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Sonic Superstars – Complete Walkthrough (Step by Step Guide)

Walkthrough by: Revolution Arena

Bridge Island

1. Chaos Emerald Location:

  • The beginning of your journey through Sonic Superstars takes place on Bridge Island, and it is precisely here that your search for the first Chaos Emerald begins.
  • As you advance through the level, just before reaching the first checkpoint, pay attention to a striking scene: an imposing and gigantic waterfall. And, even though Esmeralda is almost impossible to ignore due to her prominence in the scene, it never hurts to be observant.
  • As you approach the checkpoint, you will notice a large floating ring. This is the sign that the entrance to Esmeralda’s minigame is close.
  • Once you spot the floating ring, dive right in! By doing so, you will be transported to the challenge that will bring you face to face with the Chaos Emerald.

2. How to get the Emerald in the Hookshot Minigame:

  • In this minigame, your objective is to use a hookshot mechanic to move.
  • Keep the ‘A’ button pressed to attach yourself to the various grappling points that will appear on your screen.
  • As you progress, the Chaos Emerald will be closer and closer. However, keep an eye on the clock! Time is short and if you are not quick, you may not be able to reach your prize.
  • If you feel like time is running out, look for special rings that are associated with some marked grappling points. By holding on to them, you will gain extra time to continue your search.
  • When you are close enough to the Emerald, you will notice a special highlight on it. This is the time to use the hookshot directly on Esmeralda and finally obtain it.

3. Power of the Emerald – Avatar:

  • The reward for your effort is not only the Emerald, but also a special power it grants: the Avatar power.
  • When activating this power, your main character will have the ability to clone himself multiple times, creating copies that will help him on his adventure.
  • These clones, with almost uncontrollable energy, will run and jump across the stage, eliminating any enemy that dares to cross their path.
  • However, remember: this power is temporary. A counter in the bottom right corner of the screen will indicate how much time is left for the clones to disappear. Use them wisely!

Speed ​​Jungle

1. Chaos Emerald Location:

  • As soon as you enter the wild and electrifying setting of Speed ​​Jungle, prepare for a search of approximately one minute.
  • During the level, you will come across a set of three springs on the ground. Each of them will take the character to a different tunnel, taking them to different locations on the map.
  • Your attention should be focused on the leftmost spring of this trio. Jump on it and let it propel you through the tunnel. This particular path will lead your character up and a little to the right.
  • When leaving the tunnel, look up: a floating ring of gigantic proportions will be right above you, serving as the entrance to another hookshot minigame.
  • And if you’ve faced the hookshot challenge previously on Bridge Island, you know exactly what to do: move quickly, using the hookshot to get closer to the Chaos Emerald.

2. Power of the Emerald – Bullet:

  • When you win the Emerald in this phase, you will unlock a special power called “Bullet”.
  • With this power, your character gains the ability to quickly fire short distances while in the air. This ability brings two great advantages: the possibility of exploring previously unreachable areas and the ability to attack enemies directly while jumping.
  • To activate Bullet, access the skill wheel using the right analog stick. Once the Bullet is selected, jump and hold down the ‘Y’ button. You will notice that your character will be temporarily suspended in the air.
  • While in this state, the left analog stick will allow you to direct your character’s fire. Choose the desired direction and then release the ‘Y’ button to make it quickly launch in that direction.
  • Although it may seem like the power is infinite, keep an eye on the meter located in the bottom right corner of the screen. This indicator shows how long or how many times you can still use the Bullet before running out of energy.

Sky Temple

1. Chaos Emerald Location:

  • The Sky Temple Act 1 level is a magnificent and, at the same time, challenging scenario. However, with attention and dexterity, finding the Chaos Emerald will be a pleasant task.
  • Shortly after starting the level, you will come across an imposing vertical column. This is no ordinary column, as in it you will have the ability to float to the top thanks to a set of strategically positioned fans.
  • However, it is crucial that you do not let yourself be completely carried away by this upward current to the top. Be astute and observe: to the left of the column, there will be a not very wide, almost hidden opening, which houses the grandiose floating ring, indicative of the presence of the Chaos Emerald.
  • When you identify this opening, position yourself so that you can enter it. Once inside, dive directly into the luminous portal that will appear in front of you.
  • In the challenge that will follow, the tactic is similar to the previous ones: use the grapple points to get closer to the desired Chaos Emerald and guarantee its achievement.

