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Pokémon Leaf Green – Complete Walkthrough (Step by Step Guide)

Walkthrough by: Revolution Arena

The beginning is always the same, you are a boy who has always dreamed of being a Pokémon trainer, and today the day has come to start. Choose the character’s gender, enter your name and the name of your rival. The teacher will talk some more and the game will begin.

Pallet City

You’ll start in your room, like in any version. There you have your video game, a bookshelf, your bed and your computer. Go to the computer and grab a Potion item that is deposited there, if you want. Then, go down and go to the door of your house. Leave there and head to the north of the city, where there is a path with grass, but you won’t be able to get out, as someone will call you. It’s Professor Oak. He will say that it is dangerous to leave a city without a Pokémon, and will take you to his laboratory.

The teacher will give you the choice between three different Pokémon: the famous Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Choose between one of them. Bulbasaur is a grass and poisonous Pokémon, Squirtle is a water Pokémon and Charmander is a fire Pokémon. Each one has a different skill and different stats. After that, your rival will also choose a pokemon for him. If you catch Bulbasaur, the rival gets Charmander, if you catch Charmander, the rival gets Squirtle, and if you catch Squirtle, the rival gets Bulbasaur. After all this, the teacher talks some more and you are free… or not.

When you reach the exit of Professor Oak’s office, your rival will call you to fight (we will call Gary’s rival as in the cartoon). Gary will always use a Pokémon that beats his type, but that doesn’t matter in this fight, as no Pokémon has a super effective move yet, so don’t worry. When the fight starts, Gary will appear on the battle screen.

The teacher will speak in the middle of the fight and will teach you how to fight. It will explain everything about the HP and if you press any of the R or L buttons, a help menu will appear that will teach you everything. The teacher will explain what to do, although it is not very difficult. If you win, you will win money, and if you lose, the teacher will explain to you how you lose money and everything else. Don’t worry about losing, this fight isn’t worth anything in the game, just money…

When you win or lose the fight (I hope you win), you can leave the city (finally adventure). Now on the way out of town there is a girl. She will explain some things to you, but nothing very important. You’ll finally be able to experience Route 1!

Route 1

Route 1 (Route, in English) doesn’t have many important things at the beginning of the game, because you won’t be able to capture any Pokémon yet, just level up and get an item with a little guy. After passing the route, you will arrive at a new city, Viridian City.

Viridian City

In Viridian there isn’t much to do now, just go to the store in town, where the lazy clerk will simply ask you to make a delivery for him, and who is the delivery for? Professor Oak. He decided to buy a Pokéball and will there be any left for whoever gives it to him? You. Take it and leave the store, because you won’t be able to buy anything. Take a trip to the city’s school, if you want, there you’ll learn things about the game.

After that, go to the Pokémon Center which is different from before, look around and go up the stairs to see the Link Cable room. Talk to Nurse Joy to get your Pokémon back and talk to everyone there to learn new things. See the map on the wall etc. After all this, go back to Route 1, as you must deliver the package to Professor Oak.

Back to Pallet

Now that you’ve done everything you can in Viridian, your next destination is Pallet, your hometown. There you will have to hand over the Poké Ball and shortly after that, Gary will appear in the laboratory. The teacher will give everyone a pokedex and give you 5 pokeballs and Gary will say that his sister wants to give you a map. Leave the laboratory and go to the house next to yours and get the map. Now you must return to Viridian to continue your journey that has just begun.

Route 1 is now more lively, as you can capture Pokémon. Pokémon found: Pidgey 2,3,4 and Ratatta 2,3.


There is almost nothing in Viridian, just earning some items. And an old man will teach you how to capture Pokémon, but I advise you not to use his way. Afterwards, the old man will give you a really cool and new item. Now you can leave the city to the north and you will go to Route 2. You can visit Route 22 from there, where some new Pokémon will appear, as well as a fight with Gary that is not mandatory.

Pokémon found (Route 22): Mankey 2,3,4 Ratatta 2,3,4.

