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Banjo-Kazooie – Complete Walkthrough (Step by Step Guide)

Walkthrough by: Revolution Arena

Mumbo’s Mountain

1- At the beginning of the level there is a slope, go up using Kazooie, in the middle of the path the piece will be there.

2- Go to Mumbo village and break all the huts, when you break the last one, the puzzle piece will appear.

3- Throw eggs into the mouths of the four pieces of totems in Mumbo village.

4- Before entering the Mumbo hut, jump up to the left eye of the skull.

5- Collect five skulls and go to the Mumbo hut. Mumbo Jumbo had turned him into an ant. Then go to the anthill and climb to the top.

6- Go to the orange tree where there is a gorilla. Make him hit the three buttons on the floor.

7- Climb the tree and get an orange, then take it to the monkey who is sitting on the trunk.

8- Throw eggs at the gorilla that is on top of the tree.

9- Go to where Bootles teaches you how to use Kazooie, there is a piece of the puzzle there

10- Collect all the Jinjos in the level.

Treasure Trove Cove

1- Fight with Sniper, a giant crab, when he is defeated, enter his shell.

2- Talk to the Bucket near the sand castle, lay two eggs inside it, it will lower the water, enter the sand castle, and type BANJOKAZOOIE, kill crab and get your prize.

3- Talk to Captain Blubber, then enter the boat, through the corner (where there is an open window), and through the deck (break the door on the floor). Take the gold and give it to him.

4- Fly to the top of the island, and enter the tower by breaking the door.

5- Go to where there are several pillars with Shock Spring Jump “Switches”. Keep jumping until you climb the hill and there is the puzzle piece.

6- Fly to the large rock in the middle of the level and enter the hole where a chest is, and enter it.

7- Give a Break Buster to all the red X’s, when you pop the last one a chest will come out of the ground, pop it.

8- Go up the stairs with musical notes on the handrails, when you get to the top you will see a hole full of water with a mine at the top, dive in and go to the bottom. At the bottom will be the puzzle piece.

9- It is in a gap in the green wall.

10- Collect all the Jinjos in the level.

Clanker’s Cavern

1- Talk to Clanker and then follow the chain that holds him. Downstairs, cross the key 3 times. And then quickly rise to the surface.

2- After Clanker rises to the surface, climb onto the two floating platforms near his mouth. Now throw 3 eggs at your “Golden Tooth”. And then enter.

3- Inside Clanker, cross the rings in the indicated order and at the right time.

4- Still inside Clanker. Talk to Bottles and learn how to use the golden feathers. Then run between the propellers, protecting yourself with Still Stride.

5- Enter Clanker through the plug on his back. Go through the propellers and at the end get your prize.

6- Enter the pipe with the green wall. When you reach the other side, several mutant crabs will challenge you to a fight, beat them all and win a puzzle.

7- Enter a pipe full of curves. In the end the puzzle will be there.

8- Climb on the Clanker buffer and wait for it to go up. When you get to the top, break the grate that holds you back.

9- Climb on Clanker’s tail and jump to the next platform, there will be another grate with a puzzle inside.

10- Collect all the jinjos in the level.

Bublegloop Swamp

1- Look for an egg in one of the corners of the swamp, and then hit the parts with X. Inside the egg will be another piece of the puzzle.

2- Go to the giant turtle, and do a break buster on its 4 legs.

3- Enter the turtle’s mouth. And repeat all the turtle sequences.

4- Press a button with a puzzle design. Get it before time runs out.

5- Transform into an alligator. And go inside the big alligator’s nose near the maze. Inside, challenge Mr. Vile. Win all three games to get the puzzle.

6- Go to the place where thousands of huts are located. Use the Shock Spring Jump until you reach the top. Giving Break Busters to everyone.

7- Near the Mumbo hut, press another button with a puzzle drawn on it. Get the puzzle before time runs out.

8- Look for a golden Alligator, with diamond eyes, and throw three eggs into its mouth. Do this with the next ones that appear.

9- Go to the middle of the level. Where there are several trunks. Several Yellow frogs will appear. Kill everyone and get your Puzzle.

10- Get all the Jinjos

Freezy Peak

1- Climb to the top of the Snowman, and take the sled up there.

2- Climb onto the snowman again, this time jump into the pipe.

3- Fly to the snowman and press all the buttons on his shirt.