2. Power of the Emerald – Vision:

  • After obtaining this Emerald, you will be bestowed with a mystical power called “Vision”.
  • Vision offers the player the ability to see what was previously invisible: hidden platforms and well-kept secrets in the scenario. This skill can be crucial for advancing through complicated areas or discovering hidden rewards.
  • To activate this magical ability, press the ‘Y’ button. When you do so, prepare yourself for a unique visual experience: the screen will take on a different, almost psychedelic tone, revealing what was hidden.
  • But, don’t worry about activating the ability randomly in the hopes of finding secrets. The game was designed to help you: whenever you are close to an area that hides a mystery, an icon representing the Vision power will appear on the screen, signaling that there is something to be discovered there. So keep an eye out for this sign and use power when appropriate.

Pinball Carnival

1. Chaos Emerald Location:

  • The setting of Pinball Carnival Act 1 is reminiscent of a real amusement park, and the search for the Chaos Emerald here resembles a frantic game of pinball.
  • Start heading predominantly downwards as soon as you start the level. Keep this direction until you pass the first checkpoint.
  • During your descent, you will notice a series of rotating wheels, which are real pinball trampolines. These wheels allow Sonic to grip and, using centrifugal force, be launched in any desired direction.
  • At a certain point, one of these wheels will guide you directly into a brief vertical corridor. At the end of this corridor, a pipe will be visible. But be careful: don’t jump into it right away.
  • Look closely to the left of the pipe. There, another spinning wheel will be waiting for you. Jump onto it and allow it to boost you to the upper hallway.
  • Within this new corridor, a second pipeline will be at your disposal. Enter it this time and prepare to be led directly into the vicinity of the portal guarding the Chaos Emerald.

2. Power of the Emerald – Water:

  • The achievement of this Emerald grants an unusual and fascinating power: the “Water” ability.
  • With this power, Sonic and his allies transform into a kind of liquid entity, almost as if they were composed of pure water. This aquatic metamorphosis allows movements that were previously impossible to be carried out.
  • Imagine the ability to swim directly against the current of waterfalls, ascending through them as if defying gravity itself. A popular analogy would be when Link, in the game “Breath of the Wild”, acquires the Zora Tunic, which allows him to perform similar feats in rapids.
  • In addition to the obvious benefit of reaching elevated areas through waterfalls, this ability can also open alternative paths and watery hideouts that hide secrets and rewards.

Lagoon City

1. Chaos Emerald Location:

  • Environment: Lagoon City is an area that combines the hustle and bustle of a modern city with the aquatic charms of a lagoon. The sound and visual details are a delight, but you need to pay attention so as not to miss the hidden secrets.
  • Start of the Journey: Right at the entrance of the stage, an energetic impulse will launch you towards a set of flumes, reminiscent of those water slides typical of amusement parks. Get ready to be taken along a trajectory that resembles the shape of an ‘S’, full of curves and adrenaline.
  • The Decisive Jump: After this dizzying journey, it’s time to make a jump across a small gap until you reach a ledge. Careful! As soon as you step on it, the platform will begin to collapse. Your instinct may be to quickly run to the right, avoiding an imminent fall.
  • Mysterious Descent: With the complete disintegration of the ledge, a ledge will present itself to your left. Do not hesitate! Jump across it, but it’s crucial that you stay close to the wall. This approach will lead you through a hidden passage that leads to an underground corridor.
  • Water Challenge: Inside this hallway, a jet of water on the floor will try to propel you out. Do not allow! Avoid this trap by jumping over it, and head confidently towards the much-desired Chaos Emerald portal.