Route 2

Here there are only a few Pokémon to capture, but nothing very new. Now it’s time to prepare for your first big challenge, as Viridian Forest will now come.

Pokémon found: Pidgey 2,3,4 and Ratatta 2,3.

This is the game’s forest, one of the most boring places there is. There are several fights to face here, but the money is very little. Here you will find several insect Pokémon, just one type of Electric Pokémon and some items. Capture one of each to help complete the pokedex in the future. When you leave there, you will arrive in Pewter.

Pokémon found: Caterpie 3,4 Weedle 3,4,5 Metapod 4,5,6 Kakuna 4,5,6 and Pikachu 2,3.

Pewter City

Finally you arrived in a big city. First of all, go to the Pokémon Center. In Pewter there is a fossil museum, but there is nothing very interesting there for now. In the future, you might get an Aerodactyl there, but right now there’s nothing cool about it. Then, go to the store and refill your Potion stock, as the challenge will be complicated. If you caught Bulbasaur or Squirtle, the fight will be easy. Prepare your team and go to the gym.

Pewter’s Gym:

Leader: Brock – Type: Rock
Geodude 12 and Onix 14

The fight will be easy if you use water moves or grass moves. When you win, you will earn the first badge, Boulder Badge and TM 39 – Rock Tomb. Now you can leave Pewter, but a man will stop you at the exit. Don’t worry, he will give you the Running Shoes, a very good item, which allows you to run by holding the B button.

Route 03

Route 3 is full of people wanting to fight, it also has your first Berry and the entrance to Mt. Moon, the first cave in the game.

This is the cave where you will find different items and several Pokémon to capture. The path is a bit boring, but it is full of new things. Here you will win the fossil (Kabuto or Omanyte), and you will fight the first Rockets. The cave is not that complicated to get through, but it will take a while. If you played the old versions, you’ll notice that this cave is a little more thorough than the other. Here, you will find sand, fountains, etc. To get out easily, here are the tips: Find a staircase on the same floor as the cave entrance, where there is a fat man nearby. You will arrive at a passage. Go past it and go down the stairs. You will see a ramp. Go down it and you will see another ramp and a Rocket.

Fight if you want, and then go up the other ramp and follow the path to the end, where you’ll see another Rocket. Fight him, and head north where you will see a man with glasses and two strange rocks. These stones are fossils. You will have to fight the man, and after that, you will be able to get one of the two fossils, Helix Fossil (Omanyte) and Dome Fossil (Kabuto). When you catch one, the man will catch the other. Follow the path, go up the stairs, and you’ll see another one. Climb this and you are out of the cave. It will be on Route 4.

Route 04

On Route 4, you will see the first Move Tutor. They teach the Mega Punch and/or Mega Kick moves. You will find some items, and have some Pokémon to capture, but your destination is now Cerulean.

Items found: Razz Berry, TM 05
Pokémon: Sandshrew, Ekans, Pidgey, Ratatta

Cerulean City

If you’ve never played the old versions, you might think that this city is huge, but it’s not. We’ll still see bigger ones. There, there is the second gym, and the bicycle shop, but you won’t be able to get it yet. Stop by the Pokémon Center and you can now choose between going to the gym now or later, but let’s go to the gym first.

Cerulean Gym

Leader: Misty – Type: Water
Staryu 18 and Starmie 21

If you started with Bulbasaur (which should already be Ivysaur) this fight will be easy, as they all use water Pokémon. When you win, Misty will give you TM 03 (Water Pulse) and the game’s second badge, the Cascade Badge. Now that you’ve earned the second badge, go to the Pokémon Center and head north as you’ll be stuck in Cerulean. Notice that there is a police officer in front of a door next to an exit. Go to the exit and you will have to fight Gary again. Beat him to earn the Fame Checker and continue climbing, you will leave Cerulean, but many challenges will come.

Route 24

Route 24 is the one that takes you to Bill’s house. You will need to go through Bill’s house to allow you to leave the city, to get the SS.Ticket and to win some items and levels with your Pokémon. The island starts with a bridge with several challenges worth a Nugget. When you fight with about thirteen people, you’ll arrive at Bill’s house. There, you will have to take off his costume so he can give you the SS. Ticket. You can now return to Cerulean. When you arrive, you will notice that the police officer who was in front of the door is now on her side. That’s it, you can now leave Cerulean and go to the next city.