4- Kill all the smaller snowmen.

5- Transform into a sea lion, and race with the polar bear. If you win the race you will also win the puzzle.

6- Still as a sea lion, go to the other sea lion’s cave, and get the puzzle. Take the opportunity to catch a jinjo, and a Honneycomb.

7- After getting your running shoes in Gobi’s Valley, race with the polar bear (as Banjo).

8- Save all the lamps on the Christmas tree, light them (by throwing eggs at the switch) and then cross the star at the top of the Christmas tree three times.

9- Find three gifts. One is on the snowman’s face, another inside the Christmas tree and the last, isolated in one of the corners of the level. After finding everyone, take them to the igloo, which is at the beginning of the level.

10- Collect all the Jinjos.

Gobi’s Valley

1- Throw an egg at each Spinx’s nose. Inside, jump from carpet to carpet until you get the puzzle. Take the opportunity to catch a Jinjo on one of the mats in the corner.

2- Fly inside the helmet, of the statues with Banjo’s face.

3- Use the Saming Missile on the target that is located right on the chest of the statue with Kazooie’s face. Inside the pyramid, hit eggs inside the basket that keeps rotating, until the snake comes out of it.

4- Inside the maze, take the path to Banjo’s left, at the end enter the tomb to get the puzzle, take the opportunity to get a Jinjo inside one of the vases.

5- With your running shoes, pick up a puzzle that has a mummified hand. It is on a large “Island” near two small rivers of fire.

6- Break Buster on the chain that holds Gobi, the camel. It’s on a small “Island” in one of the corners of the level, you need a magic carpet to get there.

7- After freeing Gobi, go to the beginning of the level, he will be talking to the tree, do a Break Buster on his back. He will spit on the tree, which will give you a puzzle as a reward, use the trees around it to catch it.

8- Take the running shoes and use them to climb a square pyramid (step on the Switch first). Inside it, dive and get the puzzle piece, the water will come out and a door to the exit will open. Don’t forget to grab a Mumbo Token inside.

9- Inside another pyramid there will be a floor with the design of Banjo-Kazooie. Solve a kind of memory game. Give several Break Busters to the floors.

10- Collect all the Jinjos.

Mad Monster Mansion

1- Enter the attic, where there are several barrels. Break all the ones that don’t have an X in front, one of them is the puzzle. There is also a Jinjo and a Mumbo Token in other barrels.

2- Enter the Mansion through the chimney, jump from chair to chair, to the top of the table, and don’t make any noise. Enter behind the ghost, who will only realize he lost the puzzle when he wakes up.

3- Near the mansion, there will be a barn, full of holes, where lights will come out. Enter the house, and solve the cup riddle by writing BANJOKAZOOIE.

4- As Banjo, break the gate that closes the path to the water well. Go to the Mumbo hut and turn into a pumpkin, as pumpkin enters the can. Inside, get a puzzle and lots of musical notes.

5- In the mansion, break a window where there is a toilet inside. Go back as a pumpkin and enter through the toilet. In the sewer will be the next piece of the puzzle.

6- Break the gate that leads to the cemetery, in the cemetery lay eggs in all the vases (until flowers grow). When the last pot receives the eggs, the puzzle will appear.

7- Climb the church, to the top, take the opportunity to see all the points of the level.

8- Press the Switch, and using your running shoes, run to the church before time runs out. Inside, go up to the organ, and repeat the ghost hand sequence.

9- As a pumpkin, enter through the gutter, of the mansion, under where there is a small “hut”. 10- Collect all the Jinjo in the level.

Rusty Bucket Bay

1- Climb on the crane that supports the TNT box, hit the button that is highlighted, the box will fall and the floor will explode, opening a hole. Inside the hole face the boxes. When you defeat them all, a piece of the puzzle will appear.

2- In the captain’s room (inside one of the breakable hatches), break the closet door that holds the puzzle, but be careful with the monsters.

3- Still on the boat, go through the paths that connect one chimney to another, in the last chimney, there will be the next piece.

4- Ring the boat bells with the code 3-1-2-1-1-1.

5- Climb on the crane that is connected to a cage. Press the button that is highlighted. And run to get the next piece, which is under the cage.