2. Power of the Emerald – Ivy (Hera):

  • Description: The “Ivy” power causes ivy to appear that allows access to higher areas.
  • How to Use: First, access the skill wheel and select “Ivy”. Once activated, you can summon this magical ivy from any point in the scene.
  • Additional Features: Ivy is not just a means of ascension. The robust leaves that appear next to the plant function as improvised platforms. These sheets are firm and ideally spaced, allowing the player to use them to climb or simply move horizontally.

Sand Sanctuary

1. Chaos Emerald Location:

  • Discovering Sandy Paradise: Sand Sanctuary is an enigmatic desert filled with ancient monuments and sand that seems to have a life of its own. With the following tips, we guarantee that you will find the precious Chaos Emerald in this challenging oasis.
  • First Steps: After passing the initial checkpoint of Act 1, you will find yourself in front of an imposing sand waterfall. This is no ordinary waterfall! Get ready to continually jump, almost as if you were climbing step by step, to reach the top.
  • Challenges on the Rise: Once at the top, head left and climb another sandy waterfall. Now, a ‘grind bar’ (or ‘grind rail’) will extend to your left. Slide over it with speed and dexterity, and get ready to jump to another bar higher up.
  • Aerial Combat: Continuing your journey, move up and to the right. It’s time to face the winged Badniks that protect the sanctuary. These bird-shaped robots will try to block your passage, but with skill and speed, you will overcome them.
  • The Utility of Ivy: After finishing the fight against the Badniks, go down and move to the left. A ledge will come into view, but it will be too high for an ordinary jump. This is where the magic of the Emerald Ivy Power comes in. Activate it to conjure a rising ivy that will take you directly to the sought-after Chaos Emerald portal.

2. Power of the Emerald – Slow:

  • Description: This power encompasses the concept of temporal manipulation. By activating the Emerald Power “Slow”, you will be able to slow down the flow of time around you.
  • How to Use: To activate this magical power, follow the standard emerald power selection procedure. Once activated, everything in its surroundings, from enemies to moving platforms, will have their speed drastically reduced.
  • Practical Application: For example, during the tutorial section, you will come across a block that moves sideways so quickly that it seems impossible to cross. However, when you activate the Emerald Slow Power, this block will slide slowly, allowing you to jump and pass through the gap without any problems.


Welcome to the cyber world of Cyber ​​Station! This phase, consisting of just one act, transports you to a digital reality, full of electronic challenges and futuristic environments. Amidst the flashing lights and floating platforms, there are secrets and abilities to be discovered. Follow the detailed guide below to master this phase:

1. Chaos Emerald Location:

  • Exploring Cyber ​​Space: Around the middle of the level, you will find yourself in a vast open area, where cyber bats fly overhead, patrolling the area. As they make their rounds, you’ll notice several strategically placed trampolines.
  • Trampoline Challenge: These trampolines are essential for reaching great heights. By jumping on them, you can propel yourself towards the Chaos Emerald portal, which is waiting almost touching the ceiling. But pay attention! Be careful with the red electrical beams on the floor; are dangerous and can be fatal.
  • The Bullet Power Solution: Even using the trampolines, a common jump will not be enough to reach the portal. This is where your powerful Emerald Power ‘Bullet’ comes in. At the top of your jump, activate Bullet. Like a digital bullet, aim directly at the portal and fire towards it. With this, you will be instantly transported, earning another Chaos Emerald.

2. Power of the Emerald – Extra:

  • Description: The ‘Extra’ Emerald Power is a reinvention of Modern Sonic’s auto-aim ability. With it, you transform Sonic into a cybernetic sphere.
  • How to Use: When activating this power, Sonic transforms into an energized ball that can be thrown at enemies. Instead of targeting a single enemy, you can target multiple Badniks, eliminating several with a single move.
  • Combat Strategies: This skill is exceptionally useful against bosses or in situations where you find yourself surrounded by enemies. Activate Extra Power and watch the battlefield clear in an instant!

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