Cerulean 2 Now that you’ve returned to Cerulean, get ready, because the game isn’t going to get easy. From now on, the further you advance, the more the game will bring you new features (these are not differences between the old and the new, they are famous new features). Enter the little house where there was a police officer in front, and you will see that the house has been completely destroyed inside. Now exit it through the top door and you will see a Rocket. He will challenge you to fight. Fight him to earn TM 28 – Dig. Once you win, you can head south. You will see an entrance on the right, but you will not be able to enter, as there is a tree in the path. Go down and be careful not to fall into Cerulean and have to go back all over again. You will arrive on route 5.

Route 05

On Route 5 there isn’t much to do, but if you want to leave a Pokémon to gain levels there, you can. Each step you take is equal to 1 experience point. Going all the way down, you will see a small house and a big house. The big house is the passage to Saffron, and the small one is the underground passage to Vermilion, your next destination. You can go all the way down and go through the pass until you get to Vermilion.

Vermilion City

In Vermilion there are plenty of things to do. The first thing is to go on the SS Anne ship, which is like the ships in the other versions, except you don’t travel on it. When you enter, go left and go up a ladder. Then, go down and head left. There, you will have to fight Gary again. Beat him, and go up the stairs. You will arrive in the captain’s room. Talk to him to get HM 01 – Cut. After that, go to the gym, and use Cut on a different tree. Enter the gym to fight LT. Comes up.

Vermilion Gym:

Leader: Lt.Surge – Type: Electric
Magnemite??, Voltorb?? and Magneton??

To beat him, use stone Pokémon on Voltorb and fire Pokémon on Magnemite and Magneton, which will be easy. When you win, you will earn the Thunder Badge and TM 34 – Shock Wave.

Once you beat the gym, you will no longer have anything mandatory in Vermilion, but you will be able to do one of the best things in the game: win the Bike. Go to the little house above the gym and talk to a man with a mustache and hat to get the Bike Voucher. Afterwards, go to Cerulean and enter the Bicycle Shop. Talk to the cashier to get yours. Your next destination is Celadon and to get to Celadon you will need to go through the Rock Tunnel, to easily go through the Rock Tunnel you will need HM 05, and to gain HM 05 you will need to go to Pewter and the closest path to Pewter It’s Diglett Cave, but you can go to Route 11 to gain some levels and capture some Pokémon.

On Route 11, you will find several Pokémon, and several trainers. There’s nothing to do here except see some new things.

Pokémon: Sandshrew (LG), Ekans (FR), Drowzee, Pidgey
Items found: Razz Berry, Escape Rope

Digglet Cave

The Diglett Cave is a cave that has no items, no trainers, just Diglett and Dugtrio to be captured.

Back to the beginning. Here, you can go to some events that were previously prohibited. In Pewter, you can enter the museum through a small room on the side and if you talk to a man next to a golden stone, you will win Old Amber, which can be exchanged for an Aerodactyl in the future. You can also go to a Move Tutor in Viridian where your Pokémon can learn Dream Eater. And if you head south of the Diglett Cave route, you’ll get HM 05 from a professor’s assistant.

Route 09 and 10

Route 09 is just the way to the Rock Tunnel. There, there are several trainers, and you better fight with them all, as the game will start to get difficult now, as you will face several challenges and the levels will increase.

Items found: Burn Heal, Persim Berry
Pokémon: Voltorb, Magnemite, Pidgey

Rock Tunnel

The Rock Tunnel is a dark and very boring cave. You went to take the HM 05 on route 2, now you will use it to light the way. There is no way you can get lost there as the path is very easy. Take Repels to help, and continue. If you played RS, you will notice that there are some Rock Smash stones there, but until you reach the end of the game, you won’t be able to break them, as you can only get HM 06 on the Sevii Islands. You will exit at the end of route 10, where a little to the south, you will see the city of Lavander, the most mysterious city in the game…

Lavender Town

Now there’s not much to do in Lavander, other than stop by the Pokémon Center and recover your supplies of items from the store. You will notice that there is a large tower there, but if you go inside, you won’t do very well there. Now you must go to Celadon. Exit to the left to reach Route 08.

