Wrecked Ship level, preparing yourself for more challenges that lie ahead.

Wrecked Ship (Part 2)

In this segment of the Wrecked Ship stage, the first action to be taken is to enter the door on the right and save your progress. With your progress safely recorded, proceed to the ceiling door and head left after eliminating all enemies in the room. Remember the place where you collected a missile earlier. A little further to the right, activate your viewfinder and identify the section of ground that can be demolished. Destroy the enemy from the pipe to get energy. Advance, eliminating the aquatic beings that cross your path, until you reach an area with a floor full of spikes. Use the Grappling Beam to reach the statue and transform into a Morph Ball in the statue’s hand.

The statue will then descend a staircase, and when released, enter the newly unlocked door. Now, it’s time to collect the Gravit Suit, a hugely valuable upgrade. With the Gravit Suit in hand, return to the previous path, dropping a bomb on the ground. Blow up the next wall as well and make your way to the missile, taking out the robots blocking it. Once you get the missile, drop a Power Bomb on the statue. Run and, when you get close to the wall, press down+forward to start flashing. If you can, run to the end on the right and jump by pressing A (this is only valid while you are blinking). Once you reach the top, use the viewfinder to discern what’s real and what’s not and get a Reserve Tank.

Go back to where you got the Gravit Suit and enter the door on the left.

Crateria (Part 5)

In this stage, the main objective is to enter the water and return to the Wrecked Ship, this time going right. With the Gravit Suit, you can now move at sea without compromising Samus’ speed, a huge advancement provided by this latest update (the first being the Varia Suit).

Wrecked Ship (Part 3)

In this section of the Wrecked Ship, enter the door on the right and save your game. Return and enter the door on the right, which is a little lower than the previous one. Now, with the Gravit Suit, Samus can pass through this area. When you encounter floating platforms that fall and rise, use Samus’s ball form to navigate them. When you fall, quickly move to the next platform and keep doing this until you enter the door. Use the viewfinder on the ceiling and enter the red door on the left. Use the Grappling Beam to collect an energy tank that is on the left of the room. After that, go back and proceed to the blue door on the right.

Crateria (Part 6)

In this phase, start by eliminating the aquatic creatures that cross your path and then proceed through the door on the right. Destroy the hives to collect energy and enter the door on the ground. Here, move to the bottom right and activate the viewfinder to determine the correct path to follow. If you get stuck, drop a Power Bomb, which can help open the way. When you enter the door, use a Power Bomb to open a yellow door. Finally, use the elevator to enter the next phase: Maridia.


You will begin your exploration through two doors, the red one dedicated to preserving your progress in the game – the save room – and the blue one marking progression through the level.

When you go through the blue door, you will find yourself in a new underwater zone full of hostile sea creatures. Carefully and precisely, defeat each one as you move on to the next door. Entering it, you will find yourself in front of an area filled with quicksand. Allow yourself to slowly sink into the sand and you will proceed to another blue door.

Continuing, you will climb to the top right corner of the map, where you will find a green door. Behind it, you’ll be tasked with exploring the ground using your X-ray visor to identify fake terrain that can be destroyed, clearing the way to the next area.

This segment of the game is notably difficult and requires patience. You’ll need to constantly jump, ignoring enemies as you go. When you reach the next room, identify a block in the center of the ceiling that you can latch onto with the Grappling Beam. As time passes, the block will disappear, making way for a higher area.

At this point, you will need to climb to where the block was, which may require you to sink into the quicksand to gain momentum. Keep a steady rhythm of jumping until you reach the desired area.

Once you get there, perform a series of acrobatic wall jumps, similar to the technique used to acquire the Wave Beam. Quickly press in the opposite direction and perform another jump until you reach the top of the area on the right. Continue right, drop down through the false floor and go through another blue door.

As soon as you enter this new room, use a Power Bomb. Important: Do not eliminate the burrowing creature that appears. Instead, watch as it digs through the mud, making its way easier. Transform into a morphing ball and enter the new passage that appears.

Two routes will be revealed, with the left one being the correct one. Use the bombs to propel yourself upwards and acquire the Spring Ball, an ability that allows Samus to jump high while in ball form, without the need to use bombs. With this new ability in hand, return to the location where the burrowing creature was and resume your path.

Apply your X-ray visor to identify deceptive terrain and proceed until you encounter quicksand and enemies. Eliminate or avoid them as you proceed to the door on the left.

Continue along the path to the left until you find an area with two blocks on the ground. Go under them and you will find two doors: the red one will give you the map of Maridia, while the other will allow you to continue your journey.

Next, you’ll face creatures that emerge from tubes. Use your Super Missiles to destroy these pipes and drop down to a new area. The next room is a major landmark in the game – use a Power Bomb on the door on the left to break some glass, dramatically changing the game’s environment.

After this event, the red door below will allow you to save your game again. Then get ready to face the most difficult section of Maridia – a vertical climb where several missiles and Super Missiles will be at your disposal. Keep calm as you will soon be able to collect them.

Go through the door on the right at the top of the climb and fall down. Use the viewfinder on the left wall to discover a secret path accessible as a marble. Follow this path to collect a Super Missile.