6- Enter a special room, and press a button that will reduce the speed of the propellers, which are in the engine room. In the engine room, collect the puzzle piece between the three propellers. Take advantage and get several Mumbo Tokens

7- In the engine room, press the Switches (one in each corner). And go to the propellers behind the boat. Be careful with time.

8- On the side of the boat, free the dolphin trapped by the anchor. Follow the chain that supports the anchor and enter the hull of the boat. Go to the end of the corridor and press the Switch, the dolphin will be released and give you a reward.

9- Near where the dolphin was, there is a shed half covered by water. Go inside it and climb to the top. You can also enter through the window.

10- Collect all the Jinjos.

Click Clock Wood

1- In spring, go to an enclosure that has a hole in the middle. Throw eggs until a tree grows. In the next two seasons, Gobi the camel will be there. Do the same thing you did to irrigate the tree in Gobi’s Valley. In autumn the puzzle will appear at the top of the tree.

2- In spring, climb to the nest at the top of the large tree. And break the egg, a giant eagle will appear. In summer and autumn, feed it with worms, and in winter, climb up to the nest, and the adult bird will give you the next piece of the puzzle.

3- In the summer, break the stone in front of the beaver’s house, but you won’t be able to enter it, as the water level will be low. In the fall, go back there and enter the beaver’s house who will give you a reward.

4- In spring and summer there will be a house under construction. In the fall, when the house is completed, take the puzzle in the corner.

5- Transform into a bee and get the puzzle that is inside a carnivorous plant.

6- As Banjo climbs to the top of the tree and breaks down the door, inside get the next piece between the roots of the tree.

7- In autumn, help the squirrel by collecting six nuts that are near your house.

8- In summer, enter the bee hive and fight with them. If you win, the puzzle is yours.

9- In summer, climb the leaf path that is close to one of the parrots (before going up the second ramp that goes to the top of the tree).

10- Get all the jinjos

Gruntilda’s Lair

Mumbo’s Mountain: Go to the mole house that is near Conga the gorilla. Go to the left of the mole house, and jump from platform to platform. When you reach the last platform, where there is a switch with the gruntilda’s face, give it a Break Buster. Exit the level as an ant, and climb the mountain.

Treasure Trove Cove: Go up to the lighthouse at the top of the island, behind it is the next switch. Outside the level, go up the ship. Clanker’s Cavern: Enter through the Clanker cap. You’ll land near the next switch. Then sink both eyes into Gruntilda’s floor. And the next chunk will appear.

Bublegloop Swamp: When you go to get piece number 6, there will be a hut with a Gruntilda Switch. Outside the level, enter through the vase at the entrance to Gobi’s Valey to get it.

Freezy Peak: Break Bomb on all the snowmen, one of them will be the next shitch. To get it in Gruntilda’s Lair, you’ll need to get the running shoe in Gobi’s Valei, and you’ll also need to break the spider web that covers a hole in the middle of the room, and climb the board full of holes (where Banjo and Kazooie appear). running away from the snowmen), on the 2nd floor step on the feather Switc and get the running shoes. Go to the center of the room and run to the hole, and jump on the flying disc before time runs out, and fly to get your prize.

Gobi%u2019s Valey: Labyrinth, run to the side of the exit door, there will be the next switch. To get it in Gruntilda%u2019s Lair, use the same procedure to get the puzzle from Bublegloop Swamp, but now direct the jump to the sarcophagus.

Mad Monster Mansion: In the church, fly to the ceiling, there you will find a piece of Honneycomb Piece, two Mumbo Tokens, and Gruntilda’s switch. To get it in Gruntilda%u2019s Lair, use the same procedure to get the one from Freezy Peak, but now with a Break Bomb on the Witch’s eye.

Rusty Bucket Bay: Here just climb on the TNT crate, and go to the end of the rope, jump there doing a Talon Trot, it’s difficult to reach, but with a lot of training you’ll get there.

Click Clock Wood: In winter, go flying with the flight disc. Until you find a snowman in the corner of the tree, with the switch on your side, kill the snowman, and press the switch. Exit the level like the bee, the puzzle is at the top of the middle tree.

Note: Try to reach the final battle with all the musical notes, and 98 puzzles, I know it’s a little difficult, but if that happens it will be easier to kill Gruntilda.

Note 2: After you finish the game you will be able to see secret scenes, but the problem is that you will need ALL the puzzles to see these scenes, if you want to see these scenes again, go to the large Cauldron and jump into it.

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