Route 08

On Route 08, you will be able to gain several levels, as there are a lot of people to fight with. You have to prepare, because it’s been a while since there’s been an important fight. Soon, they will come all at once, and you won’t be able to escape if you want to “finish” the game. But you must find a small house with a secret passage next to a passage to Saffron, which you cannot enter yet. When you find this passage, go straight to the end to reach Route 07, which connects Saffron to Celadon.
 Note: Don’t try to do the Mew bug because it won’t work.

On Route 07 there is nothing to do, just go left to reach Celadon.

Pokémon: Pidgey, Bellsprout, Oddish, Meowth
Items found: Wepear Berry

Celadon City

The first thing you should do is stop by the Pokémon Center, like in any city. The second is to go to the right and go up a small passage, and reach a building, to go up to the top floor and get a beautiful Eevee. After that, enter the same building, but from the front to get the Tea, which enables you to go to Saffron (At last), with an old lady. Now you have two missions, earn the fourth badge and get the Silph Scope from Team Rocket’s secret base. Which do you want to do first? Let’s start with the coolest, the fourth badge.

Celadon Gym

To beat Erika, just use fire strikes (if you chose Charmander or evolved your Eevee into Flareon) or flying strikes (if you caught a Pidgey, which must already be Pidgeotto, at the beginning of the game). It won’t be too difficult if you use Pokémon that attack first. You will earn the Rainbow Badge and TM 19.

Now comes the boring part, Team Rocket’s base: Go to the Game Corner, and find a man facing a sign. He’s a Rocket. Fight him and after beating him, talk to the sign. This will make a ladder appear nearby. You will arrive at a place where there will be another staircase to go down. Go down it and you will arrive in a room with two plants. You might find the position of the stairs strange, but if you think about it, you’ll see that Team Rocket’s base is underground (it’s down and not up) which is why the stairs have their position changed. Go up the stairs to the side and you will see another maze below. When you find a Rocket at the end of the maze, go right to find an item and another ladder to go down. Go down it and go to the highest place on the floor. You will see a Rocket. Fight him and after you win, talk to him again to get the Lift Key. Now go back two floors, go through the maze and look for an elevator at the bottom of the base. Enter it and press the buttons (far left-up) to go to B4F. Get out of the elevator and go up until you find two Rockets next to a door. Fight them both to be able to proceed to Giovanni. Preferably leave a water or plant Pokémon to fight, which will be easier, as it will use ground/rock Pokémon, which are Onix, Rhyhorn and Kangaskhan. When you beat him, he will disappear and leave an item, the Silph Scope. Pick it up and exit the base.

After all that, you should get the HM 02 (Fly). Go to an exit just to the left of Celadon and use Cut. You will find a little house. Go in and out the other side to see another house. Go in and talk to the girl. She will say that you found her secret place and will give you HM 02. There is also the first double fight. It’s over in Celadon, now comes another boring part of the game, hehe, don’t give up, you’re already halfway through.

Items found: X Speed, Moon Stone, TM 12 (Taunt), Rare Candy, Black Glasses, Max Ether, TM 49 (Snatch), Lift Key, Calcium, Silph Scope

Now you have something to do in Lavander, because with the Silph Scope you can see ghosts. Enter Lavander’s ghost tower to save old Mr. Fuji, who climbed the tower to try to calm the spirit of a Cubone. Go up and on the second floor, you will find Gary. Fight him and when you win, keep climbing. When you reach the penultimate floor, a lost soul will not want to let you go up, and will call you to fight. It’s a Marowak. He can’t be captured, so don’t even try. When you beat Marowak, keep going up and you’ll find a series of Rockets to fight. When you beat them all, you will see Mr. Fuji. He will take you to his home in Lavander and give you a PokéFlute, which is used to wake up Snorlax, enabling him to go to Fuchsia. Now that you’ve done all this, you can choose between two destinations, Saffron City or Fuchsia City. We chose Saffron first as it’s the most boring, but you’ll have to go through both, you’re just choosing the order.