Continue right until you find a place where you can climb. Go back to the door on the left, use the Grappling Beam to hang from the ceiling, and proceed right.

Arriving at the desired location, explode the central part of the floor and enter the door that reveals itself. Use a Power Bomb to reveal a new passage. Go down it, go through the door on the left and save your progress again.

Note that on the right there is a last passage. To reach her, run and press forward and down on the controller, putting Samus in a ‘blinking’ state. During this state, jump and you will be able to reach a new area where a missile is located. Continue right, use the viewfinder to figure out where not to step, and collect a Super Missile.

Then go left until you find two parallel walls. Here, use the Grappling Beam to get across. When you reach the other side, use the Grappling Beam again on the ceiling to the left and enter through the door.

Once through the door, use the scope to identify areas that can be targeted by your weapons. Run and enter the next door.

Facing Maridia’s Underboss

Maridia’s underboss appears, a creature whose vulnerability resides in its head – that’s where your Ice Beam should be aimed. Strategically, position yourself in the left corner, this will limit the sub-boss’s options and give you a certain advantage. As the battle progresses, the sub-boss will increase his speed, making him a harder target to hit. Persevere and continue to fire the Ice Beam at its head.

After defeating him, look for an energy tank near the sand. Transform into a compact sphere and jump to grab it. Continue your journey with sphere jumps until you reach the next door. Use the Grappling Beam to reach the door and continue the adventure. At the far end of the room, look for the red door at the top. Go inside, save and recharge your energy before heading to the green door below.

When you reach the next section, move to the right and use the scanner to find a hidden missile. Move left and throw yourself at the spikes. Yes, the thorns are fake! Here, firing missiles at the eye door when it opens will be your next step in confronting the imposing Draygon.

The Confrontation with Draygon

Draygon is a worthy opponent, probably the most challenging you will encounter in the game. But there is a way to turn the tables in your favor. There are three firing devices in the room, two on the right and one on the left. Take them down before anything else, this will give you some room for maneuver.

There are two ways to defeat Draygon:

The first is a little more complex and time-consuming. It involves firing missiles and Super Missiles into its belly. At the same time, you must jump over it to avoid the small white beings it releases.

The second way is more risky, but if you succeed, Draygon will be defeated quickly. Let the little white beings grab it. When Draygon traps you, start firing the Grappling Beam continuously. The objective here is to hit the electrical device above. If you get it right, hold down the X button and Draygon will be eliminated in a few moments. Remember, this technique only works if Samus is facing left.

After defeating Draygon, advance and acquire Space Jump, an invaluable tool that will allow you to jump infinitely, although it leaves you vulnerable to attacks. Go back the way you came and if you see a flashing door, go inside. Ignore the purple plants as you continue jumping. At the end, go up to the top left corner, but don’t go through the door. There is a secret passage to the right. Move forward until you find another flashing door, enter and go up to find the Plasma Beam in the lower right corner.

After acquiring the Plasma Beam, it’s time to go back and enter the door in the upper left corner. Your journey will then take you back to the place where the glass was broken. When you get there, enter the lower door and save your game. Now, it’s time to head to Norfair. Remember to remain vigilant and utilize every tool at your disposal to ensure success in your mission. Super Metroid is a game of strategy and exploration, so use each resource wisely.

Norfair (Part 4)

You must go down and go to the door on the right; Log in and make sure to save your progress. Keep going right until you come across a green background. This is your cue to find the lower door. Follow the path until you come across blue, spherical creatures. When you reach this point, go down and locate the yellow door. Now it’s time to face the dangerous lava – dive in and use your agility to jump to the other side.

After the dangerous crossing, enter the door and don’t forget to save the game again. Now, you will ride the elevator to penetrate the heart of enemy territory – the Norfair empire.

When you disembark, head directly to the door on your left. Use your ability to transform into a sphere (Morph Ball) in the left corner and release a Power Bomb (P. Bomb). Then do the same transformation on the statue’s hand. A cascade of acid will begin to descend, opening a passage for you. Enter through it and use the P. Bomb once again to eliminate the blocks (stones) that block your path.

Proceed with caution and enter the door. Now, it is crucial not to take any steps before using your viewfinder to scan the area, realizing the reason for this precaution. Collect the missile and prepare to face Norfair’s second sub-boss.

In the confrontation with the sub-boss, who is an animated statue, your tactic is to continually jump, attacking the statue’s head with your Plasma Beam. Once the statue is defeated, the path will be clear for you to get the Screw Attack. Return to the area where you acquired the Screw Attack by jumping to the top right. Using your visor, identify and pick up a Super Missile.

With the Super Missile in hand, go back and start climbing until you reach the ceiling. Use the Super Missile to destroy the pipe and quickly enter the door. Now, you need to act quickly – run before the acid rises again, and jump across the pillars to blow them up. Continue up and enter the door, and then the upper right before the acid reaches you. Launch a Super Missile at the green monster, penetrate the place where he was, avoid exterminating the fireflies and collect an energy tank.

