Mighty Gunvolt Review

Presumed by some to be a piece of Azure Striker DLC, Mighty Gunvolt is actually a standalone game, albeit a tiny one, that people who purchase Azure Striker Gunvolt get free of charge. Now, the most important thing to know about Mighty Gunvolt is that it’s woefully, incredibly short; roughly 20 minutes with just a little skill. However, that 20 minutes is a tantalizing throwback to an era that preceded and inspired 16-bit side-scrollers like Mega Man X. Unlike Azure Gunvolt, Mighty doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but I’m pretty sure that was the idea. It’s part of its charm.

If Azure Striker Gunvolt — which we loved — is Japanese developer Inti Create’s 16-bit revival project, then Mighty Gunvolt is Azure’s 8-bit icing. The original Mega Man is clearly the point of origin for Mighty Gunvolt. Everything about it — its fluid gameplay, its simple-yet-colorful backgrounds, its soundtrack, and even its point system — is a throwback to the Blue Bomber’s original adventure. Heck, getting through its five stages takes a comparable amount of time it takes an expert to get through Mega Man’s six initial stages. There are a lot of parallels old-schoolers will appreciate, which breeds welcome familiarity.

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