Pokémon found: Gastly, Haunter, Cubone
Items: Elixir, Awakening, Great Ball, Cleanse Tag, Nugget, X Accuracy, Rare Candy

Saffron City

Now on Saffron, Team Rocket attacked again. The good thing is that the last challenge against them is on the Kanto continent (There are still seven islands to see them). The only vacant path is the entrance to Silph Co or the mini gym, also called Dohjo de Lutas. In Dohjo, you will face several fighting Pokémon and when you beat them all you can choose between winning a Hitmonchan and a Hitmonlee. Now you must go up to Silph Co. and reach the top floor to face Giovanni for the penultimate time. The simplest way is: Go to the third floor and go left until you see a secret passage. Enter it and go down as far as you can. You’ll see another passage and a Rocket. Fight Rocket and/or drop down to enter the passage. (You go to the ninth floor, but there’s nothing to do there!) Then enter it again to return to where you were. Go down and go right to get the Card Key. Now go back to the third floor and fight a Rocket in a small hallway right below the elevator. When you win, go to the blocked door on the left and press A. It will open and you will see a secret passage. Enter it and you will see who? Gary. Fight him again and talk to the other man in the room when you win. He’ll give you a Lapras. Enter the second secret passage in the small room to reach the top floor. Go down and fight the last Rocket. Beat him and press A on the blocked door. Giovanni will call you to fight. Beat him with a good water pokemon and talk to the man sitting on a couch in the room. He is the president of Silph. He will give you the Masterball. Now the whole city is free, including the gym. Now that you’ve done everything, you can go back to the building and look for the items there.

Enter the gym, enter the first passage and follow these arrows: Up – Down – Down – Right to reach the leader Sabrina.

Saffron Gym

Leader: Sabrina – Type: Psychic
Kadabra 38, Mr.Mime 37, Venomoth 38 and Alakazan 43

Beat her to earn the Marshbadge and TM 04 – Calm Mind

Route 16, 17, 18

These routes are not mandatory, as they connect Celadon with Fuchsia. Here you will find one of the two Snorlax in the game. There are no items there, just Pokémon and several trainers to face. It is mandatory to have a bike on these routes. I prefer to go this route, as here you will face fewer battles, but it is also worth the level of your Pokémon… 

Pokémon found: Ponyta, Grimer, Koffing, Pidgey, Spearow

Route 12, 13, 14, 15

These are other alternative routes that connect Lavander, Vermilion and Fuchsia. There you will find water Pokémon (until now rare in the game), but you will need fishing rods found in a small house on the route and one in Fuchsia (Stupid, because you still can’t go there). Here is the second Snorlax in the game. Then you will meet several coaches, several…

Pokémon found: Goldeen, Horsea, Staryu, Magikarp, Tentacool

Fuchsia City

In Fuchsia there are two things to do, go to the Safari Zone and go to the gym. Enter the Safari zone and follow this path to earn Gold Teeth and HM 03 – Surfing: Take the northwest exit, go right and go up the hill. Exit on the left side and go up the grass until you reach another hill. Climb it and go down to the right. Go behind the hill and go left until you reach another exit. You will see two hills. Climb up the one on the left and exit to the left of it. Go up and head north-left, then go down the other side to the exit. If you go down a little, you will see an item on the floor. It’s Gold Teeth. Take it and go left and you will see a small house. Go in and talk to the little guy. He will give you HM 03 – Surf. Now there’s nothing else to do there. Capture some Pokémon until the time runs out and when it runs out, no matter where you are, you will be taken to the little house where the Safari Zone begins. Exit and continue your way through Fuchsia. Your next destination is the gym. Get ready because you will face the leader of the poisonous Pokémon. Fuchsia’s gym has a very strange thing, transparent walls, but if you look closely, you’ll realize that you can see them, but nothing that’s too complicated… You may come across some psychic Pokémon, but use your head and win. They use Toxic!