Continuing your journey, enter the right section and use the viewfinder to find and collect a missile and another P. Bomb. Return to the left door and use the visor on the floor to enter. Go down, enter the door to save your progress, and continue down. By using the viewer on the floor, you will discover a secret entrance to the yellow door.

In this new environment, use your visor to discover that you can enter the left part by transforming into a sphere (Morph Ball). Follow it to the end, use the viewfinder to locate a block that can be destroyed and collect the hidden Power Bomb.

Now, you will find yourself in a room with three statues. Use a P. Bomb to blow up the central statue. Go down and enter the green door, where you will face two monsters – perform somersaults and shoot when they turn yellow to defeat them. Enter the next door and recover ALL your energy by exterminating the creatures that emerge from the pipe.

As you continue to the left, you will find a living door (eye door). Defeat her and prepare for one of the most challenging bosses in the game – Ridley.

The Confrontation with Ridley

Ridley is an opponent to be respected. He is fierce, relentless, and incredibly resilient. To defeat him, you must exhaust all of your super missiles first. Then, use all your common missiles, and finally, launch attacks with your Plasma Beam until you knock him down.

It is essential that you keep moving constantly to avoid Ridley’s attacks and tail. The tail is especially resistant and will not take damage from your attacks. After the arduous battle, enter the left door to find the broken Metroid glass. This is an indication that the real battle is just beginning.

Now, go back to where you defeated the two monsters that turn yellow and enter the door on the right. Climb up and detonate a Power Bomb. Proceed right and enter the door. Use the viewfinder to discern what is real and what is an illusion. Save your progress and continue up, entering the door on the right.

Continue climbing, entering the wall in the upper left corner. Now, head to the left door and proceed carefully, always paying attention to the lava. When you reach a place where you need to climb, use the viewfinder to discover that one of the steps is fake – enter it, collect the missile and continue your climb.

The central part of the ceiling is false. Go in there and head left. You will find the entrance where you were about to get the Speed ​​Booster. Enter the left door, use Grappling to grab the ceiling and enter the green door. Collect the missile and shoot the bottom left corner to reveal a pipe. Enter the passage by transforming into a sphere (Morph Ball).

Proceed to the end and collect another Reserve Tank. Use the viewfinder to discover that one of the blocks is a missile. Pick it up and return to where you used Grappling. Drop down and head to the bottom left corner, detonating a Power Bomb. Enter the left door and return to Brinstar, saving your progress along the way.

Brinstar (Part 6)

In the sixth segment of Brinstar’s exploration, your main objective is to return to your spaceship. This step, as simple as it may seem, is a vital exercise in reviewing and reflecting on the challenges overcome.

You will find yourself where you acquired the Power Bomb. Here, your journey back begins. Follow the exact path that led you to this point, noting the areas that may now seem milder or still challenging, even after you have gained new powers and abilities. This trip is not just a physical return, but also an opportunity to reflect on the progress you’ve made.

Crateria (Part 7)

Arriving in Crateria, your first action will be to enter the ship. This is a crucial time to replenish all your weapons, recover your energy and save your progress. After all, the challenges that await you are immense.

Once outside the ship, head left and continue to where you got your first energy tank. Proceed through the door on the left, go down, eliminating all enemies in your path, and enter the door on the right. Here, you will be greeted by the statue of the four bosses – a reminder of the powerful adversaries you have overcome. When the four lights emerge, the statue will sink, opening the way for your greatest challenge – the final confrontation.


In this part, you will enter the door on the right. Here, you have the opportunity to save your progress once again, but after that, avoid saving again in this area. Go through the left door, annihilating the enemies with three Power Bombs. Continue your path, eliminating all the enemies you encounter.

The music will change, a sign that the final confrontation is approaching. The Tourian environment becomes more frightening when you encounter an adult Metroid, one of the beings it once protected, now transformed into a ravenous monster. Let it drain your energy until there is only one unit left. Startled by the sound of your armor’s alarm, the Metroid will recognize you and run away.

Then enter the left door to recharge your energy and missiles. Go through the door on the right, exterminating the last eye holder. Proceed through the door below, destroying the red windows with your missiles or Super Missiles.

Mother Brain

After going down, you will find a larger glass. Shoot Super Missiles to break it, and once destroyed, attack the brain with your missiles. The music will change again, signaling the appearance of the real boss – Mother Brain.

In this fight, the strategy is simple: shoot missiles, Super Missiles or the Plasma Beam incessantly at the brain. However, don’t be fooled by the apparent ease of this phase. The real challenge will reveal itself when Mother Brain uses a powerful attack that can leave you in trouble.

However, when Mother Brain is about to launch another attack, the Metroid will come to her rescue, sacrificing himself and transferring the Hyper power to Samus. With this new ability, continue attacking the brain until it is completely destroyed. With this, you have destroyed Zebes’ control center and the planet is on the verge of explosion.

Escape quickly, ignoring enemies. If you have time, stop where you found the Bomb, save the animals by shooting the right part, and then continue to your ship. The time has come to enjoy your much-deserved finale, marking the end of a journey of intense battles and incredible discoveries.

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