Fuchsia Gym

Leader: Koga – Type: Poison
Koffing 37, Muk 39, Koffing 37, Weezing 43

Koga will be very complicated, as it will be very easy for you to get poisoned. When you win, you will earn the Soul Badge and TM 06 – Toxic.

Items found in the Safari Zone: TM 11 – Sunny Day, Full Restore, TM 47 – Steel Wing, Protein, TM 32 – Double Team, Quick Claw
Pokémon: Nidoran M, Nidorino, Nidorina, Tauros, Kangaskhan, Chansey, Dratini (fishing) , Rhyhorn, Goldeen (fishing), Doduo etc.

Route 19, 20

These routes connect Fuchsia with Cinnabar and you must have Surf to be able to ride them. You will find several water Pokémon and several trainers.

Pokémon found: Goldeen, Horsea, Staryu, Magikarp, Tentacool

Seafoam Island

On Seafoam Island you’ll run the risk of catching Articuno, but that’s really annoying. Enter a cave inside. You will need Surf and Strength. After a lot of work, you will see that getting out of there is very easy.

Pokémon found: Ground: Seel, Shellder, Articuno / Water: Goldeen, Horsea, Staryu, Magikarp, Tentacool

Cinnabar Island

This is the last city you will see on the Kanto mainland (On the seven islands there are seven more cities). You will also earn your seventh badge and can finally use the fossils you collected at the beginning of the game to earn the Kabuto/Omanyte and Aerodactyl. Go to a large house on the far left-south of the island. You will see several doors. Enter the last one and talk to a scientist at the top of the room. Deliver the fossil and after a while return to catch the Pokémon with an empty space on the team. If you go to the gym, you will see that it is locked, so go into the house next door.

In the Pokémon mansion you will find:
Weezing, Magmar, Ponyta, Growlithe, Koffing, Grimer, Vulpix

Finally the fire pokemon! It’s not that complicated, but this part is quite annoying. You will find papers telling the story of Mewtwo, but nothing very impressive. There will be statues that change the path, and help or hinder. You must find the Key to open the gym. There are also some little guys to fight there. Go up to the second floor and you will see another staircase, but don’t go up. Go north and climb the other top ladder. Talk to the statue to clear the path and fall into the first hole on the left of the room. You will now see several plants, a scientist and a ladder. Go down the stairs and enter the small room on the left through a door to the north of it. Talk to the statue to clear the way and exit through a door on the left, as the northern door will be locked. Now go to a locked door near the stairs and go inside. Go all the way up until you see another statue. Talk to her and head left. You will see a table and an item on top of it, it is the Secret Key that opens Cinnabar’s gym. Now turn everything around and go back to the little room to the left of the stairs to block the path, otherwise the exit will be blocked and you will have to turn everything back. Go to the stairs, go down and exit to the right of the room you are in. Your destiny has been fulfilled, now go to the gym.

Cinnabar Gym

Leader: Blaine – Type: Fire
Growlithe 42, Ponyta 40, Rapidash 42, Arcanine 47

If you caught Squirtle (which should already be a Blastoise) it will be very easy. Beat him to earn the Volcano Badge and TM 38 – Fire Blast. As soon as you leave the gym, Bill will appear in a little boat (The first changes in the game that came with the remakes). He will invite you to go to the Sevii Islands, and of course you will accept. WELCOME TO SEVII ISLAND!

Pokémon Mansion Items: Calcium, Carbos, Full Restore, TM 14 – Blizzard, Secret Key, TM 22 – Solar Beam
Island 1, Island 2 and Island 3.

Island 1 – On the first island, talk to the machine guy (his name is Celio) at the Pokémon Center and you will get the Meteorite (I still don’t know what it’s for) and the Trial Pass that allows you to travel around the first three Islands. Head to the far north to see Moltres. If you want, capture it, it will help in the Pokémon League.

Island 2 – On the second island, go to the last house to the East, and you will discover that a girl is missing… and you will have to save her, so head to the 3rd island. There is also the Move Tutor that teaches the imperial moves: Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn, which are very powerful, but have the same effect as the Hyper Beam, having to recharge after use.

Island 3 – On the third island, enter the Pokémon Center and talk to the guy next to the PC to be able to touch him (He was connecting the Pokémon Centers in Kanto with those in Sevii) Then leave the Center and face the men on bicycles to To be able to go north, there are several men at once… Follow the trail to the left until you reach a forest (Berry Forest), make your way towards the Northwest, you will find a girl who will be attacked by a Hypno. Beat or capture Hypno to return to Kanto. The girl is the one who was kidnapped, you will return to the second island, in the little house where you can play games with other people via Wireless Adapter.

Then explore the islands and return to the first island, then Bill will take you back to Cinnabar. He will say that if you want to return to the islands, just go to the port of Vermilion.

Viridian City

Viridian is now a gym city. The gym is full of those passages that take you, but it’s very simple to get through

Viridian Gym:

Leader: Giovanni – Type: Ground
Rhyhorn 45, Dugtrio 42, Nidoking 44, Nidoqueen 45 and Rhyhorn 50

Beat him to earn EarthBadge and TM 26 – Earthquake. Now you have eight badges and can finally go to the League.

Route 22, 23

These routes connect Viridian to Victory Road. You will have to fight Gary for the second to last time here and he will be almost as strong as he has been in the league. If you beat him easily, you are ready for the league. When you enter Route 23, you must present your badges to each man until the last one, where there will be a cave, and enter the door of that cave.

Victory Road

Finally you got there, in the coolest cave in the game. You will use Strength here. You will also see several trainers to fight and several Pokémon to capture. Moltres used to live there, but now he’s living in the Sevii, so there’s nothing to do here, just find the exit. To get out, just push the rocks to the white buttons on the ground. If you do everything right, you’ll get out of the cave very quickly and if you’re smart, you’ll only be able to fight once. When you leave there, you will be at Indigo Plauteau, the pokemon league is right there.

Pokémon: Onix, Geodude, Graveler, Machop, Machoke, Rhyhorn, Zubat, Golbat
Items: TM 50 – Overheat, TM 37 – Sandstorm, Full Heal

Indigo Plauteau

This is where the Pokémon League is located. You will face five difficult battles and you must win them all to finally finish the game. Stop by the Pokémon Center, equip berries to your Pokémon and buy various items such as Full Restore, Revive and Max Potion, as you will need them. Here come the League and Gary’s Pokémon, remembering that the strongest of each will always be equipped with a Sitrus Berry!

At the end of the game, the main character again goes through all the routes and cities in the game, up to Pallet.

Power Plant

The Power Plant is a hydroelectric plant, where the legendary bird of electric Pokémon, called Zapdos, lives. Here you have nothing to do, just capture several electric Pokémon. Be careful not to fool Voltorb into thinking they are items…

Island 4, Island 5, Island 6, Island 7

After you finish the game, you should have 60 Pokémon captured. Go talk to Professor Carvalho and he will give you the Natinal Dex. Now you can catch pokemon from GSC and RS, but how will you catch them? Picking up Ruby and Sapphire, who are lost to the Sevii. Go to island 1 and talk to Celio. Ruby is in that place where there are two Rockets on island 1 (very north, near Moltres). You take Ruby. Go back to Celio and give it to Ruby, and he will give you a passport for islands 4, 5, 6 and 7. You still need Sapphire. Go to the sixth island and look for a white statue far to the south. Use CUT on it and solve the Team Rocket puzzles and you will see the Sapphire, but a rocket will steal it, so go to the fifth island, enter the Rockets’ hideout and get the Sapphire. Take it to Celio and you can trade with Ruby/Sapphire. Now with the help of RS and Colosseum, you will almost be able to capture them all, as there are still 9 Pokémon that are exclusive to Emerald (Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Thyplosion, Totodile, Croconaw and Feraligatr).

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